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Sex & Nudity

  • Suggested MPAA Rating: NC-17 for extreme violence and gore (originally rated X).
  • Several scenes take place in a strip club. In the beginning, the woman are shown with nipple covers. At the end, they are shown without, breasts and nipples visible. At both times, the women are shown in thongs.
  • Two women are shown topless before being killed, breasts visible.

Violence & Gore

  • multiple gruesome death/torture scenes involving women
  • a womans face is bashed into a mirror, leaving her face bloody and deformed.
  • a womans face is hacked open with a meat cleaver and her cranial innards are ripped apart and played with.
  • a womans bare butt is pounded raw and bloody by a wooden meat tenderizing mallet. then a grilling fork is jabbed violently into her eyes sockets, and her eyeballs are plucked out and squeezed until they pop.
  • a womans face is burned with a clothing iron.
  • a womans face is dunked in a vat of boiling french frie oil, causing her face to crackle and blister.
  • a womans nipples are sliced off and milk spurts out.
  • a womans head is ran over by a car.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drinking.
  • Incidental smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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