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Season 2

15 Sep. 1974
The Chinatown Murders: Part 1
Kojak races to stop a Mafia war, incited by Chinatown hoodlums. First, the young tong mobsters ripoff a knock-over of a Crespi family policy operation, by low-level soldiers of the Scalesi clan. Not suspecting that the masked murderers are Chinese, the Crespis dispatch their Jewish consigliere to recoup the loss from Scalesi godfather Don Cheech, and discern if the Scalesies are muscling in on their territory. All atwitter, Lt. Kojak calls in NYPD Cosa Nostra expert Sgt. Polucci, to help stave off a full-scale gang war.
15 Sep. 1974
The Chinatown Murders: Part 2
Sammy Loo's Chinese bandits step up their incendiary action, by shanghaiing ailing Scalesi boss Don Cheech in an ambulance, along with his nurse and meds. The tong gangsters resent being left out of the American Mafia diversity program that let Irish, Jews etc. in on the upper level of organized crime. With a $2 million dollar ransom from the Scalesi clan, the Manhattan tong can compete with the combo. Kojak finds that the disrupters are Chinese, but how can the NYPD or Italian gangsters root out the kidnappers in Chinatown, where they'll stand out like a Black Hand ?
22 Sep. 1974
Hush Now, Don't You Die
A college girl hurries home after being raped by two men, one of whom kills the other at the scene and flees. Kojak suspects a rape by two men, and sets out to identify the woman as well as the other rapist, while the father of the girl sets out to kill the surviving rapist.
29 Sep. 1974
A Very Deadly Game
When Kojak works with the FBI to apprehend a drug dealer. He sends one of his detectives to work with an FBI agent posing as buyers. When the dealer arrives he shoots both men and takes off with the money. He meets a partner who then shoots him and makes off with the money. When Kojak gets a description of the partner and gives it to his FBI contact, he is ordered by another agent not to give Kojak anymore info. It isn't long before Kojak suspects that the agent is holding out on him, he follows him and meets the other agent whom he knows and finds out that the agent ...
6 Oct. 1974
Wall Street Gunslinger
Kojak works on a Wall Street robbery that involves three murders. When usual methods fail, Kojak goes undercover as a Greek millionaire. He suspects a well-known stockbroker whom he hopes to catch attempting to sell the stocks to him. Things go awry when the thieves find out that the Greek millionaire Kojak is impersonating is actually in Europe. Kojak is kidnapped and counts on his colleagues saving him.
13 Oct. 1974
Slay Ride
A pair of suicides at the same hotel makes Kojak believe that they were actually murders as he finds connections between the victims. Discovering that a young Army wife had fallen from a roof at an earlier convention (which they had attended) leads Kojak to her call girl sister. She has convinced the soldier that it is his duty to punish the men involved. As he's about to kill the last person related to the girl's death, Kojak must prevent another next murder.
20 Oct. 1974
A gun shop owner is coerced into obtaining a quantity of handguns for the hoodlums to whom he owes gambling debts. When a young gang member is killed and the weapon traced to his store, he is eliminated to prevent his talking to police. His motherly bookkeeper witnesses his abduction and is taken into protective custody, pending her appearance before the grand jury. Safeguarding the sassy senior is not an easy task as the hoods try to silence her-permanently. Kojak is the only officer she really trusts.
27 Oct. 1974
You Can't Tell a Hurt Man How to Holler
If you were falsely arrested for a crime, who would you trust? The cops or a friend who bails you out of jail? When small time criminal Hawthorn Yantzee is suspected of murder, Kojak is convinced that he was framed and tries to find the real culprit. Yantzee doesn't cooperate as he thinks that his new 'friend' Stutz (the one actually responsible for the murder and the frame) will help him. When he discovers Stutz's real plans, Yantzee allows Kojak to send him to Stutz's flat with a wire on, hoping to get conclusive testimony that will clear him.
3 Nov. 1974
The Best Judge Money Can Buy
A dishonest judge (Phillip Mackie, Jr.) is found in his car, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Though no marks of restraint were found, Kojak suspects murder and begins to investigate. A private investigator is seen at the funeral delivering a satchel (which contains incriminating tapes); a girlfriend of the deceased is also there. A crooked lawyer seeks to subvert the senior Mackie (also a judge) in order to allow a mob boss to be released on bail during his appeal and flee the country. To protect his son's reputation, Mackie agrees but reconsiders when he learns ...
10 Nov. 1974
A Souvenir from Atlantic City
Two off-duty police officers are killed when a bomb explodes in a bowling alley. A police informer (Paolo Olivarez), who had come to warn them, arrives too late and though slightly injured is able to hobble away. A Bronx detective demands that Kojak allow him to help bring in his informer; they trace him to his sister Marinella's in New Jersey. Back in New York, the bombers booby trap Paolo's apartment; when that fails, they notify him that they have kidnapped his sister to ensure his silence. Knowing that they want to kill him, Paolo offers to trade himself for her ...
17 Nov. 1974
A Killing in the Second House
Ray Kaufman, a former homicide detective dismissed for corruption, now working as a private eye, takes photos of a rich man's much younger wife, Janet Seymour, out with her husband's business manager, Tony Howard. Janet's husband is distraught and commits suicide. Kaufman, who is still in the house, convinces Howard, who comes upon the body that they should fake a murderous intruder so Janet can collect the $500,000 insurance policy. Kaufman keeps the suicide note and the gun which Howard had picked up and, after Howard is arrested, plants them in his apartment. He ...
24 Nov. 1974
The Best War in Town
On his first day on the job, a young rookie cop gets into a shootout with a gang of mob killers.
1 Dec. 1974
Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die
An obsessed neighbor murders anyone he thinks is a threat to his relationship with a mentally fragile young woman.
15 Dec. 1974
The Betrayal
Detective Calucci's arrangement with an informant has led to several busts, but Kojak thinks Calucci is being compromised.
22 Dec. 1974
Loser Takes All
What a tangled web: a wife (Paula Thomas) who's having an affair with a classy crook (Michael Hagar), her husband Waverley who eavesdrops on them through a vent, a police informer (Benny) that the husband feeds info to, and a scheme to rip off a million dollar diamond shipment. The husband is killed; the shipment is stolen, Kojak gets shot, and the classy crook gets away. The bullet recovered from Kojak is from the gun that killed Waverley; Hagar is arrested but there's no evidence except Waverley's dying declaration to Benny. Knowing how Paula loved her husband in ...
5 Jan. 1975
Close Cover Before Killing
A greedy businessman (Morton Tallman) commissions an arson, but his partner Nick threatens to tell the police if it happens. Tallman kills his partner and turns a large bookcase over his body, expecting the fire to cover his tracks. The ME finds a blunt instrument trauma to the head and no soot in Nick's lungs, proving he died before the fire. In spite of a young man's being identified as fleeing from the scene, Kojak is convinced Tallman is involved and sets out to find the evidence. It seems the fire is connected to a larger arson insurance scam, as well as some mob...
12 Jan. 1975
Acts of Desperate Men
A lonely bookkeeper becomes involved in a young man's quest for revenge against those who wronged his father.
19 Jan. 1975
Queen of the Gypsies
When a bank gets robbed by men arriving in an ambulance, one of their masks slips. A young woman who apparently passed a counterfeit bill sees him but fails to pick out his mug shot. She is identified as a gypsy; her family is involved in various scams. She contacts the bank robbers and recruits them to rob six banks in one day. Kojak pretends to see the future in his lollipop while interrogating the gypsy con-artists and takes Marina in for questioning. Meanwhile her ingenious plan goes into operation without her.The men plan to cut her out, but Merina has other ...
26 Jan. 1975
Night of the Piraeus
Kojak investigates three murders connected to a rare stamp smuggled from Greece.
2 Feb. 1975
Elegy in an Asphalt Graveyard
Two men put a cushion over a beautiful blond's mouth and then hang her from the chandelier. The ME thinks it's suicide, but Kojak believes Azure Dee was murdered. Having met her as a young runaway strung out on drugs, Kojak had been proud of her progress. Azure had long since gotten clean from drugs and was now a call girl with a select and moneyed clientèle. To the consternation of his boss, Kojak insists on pursuing it as a homicide, calling attention to the total absence of personal items from her apartment. Her phone bill in the mailbox connects her to the Meadows...
9 Feb. 1975
The Goodluck Bomber
A serial bomber tagged by the papers as the "Good Luck Bomber," gives warning, leaves mocking notes, and constructs devices which the bomb squad is unable to defuse. He seems to have no motive, makes no demands, espouses no causes he's fighting for.....just what is going on? The prime suspect, Joe Milner, has a prior record and is egotistical regarding his explosive expertise. At one point, he helps disable a bomb placed in a hospital; the police are mystified. When a bomb threat is received by a refinery, Milner agrees to help-for a million dollar fee. Kojak sets a ...
16 Feb. 1975
Unwanted Partners
Protection racketeers preying upon neighborhood bars fall out of favor with each other, leading to violent enforcement action taken against bar patrons and even an undercover detective posing as a bartender. The crime boss cuts the ties to his loose-cannon right-hand man, who decides to take over the racket and cut out the boss. But even with a wired informant, Kojak can't get the goods on the perps. Ultimately, Detective Crocker is tested when he has to decide whether to trust the loyalty of a friend or the force.
23 Feb. 1975
Two-Four-Six for Two Hundred
While an accused thief sits in jail waiting for his lawyer to arrange bail, Kojak tries to decipher a phrase heard during an unsuccessful attempt to steal a paint company truck.
2 Mar. 1975
The Trade-Off
Kojak catches a big-time drug dealer with a massive amount of heroin. A call comes offering a trade: the evidence "disappearing" in exchange for Captain McNeil's wife who has been kidnapped. Kojak can't tell anybody and faces a seemingly impossible dilemma. His last hope is that Mrs. McNeil has managed a clue in the letter she left for her husband.
9 Mar. 1975
I Want to Report a Dream
Stavros receives a call from a psychic:"I want to report a dream." Since it involves murder, he checks the files. When the details match, Kojak gets involved. Are the dead really communicating, or does the psychic know who the murderer is?

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