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Neglected slice of scariness
simon-1182 September 1999
A very rarely seen little oddity this but I like it. The unusual location of the Philippines is pleasing and there a couple of very creepy sequences. The Robertsons seem positively crazy about each other which is a sure sign she'll end up doing very nasty things to him, but they were both quite believeable and the supporting cast were all adequate. The painting that is the centre of the whole mystery is very chilling, especially in the scenes where Jim meets the new housekeeper and then glances at the picture and sees her in it. The death of the Doctor is very eerie but best of all has to be the very simple scene of Chris lying in bed and hearing a voice in the night calling out "Christina..." Very creepy especially if you are watching this movie for the first time on late night television and wonder if the sound is on the screen or not! There is also an extraordinary sequence where Jim sees movement outside the house at night and investigates only to be attacked. When he returns to the house the incident is almost forgotten in his bemusement..just like a sort of "was it a dream?" sleepy kind of unreality. My main reason for liking this movie is that compared to what Hammer were churning out it is different and scary, unlike most of Hammer's films, and doesn't need to rely on gore. It also predates The Omen and The Exorcist and yet deals with the subject matter intelligently, so in a sense it is ahead of it's time. Good stuff...not exactly the greatest movie ever made but effective and successful in its clearly limited ambitions.
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Nipples & Knives
Bolesroor17 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"Daughters of Satan" is a movie about three women who are actually reincarnated witches, re-born to take revenge on the man who burned them at the stake. It's a slow-paced bad dream that holds together much better than most old horror movies. Tom Selleck stars as a man who buys a strange painting of a woman who looks like his wife… when he gives it to her she starts to "remember" her past, and so begins the violence and nudity.

This is one of those good "bad" horror movies that isn't just about moving from one violent bloodbath to the next... you get to breathe with the characters and ponder the outlandish situation in which they find themselves, which only makes it all the more believable. It's like that realization during a nightmare that you're having a nightmare, when you try to wake yourself up but you just can't come out of it.

"Daughters Of Satan" is not a great movie by any means, but it has it's own illogical occult madness that somehow winds up making sense. I'm prejudiced because I saw the last 40 minutes on late-night TV and spent five years tracking it down to see the entire movie. It was worth it, for me anyway...

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Early Tom Selleck For The Win
gavin694226 October 2010
James Robertson (Tom Selleck) buys a painting depicting witches being burned at the stake, one of whom bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife (Barra Grant).

This is Tom Selleck before "Magnum PI", but still with the same great mustache... much, much better than the film "Runaway". Some of the stunts are pretty cool (like flipping over a horse). I would like to believe Selleck did them himself, but I am not so gullible.

The film opens with a pretty intense scene, possibly a sacrifice, and soon after we are treated to a story of a satanic knife... definitely a solid start to a movie.

Director Hollingsworth Morse worked almost exclusively in television, and it shows, though not in a bad way. The quality is television quality, but the story really holds strong for the full length.

The film takes place in the Philippines... and it makes me wonder: was this a decision because of the plot (which does revolve around Spanish conquistadors) or because of budget? The Philippines were a notorious hotspot for low budget films... curious.
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He left me rich with things, but I was hollow inside.
lastliberal-853-25370817 March 2012
Vic Diaz was so good in The Big Bird Cage that I just had to see him again to see if he was as funny in all his films. He was in 112 films and is considered the jolly evil fat man of Filipino exploitation cinema. It may take a while to track them all down.

As a bonus, this is Tom Selleck's (Magnum P.I., Blue Bloods, Jesse Stone series) third film. He even has a mustache then.

Jim (Selleck) finds a painting of a witch burning, and the with looks like a dead ringer for his wife Chris (Barra Grant). Suspicious things start occurring. She blurts out the exact date of the burning, and a dog in the painting disappears after she sees it for real. Things just get stranger from there.

It's all about revenge for a 16th century crime. Very interesting.
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Fun, entertaining and highly enjoyable
kannibalcorpsegrinder25 February 2013
After buying a strange painting at a sale, a man begins to suspect something sinister is occurring after noticing his wife's resemblance to a figure in the painting and comes to realize that a coven of witches are involved and tries to stop them before he becomes a victim of their wrath.

This was an admittedly fun witchcraft movie, though it does has a few minor areas of improvement to really work itself out of it's overall hum-drum feel. That's the main fault of the pacing in this one feeling just so dreary that nothing really exciting happens, with everyone tending to talk about the proceedings since the film plays it off as a mystery about painting and the reincarnation which can be fun but overall it tends to just drag the pace out. That said, the mystery angle here is actually inviting due to being a rather creepy mystery surrounding the painting, the few action scenes are rather well-done and it's certainly got enough horror elements to keep it enjoyable. Plus, any film that opens with topless female whipping definitely has it's head in the right direction. Overall, not bad but has some problems.

Rated R: Violence, Language and Nudity.
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Amusing curio.
Hey_Sweden4 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Daughters of Satan" is nothing special, but is still hard to resist on the level of an entertaining "late show" feature. It *is* irresistible to see a young and studly Tom Selleck in a horror film, a Tom Selleck who's already sporting that famous moustache.

He plays James Robertson, an art expert working in the Philippines who purchases a painting for himself depicting the burning of three witches. One of the witches bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife Chris (Barra Grant). And that's just the beginning of the weirdness to follow, as both James and Chris start to encounter strange individuals, including Kitty (Tani Guthrie) and Juana (Paraluman). Also on hand is eternally jolly Filipino icon Vic Diaz as an art dealer as well as Vic Silayan as helpful doctor Dr. Dangal...not to mention a Rottweiler who's friendly to Chris but who always gives cat man James a hard time.

The opening sequence very much lets us know right from the start where this is heading, so suspense is limited. This film, produced by Aubrey Schenck ("Frankenstein - 1970", "Robinson Crusoe on Mars") and directed by TV veteran Hollingsworth Morse (now *there's* a name for you), is more about enveloping the audience in an appropriately odd and dreamy ambiance. It has some violence here and there and voyeurs will appreciate the breast shots from our leading lady. There's a lot of great scenery to enjoy, and a very '70s but effective music score by Richard LaSalle.

The movie is an acceptable diversion, as far as it goes, but it does rather get bogged down in talk sometimes. Still, some of the actors, especially Guthrie and Paraluman, are fun to watch, and Selleck is good as the frustrated, puzzled hero. Grant is less satisfactory (although she does look fine). Plus, the movie is worth sticking with just for the kind of downbeat ending common to cinema of the 1970s.

If you're a genre fan who loves seeking out obscurities such as this one, you should have a fairly good time with it.

Six out of 10.
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Low-budget flick with future MAGNUM PI star
thomandybish24 July 2001
Low budget shot-in-the-Phillipines quickie has Tom Selleck being pursued by his suddenly homocidal wife and two other women. Seems that Tom is the descendant of a Spanish Inquisition witch hunter who burned a certain trio of accused women to death and was cursed by the dying women that their spirits would kill all of his descendants. The spirits have possessed the wife and two other women(an American jet-setter and and RN from Manila)to do the deed. Enjoyable pap with future MAGNUM PI star, directed by Hollingsworth Morse, who usually directed TV shows like FAMILY AFFAIR and H.R. PUFNSTUF!It's a long, long way from Living Island!
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"Night Gallery" - R Rated Style.
AaronCapenBanner2 September 2013
Tom Selleck(in an early role) plays James Robertson, who purchases an old painting of a witch burning that intrigues him. His wife Chris realizes that James looks like the witch-burner, but he just dismisses this as a coincidence, but when each of the three witches begins disappearing from the painting, he begins to suspect something supernatural may be going on, and that it involves his wife...

Despite a good premise and atmosphere, this is squandered on a cheap exploitation film(consider the opening sequence...) that takes too long to tell its story, and ultimately leads to an unsatisfying and downbeat conclusion; looks like an R-Rated version of the "Night Gallery" TV series, which was on the air at this time, though Rod Serling is nowhere to be found!
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Cheesy But Fun Occult Horror With Magnum P.I.
"Daughters of Satan" is a cheesy but fun piece of low-budget occult Horror starring 27-year-old Tom Selleck in his first leading role. Directed by Hollingsworth Morse (nice name, buddy), "Daughters of Satan" was obviously shot on a very low budget, and while the plot is cheesy and messy and often lacks logic, the film is undeniably entertaining. Selleck plays the American arts expert James Robinson, who has recently moved to the Phillipines with his beautiful wife Christina (Barra Grant). In an obscure art gallery, he stumbles across a painting which shows a witch-burning in 1592 Spain. And one of the burned witches happens to be the spitting image of his wife! Fascinated with the coincidence, he buys the painting and brings it home; henceforth, mysterious things begin to happen... As mentioned above, logic isn't the strongest point of the film (why would anyone keep the painting when it's clear that it's causing trouble), and the plot is often messy. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable film that might appeal to many of my fellow fans of low-budget Horror and Exploitation. There are some really cool scenes, in particular the sleazy opening sequence, and one fantastic creepy scene involving a painting, which I don't want to give away. Interestingly, Selleck's role here has some resemblance to the role of Magnum P.I., for which he would later get famous. Barra Grant, who plays his wife, has a very presentable rack, and the film includes a variety of eccentric characters. You haven't missed anything if you decide to skip "Daughters of Satan". However, it is definitely entertaining, and a film that most of my fellow fans of B-Movies and low-budget Horror in particular might enjoy.
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Creepy...But Stupid Ending!!!
BogieandBacallfan2 April 2011
I'd never heard of this 70's horror movie until the other night when TCM had a late night airing. I've always liked Tom Selleck and even in this effective but somewhat cheesy scare-fest he does an awesome acting job! For the time and plot, this movie does include some chilling suspense and eerie music and/or chanting--the freaky calling out of the wife's name in the middle of the night was a perfect tool to get you on the edge of your seat!

However, the ending was really stupid in my opinion! I don't want to say what happens, as I don't want to really include a "spoiler." But, with all the build-up and suspense, the way the film concludes was a total let-down and ridiculous! To me no matter how awesome or superb a movie was...if the end is terrible then it ruins the rest of it as well.

I would not recommend bothering with this...unless you're a die-hard Selleck fan, or a 70's cult-horror film collector (that doesn't care how films play out or end). However, if you like Selleck...stick with "Magnum, p.i.!"
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Slow moving horror flick
rosscinema22 December 2002
Early Tom Selleck film where he and his wife encounter a coven of witches. The coven think that Selleck's wife is a reincarnated witch from a painting. It is always good to see the great character actor Vic Diaz but even he can't help with the fact that the material here just isn't that compelling. Some good exploitation like when Barra Grant as his wife is strapped down naked and whipped. But there are too many slow scenes that drag on agonizingly and I think the film could have been boosted with more shots of the exotic Philippine locale. Not terrible but story needed some sort of adrenaline shot somewhere in the middle.
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Witchy woman
JohnSeal7 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Fans of Tom Selleck, don't miss this one! Everyone else, run away! Daughters of Satan stars the mustachioed one as James Robertson, an art collector in the Philippines who purchases a grotesque witch-burning painting that reminds him of wife Chris (Barra Grant). Love you too, sweetheart. When Chris starts acting all possessed and stuff, James divines that her body is now controlled by the spirit of one of the subjects depicted in his painting…and that, y'know, his life might be in danger. Where's Higgins when you need him? Directed by television regular Hollingsworth Morse (H. R. Pufnstuf, McHale's Navy), Daughters of Satan co-stars familiar Filipino heavy Vic Diaz.
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B-grade, but it is Tom showing upin a steamy location with decent plot
friff-624876 March 2017
Tom takes a mediocre movie and makes it good just by being himself. Selleck shows the potential of a future investigator on the screen by being curious as to the whereabouts of where the strange painting is and engaging B-grade movie fans into mystery and suspense. Manila as a backdrop for the movie, with it's Marcos era steamy, bizarre, Asian developing nation oddities, fits this movie perfectly. I saw this flick in 2012 for the first time and it shows Tom playing Mr. Robertson, who, with the chance to jump into a bed without his wife, takes the decent guy approach and rejects the lusty, craving broad, keeps his marriage vows and stays on course to locate the facts of the case. So fitting for his future roles as a decent role model in the 1980's.

The movie contains disturbing scenes for some viewers but also allows nostalgia buffs of 1970's shtick with an Asian twist complete with Selleck's character in a great car. I will keep the car color a secret.
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One good scene worth the whole movie?
TroyAir30 October 1998
Was Tom Selleck really in this film? Yes. He wasn't a star yet - "Magnum P.I." was still a few years away. The rest of the cast isn't much to talk about, although there is a scene where a blonde women is stripped topless, her arms strung up high, and she is whipped as part of a cult event. Other than that, not much else to talk about. I have to give credit to the actress who played that role - she looked uncomfortable and I wonder how much of it was acting.
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Before Hawaii, there was Manila.
BA_Harrison9 September 2015
Manila-based art-buyer James Robertson (Tom Selleck) purchases a fugly old painting depicting the burning of three witches in 1592, after which his wife, Chris (Barra Grant), becomes possessed by the spirit of one of the witches and attempts to kill her husband, who just happens to be a descendant of the inquisitor who condemned the satanic trio to death.

Could Daughters of Satan have influenced the creators of classic series Magnum, P.I.? Not only does this cheesy Filipino B-movie feature an early starring role for future TV private eye Selleck, but his character drives a red sports car (albeit not a Ferrari), while the name of the film's writer, John C. Higgins, is uncannily similar to that of Magnum's stuffy superior, John Q. Higgins. If all of this is a coincidence, then it's certainly spookier than anything that happens in Daughters of Satan, which completely fails to delivers the chills.

Director Hollingsworth Morse worked primarily in television, and his uninspired visuals, coupled with predictable editing, a weak script and cheap special effects, means that Daughters of Satan definitely has the look and feel of a bad TV movie, and as such offers very little in the way of genuine horror. What just about saves the film from being a total waste of time is some good old-fashioned gratuitous nudity (Barra Grant's splendid rack making up for her 'constantly surprised' eyebrows), a reasonably fun chase scene that features a couple of decent stunts, and a welcome cameo from Filipino character actor Vic Diaz, who sports a really strange hairdo.

3.5 out of 10, rounded up to 4 for IMDb.
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Uneven Selleck supernatural flick
wildpeace105 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
An evil housekeeper,the number 666 and an evil dog!is this the 1976 THE OMEN?Well,no since it was made in 1972 but you get the feeling that part of the Richard Donner film was inspired by it.

While this was filmed in the philippines,it takes a very long time before a beautiful outdoor scene makes you feel that it was filmed over there since many scenes are filmed indoors.

After i saw the main actress(Barra Grant) in about the film's first ten minutes,i had the urge to fast forward the whole thing since this is simply not my type of girl. But since i wanted to write a fair review ,i decided to continue watching the film at normal speed.

There is a few scenes where normal people wouldn't react the way they do in this film.

One example is when Selleck is threaten by a gunman.Afterwards,he enters the house and doesn't talk about it at all when he rejoins his wife.

And why does Selleck want to hang the picture on the wall when her wife's first reaction is to tell him that she hates it?

There is many sights of crosses(with Jesus on it) in this film. (Perhaps it's the only type of cross that you can get in the philippines!)

There is one on the wall over the bed and Barra wears one in her neck for most of the film.

Apparently that has the power to keep bad witch spirits away but it doesn't seem to always work!

In one of the better scenes,an outside one, Barra wants to stab Selleck in the back but changes her mind when her husband hands her a cross she supposedly lost.

Other good scenes are the ones that features Selleck talking of the cursed painting with a Doctor but the appearing and disappearing figures on the painting plot kinds of gets annoying after a while.

The evil housekeeper is also annoying and you'd wished that Selleck would have waked up and fired her earlier. (He does but not with the energy that Peck did in THE OMEN and at this time, it's way too late.)

There is like a false bad ending that turns into a good ending that returns to a bad ending in this film!!!

I liked the first unhappy ending better than the last one!

I agree that some unhappy endings may have a greater impact in certain horror films but i don't think that this one is properly staged to make a satisfying or powerful impact.

Now some might like to know about the nutty parts of this film so here they are.

1-Bad words.Very few.About three. 2-Very little gore.There is a man with a knife in him which is a little bit bloody. (The crime has already been committed.) 3-Nudity.At first there is a topless woman on a table.She has her eyes closed. Not very interesting. The second scene is when kitty tries to seduce Selleck and goes half topless. Her other breast is covered by her hair. She's just a little bit better looking than Barra face wise. (But then again,not everyone will agree since beauty is in the eye of the beholder!)

This scene works because the prelude is well written as she tries very hard to seduce Selleck which isn't much interested in her.

The third scene is when Barra is stripped topless and the camera returns to her breasts a few times. Barra might not have the greatest face but breasts are breasts and if you like tied women,this scene works!

4-Blasphemy.Barra spitting on the cross plus a few praise the devil type of phrases.Some of words spoken by Barra aren't easily understandable. Really not my cup of tea if you know what i mean!!

So i guess this film could be listed as exploitation.it's about annoying, illogical and dull here and there for 30 minutes but if this is your kind of film,you might just find something you like about it.
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I'm a Cat man Myself
BloodTheTelepathicDog26 April 2011
In the 1970s there were many films shot in the Philippines with foreign actors and this is one of them. The leads were shipped in from overseas for marketing sake while Philippino actors comprised the rest of the cast. The great Paul Naschy made a few such films in the orient during this period as well.

This witchcraft film focuses on American couple Jim (Selleck) and his wife Chris (Barra Grant). Jim is an art appraiser who buys a painting not for its value but because a woman in the fresco looks just like his wife. When he shows his wife the painting--three witches burned at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition--she finds the painting barbaric but also informs her husband about some obscure witch trial that she has never known anything about. We quickly get a film about reincarnation as the two other witches in the painting are introduced to the couple. They initiate Chris into their coven but her devout religious beliefs are all that can save her.

STORY: $$$ (Rather by-the-numbers. There aren't any real twists in the script and the ending is a bit of a letdown. Characterization is also very weak. We never get a real sense of Jim's work and why he is in the Philippines. Also, the script should have fleshed out Chris' character more. Jim tells her doctor that she's devout but we never get much of her religious devotion. Okay, so she wears a cross on her necklace--big deal. Show her struggling in a foreign land since she is out of place, both physically and spiritually).

ACTING: $$ (Nothing that great here. Tom Selleck is in pre-Magnum PI mode here and does the best job in this film. It was easy to see why he became a rather big star shortly after this film was made. Barra Grant, who has since transitioned to writing and directing, gives an uneven performance as Chris. Her character is odd from the beginning but the facial expressions she makes--especially when he analyzes the painting--are quite laughable. Beyond confusion, she fails to capture any other emotions. Tani Guthrie does a fine job as the demented Kitty Duarte. She perfectly handles the uninhibited sexpot witch role).

NUDITY: $$$$ (The film starts with some rather forgettable nudity as an unattractive Philippino broad is whipped while she's topless by the coven. Later Tani Guthrie tries to seduce Tom Selleck at her abode when she lures him to her house because she has another painting by the same artist who painted his witchcraft fresco. She shucks down and hops in bed but Selleck is true to his wife and spurns her. Then Barra Grant is stripped to the waste by the coven and forced to apostatize. They make her spit on a cross to show her devotion to Satan. It's easy to see why Barra Grant was cast. She may struggle at times conveying emotion but her breasts give an extraordinary performance).
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Slow-Moving, Terrible Witch & Painting Film
Rainey-Dawn16 May 2016
This movie "feels" like a R-Rated made for TV movie or TV episode - it doesn't "feel" like a movie that would hit movie theaters or drive-ins. It also "feels" like a cop show and not a horror movie. Speaking of cops, it's a cop-out film ending.

Laughably terrible, yet a somewhat mildly entertaining slow-moving film. Tom Selleck, I mean James Robertson, buys a painting because the woman being burned at the stake looks like his wife. She's not happy with the painting but lives with it. Over time the wife becomes the woman or witch in the painting - she's possessed with the witches spirit. More people from the painting appear to be possessing others as well. It's as if everyone from the painting is suddenly possessing people - including a dog! Funny, the painting of the dog is fading but not the rest of the people. It seems the dog can jump out of the painting but not the people. He's a witches familiar so I guess that makes him an exception LOL.

OH expect to hear 1970's "action music" in this horror film when the "action" is taking place. The music sounds like something from some action-cop type of show and not horror. I guess because pre-Magnum P.I. Tom Selleck is in it? Weird.

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Hilariously bad
Ric-79 June 2013
This film was so awful it provoked laughter rather than shudders. Tom Selleck is the major reason to see the film, done at the beginning of his career. Fortunately it did not end his career. Along with everything else in the film, he also is awful, and that is probably because the script was so bad and the direction was probably nonexistent.

The first 15-20 minutes were terribly slow, and I was tempted to stop watching. But then, it suddenly became totally absurd. And enjoyable. Such as an unmotivated chase on foot through Manila. And Selleck and his wife visit a picturesque picnic spot and she finds a ceremonial dagger in the picnic basket, and while Selleck has his back to her and is talking about how scenic the place is, she makes to stab him, only to quickly hide the knife each time he turns to look at her. Hilarious.

There is a scene in which Tom's pink shirt matches the pink shade on a desk lamp. And there was a red and white typewriter on the desk (it's a sad comment when you spend time admiring the details of the set decoration.) There is a scene where a woman Selleck meets at their shrink's funeral invites him over for a post-funeral drink (without his wife), and she invites him into her bedroom to check a painting, and again, he is talking about the painting with his back turned to his hostess, and when he turns to her she has removed all her clothes. He continues the conversation as though nothing had happened.

The witches all belong to the "Manila Assembly of Lucifer." That is actually in the dialogue. And probably they're also listed in the Manila Yellow Pages, under "Churches-Satanic." Many of the actresses seem like they were found in porn films: substandard acting but exceptional breasts. And there's an invisible dog, a mortician who photographs naked female corpses, and so many other completely insane touches.

Personally, I really enjoyed the film. But I can't give it more than three stars, because objectively it is rather bad. And if Tom Selleck had not been in it, but another actor giving exactly the same performance, I'd probably give it a 2.
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It dose not give The Devil his due
dworldeater2 July 2019
I really wanted to like this movie, based on title alone and the fact that Magnum PI himself(Tom Selleck) as the lead, I thought Daughters Of Satan would be nothing less than awesome. Minus some titties here and there and some Satanic ritual activity, this low budgeted horror flick is pretty damn boring. This snoozefest has plot holes galore with a lot of boring scenes that go nowhere. The Selleck in his early years still has an awesome mustasche. Showing up with a cool car and some Garanimal polo shirts, he still was a hit with the ladies. Overall, this was a real bummer. Don't expect something along the lines of The Devil's Rain, this is about half as good as that. I suggest skipping this one, and if you want to see Tom Selleck, just watch Magnum PI again.
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Tom Selleck in Filipino exploitation theater
JoeB13121 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So a production company in the Philippines decides to cash in on the Exorcist craze, and makes a movie about witches and stuff.

So an American Art dealer finds a picture of a 16th century witch burning where the head witch looks like his wife, and the other witches look like other women he runs into. And after some whacky encounters his wife is possessed by the witch who wants to kill him because his ancestor burned them. Or something.

This movie is made on the cheap and the best thing I can say is that Selleck is swinging for the fences in his acting. The rest of the cast, American and Filipino alike, seem like they are waiting for their checks to clear. "Oh, I'm topless in this scene? Do I get paid extra for that?"
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Drive-In Mash Up of Rosemary's Baby and Portrait of Dorian Gray
MRavenwood4 January 2015
Cultural context matters here. You need to know that the Church of Satan was created in 1966, the film "Rosemary's Baby" was made in '68, and what the whole point of drive-in movies is, to start. Second: familiarize yourself with "Portrait of Dorian Gray" and "Painting" movies such as Rebecca, Ghost and Mrs. Muir, et al. This film tries to be a swinging, drive-in version of all of those, and on a budget that wouldn't pay for the first reel of "Vertigo". So why is it crappy? The acting is mostly fine, but notice how the worst performances come from ladies willing to go topless? The manic "3rd Witch" Kitty who channels Cat Woman throughout has an AWFUL seduction (?) scene that poor Selleck has to slog through which pretty much destroys the picture. Overall, an enjoyable way to see that Tom Selleck's skills were solidly in place before Magnum. Full marks for VERY low-budget, but clean visual effects.
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jekyll & hyde themes
MM-2517 May 1999
The whole film showed a lot of "jekyll & hyde" themes. For instance, the film begins with a torture scene in the dark Intramuros dungeons followed by the opening credits of picturesque manila scenery and light, easy music. Almost like the personality of the leading lady who is sweet and aloof, but has a darkside with a tendency to go mad.
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What's with the music?
bensonmum24 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Daughters of Satan (1972) stars Tom Selleck before he was a star. The basic story: Selleck buys a painting depicting the burning of three witches. One of the witches bears a striking resemblance to his wife. Soon, she and two other women begin behaving in a very strange fashion. Selleck is sure that his wife and the other women are the spirits of the witches from the painting reincarnated. He must find a way to save not only his wife, but himself as well.

While most of the movie isn't very good, some scenes work. There are even a few creepy moments. My personal favorite is when Selleck's wife is awoken in bed by a voice whispering her name. Another good scene is when the wife as a witch is stripped and whipped. Very well done. But, there are moments in the movie where nothing happens. It's almost as if the writers had no idea of what to do next, so we get to see exciting scenes like the wife staring at a window for 30 or so seconds.

Most of the acting is forgettable. Selleck is okay, just a little green around the edges. Most of the rest of the cast is really bad. The housekeeper is especially bad. Most of her delivery is just so unnatural.

The most annoying thing about the movie is the soundtrack. It has some of the most inappropriate music you'll likely encounter. The music never seems to fit the action happening on the screen.
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"What Evil Thing Have You Done To Make Dogs Hate You?!"...
azathothpwiggins21 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
DAUGHTERS OF SATAN stars Tom Selleck as James Robertson, who buys a mysterious painting from a shop in the Philippines. It appears to contain the likeness of his wife, Chris (Barra Grant). Astonishingly, Chris seems to know the history of the painting! Cue woo-woo music. Chris begins acting oddly and hearing voices. She also gazes blankly at the painting, contorting her face. A devil dog named Nicodemus is introduced. Enter Juana Rios (Paraluman), the creepy, demonic maid. Soon enough, things get even weirder. DAUGHTERS OF SATAN is a mostly dull, sometimes hilarious film, made a few years before MAGNUM PI would end Selleck's devil movie days. MOST ABSURD SCENES: #1- In the morgue, where we hear the song, "The Wind Blew Up Her Nightie" being sung over a woman's body! #2- James, being chased by devil men, kicking boxes at them, including the world's biggest pack of Marlboro's! #3- The painting coming alive, until James' friend, Dr. Dangal sics the Virgin Mary on it! Oh my!...
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