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6 Mar. 2006
Follow That Bottle
Hanging out along the creekside, Truly and the Boys spot a bottle with a note in it floating down the river so of course Alvin & Billie have to try to get the bottle. A stranger is looking for Clegg - a phone call from Pearl sends Clegg into a worry.
13 Mar. 2006
How to Remove a Cousin
Clegg's cousin Aubrey moves in uninvited and takes over Norm's life, so the Boys help to free him; Howard mistakes Nora Batty for Marina.
20 Mar. 2006
Has Anyone Seen Barry's Midlife Crisis?
Howard is on 24-hr "lock down" by Pearl, so his friends accept the challenge to help him escape. Barry thinks he's missing out on something because he feels contented with his life; Entwistle has too much fun with his dog.
28 Mar. 2006
The Genuine Outdoors Robin Hood Barbi
Marina wants to get in shape; the librarian is trying to get a romantic novel study group together; Billy goes looking for the perfect place to have an old-fashioned barbecue.
3 Apr. 2006
Barry in Danger from Reading and Aunt Jessie
Miss Davenport makes a pass at Barry and now he refuses to go back to the library; Pearl spots a personal ad in the paper and figures it's Howard setting up a meeting with Marina; Alvin decides to make Nora jealous.
10 Apr. 2006
Who's That Merry Man with Billy, Then?
Howard wants to learn to fly. Billy gets an answer to his ad looking for Merry Men, but the applicant isn't quite what he expected. Barry refuses to leave the stairs in his home.
16 Apr. 2006
Who's That Talking to Lenny?
Clegg and crew are out for their daily walk when they notice that Lenny (the Swan Man) is back in town, this time following a strange voice. Howard begins an etymology club, consisting of two members.
23 Apr. 2006
Oh Look! Mitzi's Found Her Mummy
Howard promises to take care of Mitzi, but Pearl won't let her in the house. She spends the day at Clegg's but she won't let let the boys stay indoors. Barry and Glenda find costumes for a party.
30 Apr. 2006
Plenty of Room in the Back
Auntie breaks down and buys Tom & Smiler some new transport, and they find it helps to sober people up. Glenda wants Barry to think for himself.
28 Dec. 2006
A Tale of Two Sweaters
Alvin has for Truly and Norman over for a Holiday dinner. Glenda invited a man to dinner that Barry does not like. Pearl and Marina each give Howard a sweater vest, so he wears them both... at the same time. Auntie Wainwright gives Tom and Smiler a dinner that is actually nice, and then empties their pockets in a card game.

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