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The First: Sean Penn is heading to Mars in new sci-fi series

Joseph Baxter Sep 21, 2017

Sean Penn is set to star in a space exploration series on Channel 4 called The First, from the creator of House Of Cards...

Sean Penn, the controversial, two-time-Oscar-winning actor who first achieved notable acclaim for playing one-liner-spouting stoner Jeff Spicoli, is about to do something that he’s never done in his storied acting career: headline a television series, specifically, streaming series The First for Channel 4 and Hulu.

Penn, like an increasing amount of A-list actors, will take the television plunge in this new project, which was given a straight-to-series order by the streaming outlet back in May - a space exploration-themed story set in a near-future that will follow humanity’s first mission to colonise Mars.

Interestingly, the visionary behind the series is not one typically associated with the space/sci-fi/adventure genre. Beau Willimon, who is best known as the creator, writer and
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Psychic Killer (1975)

Revenge films have been around for a very long time; one can look to The Virgin Spring (1960), Straw Dogs (1971), or Death Wish (1974) for their rise from serious drama to movies of a more exploitive nature. Psychic Killer (1975) adds a unique twist to the tale by having astral projection as a means to the violent ends. Quirky and laden with creative deaths, it very much embraces its weirdness, providing a fun carpet ride for the whole family (at least according to its mind-boggling PG rating).

Released stateside in December by Avco Embassy Pictures, Psychic Killer, aka The Kirlian Force, only cost $250,000 and came and went like a phantom in the night. Critics paid it no mind either, and it was relegated to video store shelves and gas station rentals. On the surface, that’s understandable; a B cast with a former actor turned fairly unproven B director (Ray DantonDeathmaster), and
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Barnaby Jones, Six Million Dollar Man: Actor Stuart Nisbet Dies at 82

Prolific TV and film character actor Stuart Nisbet has died at the age of 82. Nisbet died on Thursday, June 23, 2016, at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale, California. If you watched TV before 2002, you have seen Mr. Nisbet. The first TV series credit on his IMDb profile is for a 1960 episode of The Tab Hunter Show. The last is for a 2001 episode of The Practice.Between that, Nisbet appeared on every TV show from Route 66 (1961), to Hazel (1963-64), to Dr. Kildare (1961-66), The Monkees (1967), Get Smart (1966-69), The Virginian (1962-69), Bonanza (1961-72), Columbo (1972-73), The Six Million Dollar Man (1974-77), Barnaby Jones (1973-80), Quincy M.E. (1980-81), Baywatch (1991), and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1997).Read More…
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20 years ago today: Julia Roberts, Jcvd, and many more guest-starred on ‘Friends’

  • Hitfix
20 years ago today: Julia Roberts, Jcvd, and many more guest-starred on ‘Friends’
20 years ago today, NBC aired “The One After the Superbowl,” the mega-episode of “Friends” packed with famous guest stars. The two-part episode had a massive lead-in from the Cowboys vs. Steelers game, even more than usual for post-Super Bowl programming — that game broke the record for most-watched sporting event ever on American television. The star-studded lineup of visitors to “Friends” was: Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields, Chris Isaak, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Fred Willard, and Dan Castellaneta. Roberts played Susie, Chandler’s elementary school classmate. Chandler eagerly agrees to go on a date with her, only to find out that the date was part of Susie’s plot for revenge to get back at Chandler for a prank he played on her in the 4th grade. “That was in the 4th grade! How could you still be upset about that?” Chandler exclaimed upon realizing what this was all about — as he stood
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Chloe Sevigny’s ‘Kitty’ Picked Up by Refinery29 for Women’s Short Film Series

Chloe Sevigny’s ‘Kitty’ Picked Up by Refinery29 for Women’s Short Film Series
Digital-media company Refinery29 is launching ShatterBox Anthology, a short-film series dedicated to emerging female filmmakers, with Chloe Sevigny’s directorial debut “Kitty” headlining the new effort.

Refinery29 announced the series at the Sundance Film Festival. ShatterBox, which it is producing with creative support from Sundance Institute, is set to comprise 12 shorts from women directors, writers and animators. The series will run monthly on Refinery29, a femme-focused lifestyle brand, beginning this spring.

Sevigny’s “Kitty,” adapted from Paul Bowles’ short story of the same name, follows a little girl who dreams of becoming a kitten and finds herself transformed into one. The short film stars Ione Skye (“Say Anything,” “Arrested Development”) and Lee Meriwether (“Barnaby Jones”). Seamus McGarvey (“Atonement,” “The Avengers”) is cinematographer. The film is produced by Christina Piovesan of First Generation Films, and Lizzie Nastro, in collaboration with executive producers Tidal and Refinery29.

In addition, independent producers Christine Vachon
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Geoffrey Lewis, Frequent Eastwood Co-Star, Passes Away at 79

Geoffrey Lewis, Frequent Eastwood Co-Star, Passes Away at 79
Geoffrey Lewis, who frequently appeared in director Clint Eastwood's movies, passed away at the age of 79 last night, due to natural causes. The actor, who was Juliette Lewis' father, passed in Woodland Hills, California, according to a friend of the family. Juliette Lewis posted the following tribute to her father on her Instagram page last night.

"My dad. My dad my dad my dad my dad. My love my dad. My dad. My hero. My dad. My dad my love my loving father. My strength my might. My friend. My hugs. My laughter. My love. My dad. Oh my heart. My heart. He loved us so. He loved us so. So so much. I am forever my father's daughter and he will never been gone."

Geoffrey Lewis was born in San Diego, California but grew up in Rhode Island before moving back to California at the age of
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Geoffrey Lewis, Veteran Western Actor, Dead at 79

  • The Wrap
Geoffrey Lewis, Veteran Western Actor, Dead at 79
Western character actor Geoffrey Lewis died on Tuesday of natural causes in Woodland Hills, California, according to multiple media reports. He was 79. The father of actress Juliette Lewis, he had appeared alongside Clint Eastwood is numerous classics including “High Plains Drifter,” “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot,” “Every Which Way But Loose,” “Any Which Way You Can” and “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Lewis received a Golden Globe nomination for the 1980 series “Flo” and he appeared on dozens of other TV programs including “Barnaby Jones,” “Hawaii Five-o,” “Lou Grant,” “Little House on the Prairie,” “Falcon Crest” and “Murder, She Wrote.
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Geoffrey Lewis, Actor in Clint Eastwood Movies, Dies at 79

Geoffrey Lewis, Actor in Clint Eastwood Movies, Dies at 79
Actor Geoffrey Lewis, who appeared in several Clint Eastwood movies and made guest appearances on dozens of TV shows in the ’60s through ’80s, died Tuesday in Woodland Hills, Calif. of natural causes, according to a family friend. He was 79. The character actor, who often appeared in Westerns, was the father of actress Juliette Lewis.

He had roles in Eastwood’s “High Plains Drifter,” “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot,” as Orville Boggs in “Every Which Way But Loose” and “Any Which Way You Can” as well as in “Bronco Billy,” “Pink Cadillac” and “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

Among his other film credits were “The Devil’s Rejects,” Michael Cimino’s “Heaven’s Gate,” John Milius’ “Dillinger,” TV movie “Salem’s Lot” and Michael Ritchie’s “Smile.”

Juliette Lewis posted a tribute on Instagram, saying “He loved us so. I am forever my father’s daughter.”

Lewis received a
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Penn Is Latest Hollywood Celeb to Take Home French Academy's Honor

Sean Penn: Honorary César goes Hollywood – again (photo: Sean Penn in '21 Grams') Sean Penn, 54, will receive the 2015 Honorary César (César d'Honneur), the French Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Crafts has announced. That means the French Academy's powers-that-be are once again trying to make the Prix César ceremony relevant to the American media. Their tactic is to hand out the career award to a widely known and relatively young – i.e., media friendly – Hollywood celebrity. (Scroll down for more such examples.) In the words of the French Academy, Honorary César 2015 recipient Sean Penn is a "living legend" and "a stand-alone icon in American cinema." It has also hailed the two-time Best Actor Oscar winner as a "mythical actor, a politically active personality and an exceptional director." Penn will be honored at the César Awards ceremony on Feb. 20, 2015. Sean Penn movies Sean Penn movies range from the teen comedy
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Spend New Year's Eve with These Genre Films

  • Cinelinx
After diving into all the great Christmas-themed slashers and horror movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night, Santa's Slay, Christmas Evil, Saint Nick, and many others, it’s sometimes hard to believe there’s another great holiday to revel in just around the corner. There might not be as many films directly centered on ushering in the New Year, but there’s plenty to keep you entertained for a few days and nights.

I realize that not everyone smiles in glee like I do as teenagers get axed and knifed. Some folks just want some alternate choices in the face of all the countdowns and variety shows they’re bombarded with every year. The list I’ve put together includes not only slasher and horror flicks, but disaster, sci-fi, and action-oriented ones as well.

“New Year’s Evil” tells the tale of a Punk Rock and New Wave TV show host
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Paul Wurtzel, Assistant Director on Movies and TV, Dies at 92

Paul Wurtzel, an assistant director on dozens of movies and many TV series, died of natural causes at the Hollywood Hills home he inhabited for 49 years. He was 92.

The son of pioneer movie producer Sol M. Wurtzel grew up in the Hollywood film colony and abandoned his studies after two years at UCLA to go to work for his father at 20th Century Fox. He started his career in 1942 as second assistant director on the Laurel and Hardy movie “A Haunting We Will Go” and moved up to become an assistant director on dozens of movies — including, while he was still at Fox, on 1946′s “Anna and the King of Siam,” starring Irene Dunne and Rex Harrison.

When his father launched an independent company, Sol M. Wurtzel Productions, Paul worked exclusively with him from 1946-49.

Most of the films Paul Wurtzel worked on through 1958 were B pictures with titles such
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Richard Bull, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star, Dies at 89

Richard Bull, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star, Dies at 89
Character actor Richard Bull, who was best known for his role as Nels Oleson on “Little House on the Prairie,” died Monday in Calabasas, Calif. He was 89.

Aside from starring in “Little House” during its nine-season run from 1974-1983, Bull also had a recurring role as Doc in the 1960s adventure show “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.” His other TV stints included “Streets of San Francisco,” “Barnaby Jones,” “Gomer Pyle” and “Hill Street Blues.” He also appeared in the films “The Andromeda Strain” and “High Plains Drifter.”

Born in Zion, Ill. in 1924, Bull began his career as a stage actor at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre.

Actress Alison Arngrim, who played Bull’s daughter Nellie Olseon on “Little House,” said Bull shared characteristics with his onscreen counterpart.

“Today we lost my TV ‘Pa,’ the wonderful Richard Bull,” Arngrim said in a statement. “In real life, he was just as kind,
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Little House on the Prairie: Richard Bull Dies, Farewell Nels Oleson

The actor who played shopkeeper Nels Oleson on Little House on the Prairie, Richard Bull, died yesterday morning in Calabasas, California. He was 89.

A prolific character actor, Bull appeared on numerous episodes of Mannix, Nichols, Felony Squad, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Barnaby Jones, as well as many other shows.

He was best known of course for playing the hen-pecked shopkeeper married to Harriet Oleson (Scottie MacGregor) on Little House for more than 145 episodes.

Little House co-star Melissa Gilbert tweeted, "This man will be missed. Goodbye Richard working with you was such a joy but nearly as joyful as being your friend."

Bull's TV daughter, Alison Arngrim, tweeted about his passing as well. She first wrote "Aw crap." and then, "Goodnight Pa." She later scribed, "I just want to say, I am
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Remember Me: Jack Klugman (1922 – 2012)

For most, Jacob “Jack” Klugman’s defining role was Oscar Madison, the quintessential white collar guy with a blue collar New York sensibility – loud, oafish, impulsive, a compulsive gambler and an inveterate slob – on the TV series adaptation of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, which ran on ABC 1970-75. Those among the Aarp crowd who like their vintage 1970s cop shows – stuff like Cannon, McCloud, Barnaby Jones, MacMillan and Wife — might also have fond remembrances of Klugman in Quincy M.E. (1976-1983) as a pushy, passionate medical examiner – who was also, at times, loud, oafish, impulsive, a compulsive gambler and a bit of a slob.

But when I heard Klugman had passed away on Christmas Eve, what flashed through my mind was the singular appropriateness of his passing on such a spirit-filled day, because my favorite onscreen memories of the actor were his four appearances on The Twilight Zone. What was the tie for me?
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Interviews: 1960s Celebrities of TV, Film at ‘The Hollywood Show’

Chicago – In the 1960s, network television became the ‘cool fire’ that families gathered around, and the array of trends and shows in that era had an odd but flavorful variety. Lee Meriwether (Catwoman from the 1966 ‘Batman movie), Kathy Garver (Cissy in the sitcom ‘Family Affair’) and Robert Colbert (ensemble player on the TV drama ‘The Time Tunnel’) represented those shows.

They appeared last March at ‘The Hollywood Show,’ a twice-a-year event in which fans can mingle, take photographs and get autographs from the celebrities – like the 1960s TV and film actors – who appear there. There is also a great opportunity to purchase memorabilia from a host of showbiz vendors, all in one room. The fall session of The Hollywood Show will take place at the Hilton Rosemont Hotel on River Road in Rosemont, Ill, on September 7th, 8th and 9th, 2012. For complete details click here. was at the
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Nancy Wolfe Joins Cast of Way Down In Chinatown


Way Down In Chinatown Exclusive Casting Announcement

Nancy Wolfe (Susan Atkins/Sexy Sadie from Helter Skelter) joins the cast of Way Down In Chinatown

The Way Down in Chinatown production team – being independent filmmaker Eric Michael Kochmer, Angel Corbin, Maria Olsen and Jonathan Haloossim - are thrilled to welcome Nancy Wolfe of Helter Skelter fame to the cast. Wolfe has bagged the supporting role of Lindie in Way Down in Chinatown, the utterly creepy and surprisingly intense noir horror feature that will soon be unleashed on horror fans.

Wolfe caused major waves in horror / serial killer movie circles with her eerily terrifying portrayal of Susan Atkins “Sexy Sadie” in the 1976 made-for-television movie Helter Skelter, which tells the story of the gruesome Los Angeles murders masterminded by Charles Manson. Neither the Tate/Labianca murders nor Manson himself is ever out of public consciousness for long, nor should Wolfe’s portrayal of Atkins,
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'Way Down In Chinatown' Exclusive Casting Announcement


The upcoming dark and creepy film Way Down In Chinatown has exclusively informed MoreHorror of a huge casting announcement. Lisa Loring of The Addams Family has joined the cast of Eric Michael Kochmer’s Way Down in Chinatown.

Lisa Loring certainly needs no introduction – but we’re going to give her one anyway! – and Eric Michael Kochmer, Maria Olsen and the rest of the production team is proud to welcome this extremely talented but rarely seen actress into their soon-to-be-cult feature film, Way Down in Chinatown.

Loring first came to the notice of television watchers everywhere when she played the adorably dark "Wednesday Addams" on The Addams Family television show from 1964 through 1966. More television followed, with highlights including appearances on Barnaby Jones, Fantasy Island and The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. and the pint-sized performer became a cherished child-star.

Loring is also extremely well known
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Actress Joan Taylor Dies: Movie Monsters/Flying Saucers

Actress Joan Taylor, best remembered for two sci-fi / horror B movies of the late 1950s, died March 4 in Santa Monica, in Los Angeles County. Taylor was 82. According to various sources, Taylor was born Rose Marie Emma in Geneva, Illinois, on August 18, 1929. She was the daughter of Austrian vaudeville player Amelia Berky and an Italian-born immigrant who later became a Hollywood prop man. Curiously, last Friday night I watched for the first time the 1957 Columbia release 20 Million Miles to Earth. Though wasted in a non-role in this King Kong rip-off with stop-motion animation by Ray Harryhausen, Taylor looked quite pretty (as an Italian) whether angry at leading man William Hopper (son of gossip columnist Hedda Hopper) or screaming at the ballooning Martian creature. I guess it says something about her screen presence that I was rooting for the Martian Monster to gobble up the film's director (Nathan Juran), writers (Robert Creighton Williams
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Will the Kim Jong Il Funeral Help Sell American Cars?

Will the Kim Jong Il Funeral Help Sell American Cars?
Getty A 1970s Lincoln carries Kim Jong-Il’s casket.

To some Western observers the funeral procession for the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il may have looked a bit like a product placement for Ford Motor Co.’s Lincoln luxury-car division — circa 1975.

Some of the imposing black cars taking part in the funeral parade looked like they could have been extras in episodes of the original “Hawaii Five-o” or “Barnaby Jones,” two hit 1970s shows for which Ford supplied vehicles.
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Top 10: Hillbilly Films – by Kim Newman

After his first, and very popular, top ten for Blogomatic3000 on virus outbreaks in the movies, author and critic Kim Newman is back once again with and all-new Top 10 inspired by the eminent release of the awesome comedy horror Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which hits stores next week…

The clever joke at the heart of the witty horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs Evil is that college kids who go camping in the backwoods have seen so many movies about degenerate, inbred killer hillbillies they’re terrified even of basically sweet-natured, if ill-groomed folks like the eponymous duo played by Tyler Lebine and Alan Tudyk. In truth, the American cinema hasn’t been especially enlightened in its depiction of the rural poor of the Appalachians and other mountainous backwoods regions, but it hasn’t presented quite as overwhelmingly negative a vision as you might think.

Here’s a run-down
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