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The Iron Guard, also known as Legion of Archangel Michael, was a Romanian nationalist and patriotic movement of extreme right; as such, after it rose to power, it supported Nazi Germany and... See more »


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Amza Pellea ...
Ion Besoiu ...
Visan Nävodeanu
Jean Constantin ...
Stan Naumescu
Tudor Moldovan
Stefan Mihailescu-Braila ...
Nea Costache
Alexandru Dobrescu ...
Avocatul Marin
Marin Moraru ...
Ghitä Petrescu
Vasile Nitulescu ...
Ilarie Bucur
Jean Lorin Florescu ...
Alexandru Dincä
Ion Apahideanu
Mircea Pascu ...
Corneliu Gîrbea ...
Chirvase (as Cornel Gîrbea)
Pierre Gherase
Mihai Adrian
Adrian Stefanescu ...
Paul Fister ...
Vasile Popa ...
Ion Smeianu
Valeriu Arnautu ...
Locotenentul Cristescu
Mircea Anghelescu ...
Procurorul Varlungä
Aghiotantul prefectului
Andrei Bursaci
Dinu Gherasim
Virgil Popovici
Victor Mavrodineanu ...
Corneliu Revent ...
(as Cornel Revent)
Sergiu Demetriad
Ioana Ciomârtan ...
Mama lui Moldovan
Mimi Enaceanu ...
Doamna Jugu
Rodica Mandache ...
Fata din tipografie
Maria Cumbari
Szabolcs Cseh ...
(as prof. Szabolcs Csech)
Constantin Baltaretu ...
Medicul legist
Cristian Grigore
Ion Bîrloiu
Dra Jugu
Ion Manolescu
Constantin Vurtejan
Sever Plocon ...
Aurel Popescu
Alexandru Manea
Benone Carmazan
Victor Imoseanu
Dumitru Ghiuzelea ...
Ion Polizache
Teodor Stavru
Gheorghe Mazilu
Nicolae Curta
Vasile Muresan
Petre Petrache
Simion Huluta
Ion Barbu
Miron Murea
Constantin Totoescu
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Nita Anastase ...
Adrian Mihai

Directed by

Sergiu Nicolaescu

Written by

Eugen Burada ... ()
Vintilä Corbul ... ()
Mircea Gandila ... () (as Mircea Gîndila)
Sergiu Nicolaescu ... ()

Produced by

Beno Meirovici ... delegate producer

Music by

Richard Oschanitzky

Cinematography by

Alexandru David ... (as Sandu David)

Film Editing by

Dan Naum
Dragos Witkowski ... (as Dragos Witkovska)

Editorial Department

Nita Dragan ... assistant editor
Livia Ganea ... assistant editor
Georgeta Ivan ... color timer
George Palivet ... lab technician (as George Palivat)
Cornelia Teodoroiu ... assistant editor

Production Design by

Marcel Bogos

Set Decoration by

Teodor Frîncu

Costume Design by

Oltea Ionescu

Makeup Department

Rosalia Bartha ... makeup artist (as Rozalia Bartha)
Mariana Datculescu ... assistant makeup artist

Production Management

Nicolae Codrescu ... production manager
Ion Dorutiu ... unit manager
Anton Ilie ... unit manager (as Ilie Anton)
Francisc Ilie ... unit manager
Sigismund Klein ... unit manager
Ion Radulescu ... unit manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Gheorghe Constantinescu ... assistant director
Adriana Dumitrescu ... assistant director

Art Department

Tudor Maldea ... props
Gheorghe Nicolae ... props
Dumitru Savin ... props
Zoltán Szabó ... assistant production designer (as Zoltan Szabo)
Ion Vasilescu ... assistant production designer

Sound Department

Anusavan Salamanian ... sound (as A. Salamanian)
Valentin Tesa ... sound assistant

Special Effects by

Dan Eugen ... special effects
Ion Tiberiu ... pyrotechnician


Szabolcs Cseh ... stunt coordinator
Doru Dumitrescu ... stunt performer
Viorel Ivanica ... stunt performer
Vasile Popa ... stunts

Camera and Electrical Department

Alexandru Bilu ... still photographer
Robert Fleischer ... assistant camera
Ilie Rusen ... assistant camera
Petre Sorescu ... assistant camera

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Silvia Axesiuc ... costumer
Stela Patras ... assistant costume designer
Victoria Vlasceanu ... costumer

Other crew

Doina Atanasiu ... script editor

Production Companies




Special Effects


Other Companies



Plot Summary

The Iron Guard, also known as Legion of Archangel Michael, was a Romanian nationalist and patriotic movement of extreme right; as such, after it rose to power, it supported Nazi Germany and started a fierce campaign of retaliation against its political enemies. As such, in the night of November 26-27, 1940, the Death Teams executed forty political prisoners in the Jilava prison (in the movie, named "Viraga"), and next day, other two Teams arrested and shot the former minister Virgil Madgearu and the world famous historian Nicolae Iorga (in the movie: Costin Märgeanu and Nicolae Jugu). To squash down the political outcry, the Police Prefect Stefan Zävoianu (Visan Nävodeanu) conveniently assigns the cases to a commissioner from the "Morals Division" (prostitution, thieves), Tudor Moldovan, hoping that he will fail to get to the bottom of the case. However, Moldovan has communist sympathies, so he quickly comes under the influence of the Bolshevik Pîrvu, who had escaped during the Viraga massacre, only to be later apprehended again by the police. Pîrvu being an old friend and work mate of Moldovan's father, he feeds to the commissioner all the well-known soviet propaganda, during the interrogatories. Thus gained on the left side, Moldovan turns against the Iron Guards, in a short time gathering enough evidence to close the case. Hearing about this, the Iron Guard Senator Naumescu (Nae Ionescu) tries to bribe Moldovan - but the commissioner only accepts the money (one briefcase containing half a million lei, worth his salary for ten years) to use it for financing the communist party. He then delivers the file to the "Universul" newspaper, but the Legionnaire commissioner Paraipan, his arch enemy, retrieves it before going into print. Learning this, Naumescu orders Moldovan's dispatching. After a long and noisy series of shootouts and street action, Moldovan gradually shoots eight out of the new members of Paraipan's team, sparing only Tänäsescu, who had been assigned as his assistant during the investigation. Loyal to the cause, Tänäsescu informs Naumescu about Moldovan's whereabouts - so the Senator lays a trap for the commissioner, using Tänäsescu as bait. At the height of an unequal confrontation, in the heart of the Plumbuita slum, Moldovan is ridden with bullets by a few dozens of Legionnaires. Written by Mihnea Columbeanu

Plot Keywords
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Additional Details

Also Known As
  • Im Teufelskreis (Germany)
  • Das Gefängnis-Massaker (Germany)
  • Vádol a felügyelő (Hungary)
  • Enas epitheoritis katigorei (Greece)
  • Um Comissário Acusa (Portugal)
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  • 114 min
Sound Mix
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Did You Know?

Goofs When Ilarie Bucur (Vasile Nitulescu) calls Moldovan from Constanta, he greets him with: "Hello, Petre? This is me, Ilarie..." Later, Paraipan (Gh. Dinicä) inquires at a hotel's desk: "This is police, did you see commissioner Tudor Moldovan?" See more »
Movie Connections Followed by Revansa (1978). See more »
Quotes Zavoianu: Dincä what shall we do? Vicsoreanu turns me crazy, and Panaitescu ruthlessly warned me: if anything leaks out, he'll hang us...
Alexandru Dincä: I have the solution in my pocket. We assign a smart inspector, liked by the people and not being an Iron Guard. This way, we put everybody's worries to sleep, and we follow with our plan.
Zavoianu: We don't need a too smart one. We risk that he turns all our plans upside down.
Alexandru Dincä: I'll handle the details. The investigation will conclude that the massacre at Viraga was the work of the communists who were trying to escape from the prison, while the other assassinations where operated by certain types who managed to vanish.
Zavoianu: Who do you propose?
Alexandru Dincä: You will see.
Tudor Moldovan: Commisioner Moldovan
Zavoianu: Mr. Moldovan, General Director Dinca has recommended you for a very difficult assignament. I am sure you will carry it to a good ending.
Tudor Moldovan: Vigara?
Zavoianu: So, you can read people's mind, commissioner...
Tudor Moldovan: Not at all, Mr. Prefect, Sir. I just heard the rumors.
Zavoianu: Quick-tongued, quick-minded! I'm convinced you will do well!
Alexandru Dincä: After all, the first step is already done. We arrested two of the communists who broke out last night of Viraga.
Zavoianu: I wish you luck!... What is it, commisioner?
Tudor Moldovan: Mr. Prefect, Sir... It's a political problem and this is none of my business. I deal with others: thieves, hookers...
Alexandru Dincä: Mister Moldovan, this is not for the first time that a criminal case is entrusted to you. It is precisely your political objectivity that made us choose you.
Tudor Moldovan: Thank you for trusting me...
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