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Season 2

4 Feb. 1974
The Blue and the Green: An Apple for the Teacher
John and Stephen find themselves with two mysteries to investigate - the possibility that Stephen's new teacher Elizabeth M'Bondo is a Tomorrow Person and some worryingly accurate paintings of alien planets.
11 Feb. 1974
The Blue and the Green: A Changing Picture
John and Stephen follow Liz into hyperspace, where they manage to rescue her and return her to the lab. Convinced of their story, she agrees to help them investigate the paintings, which seem to induce violence in those around them.
18 Feb. 1974
The Blue and the Green: The Trojan Horse
John and Stephen rescue Liz from the youths and find out about the second painting. John buys it from a man who turns out to be Robert's grandfather and takes it back to the lab, only to find out it may be a trap.
25 Feb. 1974
The Blue and the Green: Cuckoo in the Nest
John is being held prisoner by Robert in the cellar of the antique shop, unable to use his powers. Chris attempts to rescue him but only succeeds in getting himself in trouble with the police.
4 Mar. 1974
The Blue and the Green: The Swarming Season
Robert explains to John that his race uses violent energy as a power source. If they stay on Earth, they will die, but the violence needed to power their departure will complete destroy Earth's civilisation.
11 Mar. 1974
A Rift in Time: Vase of Mystery
John and Stephen both begin having dreams about Peter and realise he is asking for help, but first they must track down a Roman vase that also appears in the dream.
18 Mar. 1974
A Rift in Time: Turn of the Thumb
Stephen is transported to the Hall of the Time Guardians where he meets Zenon, Peter's grandfather. Peter has become lost in the past and his only hope of rescue lies with the Tomorrow People.
25 Mar. 1974
A Rift in Time: From Little Acorns...
John, Liz and Chris plan an attack on the gladiator training school to try and rescue Stephen and Peter, but none of them have realised Gaius' true nature.
1 Apr. 1974
A Rift in Time: Rise of the Roman Empire
History has been altered and the Roman Empire now encompasses half the galaxy. The Tomorrow People and their friends must return to the past to put things right but Gaius is in hot pursuit.
8 Apr. 1974
The Doomsday Men: Dressed to Kill
A new peace treaty is about to be signed but the Tomorrow People are worried about the Doomsday Men, an organisation dedicated to the perpetuation of war. Stephen is sent undercover at the same school as the grandson of the group's leader.
15 Apr. 1974
The Doomsday Men: The Burning Sword
Stephen earns the respect of Douglas and the others and is invited to join the Doomsday Men. Meanwhile, an accident at the Damocles space station leaves an astronaut in danger, so the Tomorrow People decide to intervene.
29 Apr. 1974
The Doomsday Men: Run Rabbit Run
The Damocles is in the hands of the Doomsday Men and the Tomorrow People are powerless to act. Any attempt at intervention and McLelland will throw the dead man's switch and launch nuclear missiles towards the Earth.
6 May 1974
The Doomsday Men: The Shuttlecock
Stephen and Paul suspect Laird is involved in Douglas' kidnapping and follow him, only to learn the whole incident was set up by the Doomsday Men. Stephen teleports both boys back to the lab where the Tomorrow People try to convince them to help stop McLelland.

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