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Season 1

30 Sep. 1972
Part One: Name Day
The year is 1805. The Rostov's celebrate the name days of Natasha and Countess Rostova, while there is much discussion about the possible inheritance by an illegitimate son, Pierre Bezuhov, from his wealthy, and dying, father. Meanwhile Napoleon makes steady progress through Europe, and toward Moscow.
7 Oct. 1972
Sounds of War
Pierre Bezukhov tries to come to terms with his large inheritance, the new society in which he finds himself, and displays some controversial opinions about Napoleon. Andrei Bolkonsky meanwhile is in a rush to depart his doting wife, and leave for war.
14 Oct. 1972
Skirmish at Schongraben
The allied forces are constantly surprised by Napoleon's rapid progress through Europe. Andre Bolkonsky and Nikolai Rostov face the extremes of war - the boredom from waiting for action, and conflict on and off the field of battle.
Part Four: A Letter and Two Proposals
The Rostov family receive some news of the war from their son, Nikolai. Meanwhile matchmaking instigated by Vasili Kuragin is viewed from the perspectives of his two targets.
28 Oct. 1972
Preparations are underway for war on the fields of Austerlitz - France on one side, and the armies of Austria and Russia on the other. Military intelligence is sought, battle plans are laid, all to the accompanying clash of personalities and egos.
4 Nov. 1972
A death on the front has yet to be confirmed, while Nikolai Rostov returns home from war and faces a difficult personal sacrifice. Pierre Bezukhov, meanwhile, struggles in his marriage.
11 Nov. 1972
New Beginnings
The suspicions that Pierre Bezukhov has against his wife make for a tense encounter, and ultimately cause him to reflect on his life. Russia and France seem to be at peace, but will it last?
18 Nov. 1972
A Beautiful Tale
Andre Bolkonsky visits the Rostov's on business. There is a ball in which the Czar himself is in attendance, and from this springs a budding romance.
25 Nov. 1972
Leave of Absence
Marriage is proposed, but with conditions attached. Nikolai Rostov returns for extended leave from the army. A romance blooms, but with this comes conflict.
2 Dec. 1972
Natasha Rostova pays a visit to her future in-laws before the return of her fiancé, Andrei. There are surprising developments at a function organised by Helene Kuragina.
9 Dec. 1972
Men of Destiny
Ignoring both advice and a treaty with Russia Napoleon continues his march toward Moscow. Andrei Bolkonsky has a quest of his own, and can't be swayed from it by his sister. Pierre, meanwhile, is torn between staying at home, where he senses he is destined to achieve something of significance, and joining the army.
16 Dec. 1972
Fortunes of War
France advances through Russia, and despite the Fatherland rising to battle landowners are forced to leave their estates. The retreat leads to personal tragedy and to a chance encounter for Maria Bolkonsky.
23 Dec. 1972
Pierre Bezukhov, as with many in Moscow, is faced with a choice of leaving the city for St Petersburg or staying, but for him there is a third option. Preparation, meanwhile is underway for a much anticipated battle at Borodino.
30 Dec. 1972
Thousands of exhausted troops make for a troubled peace in the aftermath of battle. Moscow is in retreat and difficult decisions and sacrifices made. Pierre receives some bad news and decides on a course of action, while a related discovery is made from among the survivors, one that must be kept secret to one of the Rostovs.
6 Jan. 1973
Napoleon and his troops finally arrive in Moscow, but they encounter unforeseen difficulties. Pierre remains in the same city and is determined to see through what he sees as his destiny. An unexpected visitor, however, delays any immediate action.
13 Jan. 1973
Two Meetings
Moscow has been occupied by the French, but is it really a victory? Domestically Nikolai Rostov has a change of heart which means backing down on a lifetime promise, while a related event leads to a discovery for Natasha and an opportunity to make right on past wrongs.
20 Jan. 1973
Of Life and Death
While Andrei lies gravely ill in bed being nursed by Natasha, Pierre has a serious run in with the authorities, and makes a discovery. Meanwhile Sonya writes a life-changing letter, but will it have effect she thinks it will?
27 Jan. 1973
The Retreat
Napoleon is forced to retreat from Moscow, and tries to do so in a way which still protects the honour of France. Pierre is caught up in the trek with French soldiers through wintry Russian countryside. Food is scarce and he fears he has only days to live.
1 Feb. 1973
The Road to Life
Maria tries to rouse Natasha out from her mourning. Pierre returns, to many it seems, from the clutches of death. Various losses from war are considered, and from among them the various gains pondered.
8 Feb. 1973
An Epilogue
Fifteen years have passed since the story's beginning. Pierre and Natasha are married and there are unresolved issues between Nikolai and Maria. The past is reflected upon, and from that the future contemplated.

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