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Season 2

7 Sep. 1974
The Pirates of Orion
The medicine required for Spock, who has contracted a fatal disease, is stolen by Orion pirates.
14 Sep. 1974
The Enterprise crew is being observed as their suitability to meet with advanced civilizations.
21 Sep. 1974
The Practical Joker
The computer of the Enterprise gains partial sentience and starts playing practical jokes on the crew.
28 Sep. 1974
Dr. McCoy is arrested and charged with causing an alien plague.
5 Oct. 1974
How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
The Enterprise runs into a being which once visited Earth, and influenced the Mayan culture.
12 Oct. 1974
The Counter-Clock Incident
The Enterprise is transporting its first Captain, Robert April to Babel, where he will reluctantly accept his retirement. When the Enterprise attempt to stop an unidentified vessel on a collision course with the Beta Niobe nova, the ship accidentally pass into an alternate dimension, where time flows in the opposite direction. The crew of the Enterprise rapidly begins to grow younger in age, and soon become unable to man the consoles.

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