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This most excellent film shows us Darwin the man, as well as the scientist.
RPBBioMan26 September 2001
This film is the best version of Darwin and his work regarding Evolution that I have yet to see. It not only illustrates his work as an excellent Naturalist, but it also gives us a unique and warm view of Darwin the man, as well as scientist.

I am feverishly trying to locate an outlet from which to purchase a copy of it, or someone who has a copy of it, so that I may purchase it or another copy. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has a need or desire to understand the ideas which have been (ignorantly) condemned by those who do not understand them.
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An original and entertaining adventure film from the early-'70s
mark-rojinsky17 December 2011
An adventure film and biographical study from 1972 vis a vis the young Charles Darwin's ventures in Latin America and the Galapagos that is organic, idiosyncratic and purposeful. Darwin's objective curiosity and enthusiasm about the natural world which led to "Tte Origin of Species" and "The Descent of Man" is revealed by the flair of young, handsome English actor Nicholas Clay: in appearance he is reminiscent of a flamboyant Jane Austen figure - he wears Regency costume and has medium-length wavy chestnut hair. Ian Richardson's Captain Fitzroy - a moral Christian, counterpoints Darwin's new principles and theories about evolution. The film ends with Huxley's successful defence of Darwin's principles before the British Association.

American director, Jack Couffer photographed and compiled 60000 feet of material illustrating wild life as Darwin described it in "The Voyage of the Beagle", according to Rod Cooper in Kinematograph Weekly (July 1971.)Vis a vis Derek Malcolm's review in The Guardian, in August 1971, Couffer and producer Joseph Strick (producer of The Savage Eye, Tropic of Cancer and Ulysses) were interested in ecology in general. The film features a vivid and exotic range of images from tropical butterflies to iguanas on the Galapagos Islands. One scene features finches on the Galapagos using cactus spines with their beaks to poke holes in tree branches to capture grubs. Another striking scene features Jesus lizards running on the surface of a pool in the Amazon rain forest.

The film was made in and around the Harefield Grove Estate, near Denham and Colchester, where the maritime scenes on the Beagle were filmed. Especially worth mentioning is the BBC2 land-mark documentary-series from 1978 - The Voyage of Charles Darwin, starring the Chaucerian Malcolm Stoddard as Darwin and Andrew Burt as Captain Fitzroy.
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Educational, but even better, enjoyable and superbly acted.
jon-25220 November 2003
This is a remarkably enjoyable film. And at the same time educates us about the formative experiences of Charles Darwin. Ian Richardson as Captain Fitzroy is one of the finest performances you will see on the screen, ever.
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can you help me?
bigarofer13 December 2014
It's possible buy a copy about this film? I'm Spanish and for much years ago i can not give this movie.Its important for me... Can you hep me? Thank you¡¡ when I was little I saw on television and since then want to buy it and have not . Espero someone from this forum can help me find or at least, to make a copy if someone has it. I want to help me find this movie and buy it. If someone has a wish I could make one for my copy, spent years trying get this film and I have not .¿Puede anyone help? .Gracias.Fernando -- -- In Spain only been seen once on public television, was l Jan 1978, I was 12 and since then look no positive results.
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