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  • A group of workers is traveling by bus to the town of Bojoni to work for an aristocratic family. The driver has a fulminating heart attack, and the group decides to drive to the near village of Tolnio instead, to spend the night and follow to Bojoni on the next morning. They find nobody in the apparently ghost city, but in the next morning, they meet the hospitable dwellers. Their bus has a problem in the engine, and they have to stay in Tolnio. Sooner they find that they are trapped in a vampire village.

  • A busload of tourists stops in to visit a small European town. What they don't know is that the town is completely inhabited by vampires.


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  • Seven very tired passengers -- Ernesto [Indio González], Godo [Luis Ciges], Cesar [David Aller], Marcos [Manuel de Blas], Alma [Dianik Zurakowska], Raquel [Charo Soriano], and Raquel's eight year old daughter Violet [Sarita Gil] -- are traveling by bus to Bojoni (filmed in Spain) where they have secured jobs working for an aristocratic family. Suddenly, the bus driver suffers a heart attack. After moving the dead driver to the back of the bus, Ernesto takes the wheel. When a road sign indicates that Bojoni is 110 Km, while the town of Tolnia is only 10 Km, the group decides to get dinner and lodging for the night in Tolnia before continuing to Bojoni in the morning. When they arrive in Tolnia, however, there is not a soul to be seen, except for Luis [Jack Taylor], an American traveler who arrived in Tolnia about an hour ago and has been walking around the village looking for someone...anyone.

    The fire in the village tavern is warm and the shelves are stocked with liquor, so the travelers help themselves and decide to rest in the inn's bedrooms while Ernesto stays in the tavern in case someone shows up. As the hours pass and the clock strikes midnight, Ernesto goes out to check on the bus and discovers that the dead driver is missing. As he walks around the village looking for the driver, Ernesto is attacked by some ghoulish villagers intent on drinking his blood.

    In the morning, the travelers awaken to a breakfast of rolls and hot coffee. All the villagers have returned, including "Major" Boris [José Guardiola], the village mayor. The Major apologizes and explains that the villagers were at the cemetery yesterday, paying their respects to a recently-deceased, but well-loved, villager. The Major graciously extends the village's hospitality to the travelers, even serving them a delicious roast before they leave for Bojoni. Unfortunately, when they go to leave, the bus won't start. Danged if Luis's car has the same problem. Looks like they'll have to stay on for a few days until they can get help from Bojoni. Marcos makes it clear that they don't have the money to pay for their food and keep, but the Major assures them that they will be taken care of comfortably by the Countess. And so they are. Every day, they are served luscious meat dishes. What they don't know is that the Countess [Helga Liné] has ordered that various villagers give up parts of their body in order to feed the visitors.

    The Countess, like everyone else in the village, is very eager to have the travelers remain in town for a few days, enjoying the village's hospitality at her expense. She is so thrilled at having "persons who get around" that she invites Cesar, the well-read professor, to remain at her house that evening in order to recite to her from the works of Shakespeare, Browning, and O'Neill. Part of her hospitality includes taking Cesar to her bed, but she's not after sex; it's Cesar's blood she wants. After drinking her fill, the Countess tosses his body over the veranda to the hungry villagers below.

    Meanwhile, back at the tavern, Luis is busying himself peeping on Alma through a hole he discovered in his wardrobe. Marcos and Godo are summoned by Ernesto to see something in the bus but fall prey to the vampires. The next morning, Luis notices that the bus is missing, begins to get suspicious, and starts planning out a means of escape. Violet is playing hide-and-seek with a boy [Fernando Romero] she has befriended when she witnesses the arm of the ax grinder being chopped off, but she says nothing. A nice dinner is served that evening, but Alma is very upset when she finds a finger on her plate. A bit later, Raquel tells Violet to stay in their room while she goes to talk with Marcos, but Violet's boy friend persuades her to come out and play anyway. He leads her into the cemetery. When the vampires come out, he tries to hide Violet but ends up smothering her. Raquel has returned to her room and found Violet missing, so she goes looking for her daughter. Unfortunately for Raquel, she encounters the villagers, along with Cesar, Ernesto, Godo, and Marcos, who fall prey upon her.

    That night, Luis and Alma make their escape. Of course, they are pursued by the village people, but they finally manage to make it to Bojoni. The Bojoni police cannot find Tolnia on the map, but they drive back with Luis and Alma to check out their claim. Lo and behold, there is nothing there, except for the wrecked bus. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

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