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Season 1

7 Jan. 1975
Lower Than the Angels
Man evolves from the apes.
28 Jan. 1975
The Hidden Structure
Man learns the hidden structure of all things.
11 Feb. 1975
The Starry Messenger
Man learns the true nature of the heavens.
18 Feb. 1975
The Majestic Clockwork
In the ascent of Man, two figures stride like gods: Newton and Einstein.
25 Feb. 1975
The Drive for Power
Three revolutions change civilization: The American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.
4 Mar. 1975
The Ladder of Creation
Two naturalists independently discover natural selection, while a chemist's discoveries lead to an understanding of how life began.
11 Mar. 1975
World Within World
Crystals give Man a doorway into the world of atoms.
18 Mar. 1975
Knowledge or Certainty
Man is humbled by the uncertainty of what he can know, but still has the itch to gain absolute knowledge, often with tragic consequences.
1 Apr. 1975
The Long Childhood
Man, as a species, goes through a long childhood.

 Season 1 

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