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Drive-In Dust Offs: Fade To Black

I’ve always been obsessed with watching movies. From seeing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at the age of four at a Saturday matinee revival to today, the flickering shadow shows have filled my life. Consumed, I’m sure some would say. However, discerning fact from fiction has never been an issue, unlike Eric Binford, the hapless ‘hero’ of the eerie (and funny) Fade to Black (1980) – now here’s a kid with issues.

Written and directed by Vernon Zimmerman (The Unholy Rollers), Fade to Black was distributed by American Cinema Releasing on October 14th, 1980. The film bypassed audiences for the most part, but critics were generally pleased with the offbeat tone that it brought to the genre. If you love movies about movies, especially with a horror bent, Fade to Black is the film for you.

Eric Binford (Dennis ChristopherBreaking Away) lives with his haranguing aunt, and spends his days
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Review: Roger Corman Collection Vol. 7 and 10

Another pair of offerings from In2Film’s Roger Corman Collection and this time we venture forward into the 70’s, to two movies that span the spectrum of Corman’s career as a film producer. From the good: Grand Theft Auto, which marked the directorial debut of Happy Days actor Ron Howard; to the not so good: Deathsport.

Grand Theft Auto

Stars: Ron Howard, Nancy Morgan, Elizabeth Rogers, Barry Cahill, Rance Howard, Paul Linke, Marion Ross | Written and Directed by Ron Howard

This amiable screwball comedy is part road movie, part chase movie and part destruction derby, and concerns one young man’s elopement with his heiress girlfriend from La to Vegas while her father, her fiancé and various others are in hot pursuit hoping to prevent the forthcoming nuptials. However, the car crashes are the real stars of a film that marked the directorial debut of one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers.
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Five more Roger Corman classics heading to UK DVD in May

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May 3rd 2010 sees the release on DVD of a second batch of classic cult movies from the vaults of legendary film producer Roger Corman, representing the second half of The Roger Corman Collection, courtesy of Metrodome’s budget DVD label, In2Film.

The five new releases are Ron Howard’s directorial debut feature, Grand Theft Auto, 80s slasher, Slumber Party Massacre, Roger Corman’s own directorial contributions to the 1950s sci-fi genre, Not Of This Earth and Attack Of The Crab Monsters, and the David Carradine-starring, post-apocalyptic action-adventure, Deathsport.

Co-starring, co-written by and directed by Oscar winning director Ron Howard (Frost/Nixon; The Da Vinci Code; A Beautiful Mind) and featuring his Happy Days co-star Marion Ross, the amiable screwball comedy, Grand Theft Auto, is part road movie, part chase movie and part destruction derby. The nimble plot concerns one young man’s elopement with his heiress girlfriend from
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Not Available on DVD: Unholy Rollers

Roller Derby, a sport that peeked in popularity in the early 70’s, is based on formation roller skating around an oval track, with points scored as certain (mostly female) players lap members of the opposing team. Judging by last week’s poor box-office performance of Whip It, it appears that Roller Derby is not a fad currently in vogue, but Drew Barrymore’s new film gives me an excuse to revisit the greatest movie of all about the rough, tough world of this trashy sports phenomenon. That would be 1974’s Unholy Rollers, starring the late Claudia Jennings, a grimy, low-brow slice of 70’s exploitation that perfectly captures the grimy, low-brow sport that is roller derby. From its then-trendy premise, to its goofy use of humor, to its energetic but clumsy execution, Unholy Rollers is truly one hell of an entertaining R-rated 70’s time capsule but one that is Not available on DVD.
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