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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman on a bed is seen bare-breasted.
  • Another woman is seen topless.
  • Tyrone Tackett (Bernie Casey) is changing into some sports clothes and is seen naked from the waist up from the front, while shots from behind reveal his bare backside.
  • Tyrone's girlfriend takes her bra off to reveal her bare breasts and then starts to fondle herself as told to by Tyrone.
  • Tyrone has sex with a woman, they are in bed together and he licks and kisses her nipple, his bare backside is shown but there is no genital nudity.
  • Tyrone has sex again and more bare breasts and rear nudity is shown.
  • Tyrone and Gozelda (Pam Grier) go to a porno theatre and watch a film play on the screen; several shots are shown including:
    • A teenage girl is lead into a room by two bare-breasted women and then a man walks out of a closet and has sex with her.
  • The climactic gunfight takes place in a local gangster's house; several topless girls are seen.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a scene set in a room where an illegal dog fight is being held; there are several shots of the dogs fighting. As the fight progresses the dogs become blood-stained. One dog finally wins with the other lying on the ground twitching.
  • A man is punched and kicked in the stomach.
  • A man has his leg slammed in a car door; someone else is punched in the face and knocked out.
  • A man is chased and when caught is kicked to the floor.
  • A man is repeatedly punched in the stomach in an attempt to make him reveal some information.
  • A woman is slapped around the face.
  • A vet is shot dead at point blank range.
  • A woman is attacked and killed by a lion, although no blood is shown.
  • A teenage girl named Rochelle (Candy All) is seen dead with a bullet wound in her forehead.
  • There is a shot of a man hanging from the ceiling in a noose.
  • Three men burst into gangster Nano Zito's (Don Diamond) house and open fire on everyone there; several men are shot dead. Only once are bullet impacts shown. There is a fair amount of blood although it looks like red paint.
  • A man is shot and is then killed by a shotgun blast while he lies injured in an industrial train carriage full of dirt. When shot, the wound sprays blood.


  • Frequent use of strong profanity including graphic sexual and racial slurs, remarks and terms.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Sherwood (Sam Laws) and Tyrone (Bernie Casey) are seen getting drunk and then driving. As they drive around town, they continue drinking booze.
  • Tyrone and Gozelda (Pam Grier) are seen sharing and smoking marijuana as Gozelda is driving.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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