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Sex & Nudity

  • There is some sexual dialogue.
  • Fritz tricks three females (two cats and a kangaroo) into having an orgy in a bathtub, soon more people join it. A nude bunny holds his penis, and he urinates on a pig. An aardvark has sex with one of the bunny girls. A bunny girl tries to seduce a pig cop by jiggling her breasts and spreading her legs to reveal her vulva. One of the more graphic sexual sequences.
  • In two fantasy sequence, Fritz runs through a tunnel of breasts. He has sex with a topless women.
  • Fritz has sex with a crow, with Fritz's genitals visible and the crow's breasts, butt, and vulva all visible. The most explicit sexual content in the film, which lasts for less than 5 minutes.
  • A sign says "ALL AMERICAN BOOTS!", and it shows a topless African-American woman depicted in 'blackface' (this is the Robert Crumb character Angelfood McSpade).
  • We see a topless horse, when she bends over or walks, we see her butt.
  • A lizard's breast pops out of her shirt.
  • A horse is raped by her heroin addicted rabbit boyfriend and two other characters after being violently beaten with a chain. The rape is not shown but she is seen afterwards, naked and traumatized.
  • The movie comes to a close with Fritz once again having sex with the three women from before in the hospital, this time in mid-air.

Violence & Gore

  • There are several acts of cartoon violence throughout.
  • There is a riot scene where Fritz's friend Duke is shot and killed. A lot of animated blood is shown. Others get shot or shot at (with bloody results). A bunch of planes are then seen bombing the area of the riot.
  • A man beats his chickens with a wooden plank (with bloody results).
  • Harriet (The Horse) gets beaten with a chain (again with bloody results), and Fritz gets hit in the face with a candle.
  • Fritz is blown up with dynamite (we see a live-action explosion), and is later seen almost completely bandaged in a hospital.


  • Frequent uses of profanity including "fuck", "shit", "ass", "damn", "hell", "motherfucker", and "goddamn" with derogatory slurs such as "nigger" and "fag" along with phrases such as "fuck-a-duck".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is marijuana use by several characters and heroin use by Blue and a crow.
  • LSD is mentioned at one point.
  • Some characters drink alcohol in a bar.
  • Fritz ingests pills at one point that seem to cause him to hallucinate.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The rape scene may upset some. The hallucination sequences are rather intense. Some may be disturbed by cartoon animals having sex in human positions.

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