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Season 4

6 Mar. 1975
Home & Away
Chrissy and Robin borrow George's old car to drive down to Southampton to watch a football match but it breaks down. Ultimately help comes from an unexpected quarter which is just as well because when they ring home George is in the pub, showing off his new wig.
13 Mar. 1975
One for the Road
With the price of beer going up at the Legion,George brews his own and Robin samples some before giving Chrissy a driving lesson. Sadly she rams a man's bike and Robin, as the supervising driver,is tested and proved to be over the limit,losing his licence. George drives Chrissy to the test ground but the examiner turns out to be the man whose bike she rammed.
20 Mar. 1975
All in the Game
When suspected woodworm is discovered in the upstairs flat the girls and Robin have to find alternative accommodation whilst George calls in his so-called handyman, the useless Jerry. Chrissy and Jo are all right but Robin has to share with George.
27 Mar. 1975
Never Give Your Real Name
A girl tells Jo and Chrissy that she is pregnant by Robin after sleeping with her. When they confront him,he agrees to do the decent thing and to stand by his girl-friend, Linda. But this isn't Linda, it's Sandra and she slept with Larry,who told her that he was called Robin Tripp.
3 Apr. 1975
The Tender Trap
Robin accompanies Chrissy to her nephew's christening, where, to his surprise, Chrissy's mother, feeling that it's high time she was married, tries to match-make her with Robin. Jo,meanwhile, runs out of excuses not to hear George sing in the British Legion's choir concert and is subjected to his renditions of Frank Sinatra hits.
10 Apr. 1975
My Son, My Son
In order to fiddle his tax returns George has been claiming for a non-existent son for the past nineteen years but is in danger of being found out when a tax inspector is about to visit. Only one thing for it - Robin will have to pose as George and Mildred's son.

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