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Alternate Versions

CBS edited 14 minutes from this film for its 1975 network television premiere.
The original video release eliminated all footage with actress France Nuyen, including all shots revealing the bomb. The DVD issue includes the missing footage as bonus features.
CBS television version adds a few scenes cut from the theatrical release. One scene takes place after Aldo chases teacher Abe, where MacDonald reminds him why humans should not say "no" to an ape. Another scene towards the end of the film has the surviving House of Mendez cult about to set off the doomsday bomb (as seen in "Beneath The Planet Of The Apes"), but decide not to as it would be a threat to the world.
The Japanese laserdisc edition and the Legacy Collection DVD edition of the film are ten minutes longer that the U.S. version and include scenes also used in the television version. The following is a detailed list of changes:
  • 8'03:the score continues to its original ending for 25 seconds with extra footage of General Aldo approaching on a horse.
  • 13'37: The gorillas' chase of the Teacher is longer by 20 seconds.
  • 26'57: Governor Kolp is walking around in his HQ and has more dialogue (30 sec)
  • 29'38: Caesar's party's entry into the ruined city is 40 seconds longer with more dialogue.
  • 34'32: The escape from the Mutant's City is longer and contains more dialogue.
  • 42'06: The scene were Cornelius is "shot" by a human boy is extended and makes the fact that they're playing a game apparent sooner. (15 sec).
  • 46'47: DELETED SCENE: Kolp activates the Alpha-Omega missile and tells Alma to fire it on Ape City if he sends a special coded signal. (1'16")
  • 56'43: The mutant assault is extended by 45 seconds. (In this sequence there are three more smaller cuts that reduce the battle scene by 40 additional seconds and there is no musical score.)
  • 1'02'18: The scene where Kolp calls Sergeant York is missing. (1 min)
  • 1'07'57: More segments from the battle are cut by almost 40 sec.
  • 1'08'50: There are additional shots and dialogue before the mutants lay the smoke screen.
  • 1'09'29: 15 seconds of the battle are cut.
  • 1'10'00: 20 seconds of battle footage cut.
  • 1'16'00: The scene were Aldo kills Kolp, the Mutant Captain, and other fleeing mutants in the school bus is restored.
  • 1'22'10: The fight between Aldo and Caesar is longer.
  • 1'24'00: DELETED SCENE: Sergeant York tells Alma and Mendez that Kolp's attack failed. Alma leaves to launch the Alpha-Omega missile but Mendez talks her out of it, explaining it must never be used and that it must be venerated. Why this scene was cut from the original release is unknown, since without it the Mutant storyline is left unresolved.

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