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  • "Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ" Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 639

    The original music (played throughout the film) was composed by Edvard Artemyev. Edit

  • Tokyo Edit

  • Suicide by lethal injection.

    In the ending of the video record he left for Kris Kelvin, Gibarian is seen with a syringe in his hand, then leaving. According to Lem's original novel, he hid in a wardrobe closet and injected poison there. Edit

  • This happens after the scene where Chris shows Khari a home video of his youth. Snaut enters Chris' room and can be seen wrapping his hands in bandages. He also mentions that the rate of regeneration has slowed down, and that there will be no more apparitions for 2 or 3 hours.

    In an earlier scene, an unidentified person can be seen lying in a hammock inside Snaut's quarters, implying this is a Visitor created by the planet. It is a possibility that Snaut killed or wounded this Visitor, and noticed that the Visitor did not heal or regenerate as quickly as normal. Maybe he wounded his hand in the process.

    Another possibility not explicitly stated is that this Snaut is a Visitor himself. Several scenes before, on a suggestion by Dr. Sartorius, Chris did a blood test on Khari and noticed that the blood kept regenerating, as proof that she is a manifestation of the planet and not a real human. Perhaps Dr. Snaut tried it on himself by making a cut on his hand, and may have found out that his blood and wound were starting to regenerate, proving that he himself is a Visitor as well. It could explain why in the beginning, Snaut asks Chris if he is sure whether he himself is real. In the 2002 remake this theory is explored with more depth. Edit

  • The rain is a reminder that the house is not real. The "happy ending" is just an illusion, just like the solyaris creatures.

    This image, water/rain inside buildings, is a common image for Tarkovsky. It is found in nearly all his films. A possible explanation for it in Solaris is that it identifies the house as a creation of the alien consciousness on the planet. Throughout the film, this "intelligence" is not always accurate in its representations. An example would be Khari's dress, which has buttons but cannot be unbuttoned, and Khari herself, who has factual memories, but not the emotions normally associated with such memories. The rain inside the house is another mistake the alien makes. Edit



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