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Sex & Nudity

  • There is mild nudity in this film. In one scene, Juliet Mills' character takes off her clothes (off-camera) and jumps into the sea. After being shown swimming, she is seen from behind climbing onto a rock to sunbathe. Jack Lemmon's character also strips off-camera and is also shown swimming naked and climbing onto the rock. Miss Mills sits up to wave to a passing fishing boat, during which her breasts are completely exposed.
  • There is a mildly suggestive scene where Jack Lemmon is taking a bath when Miss Mills enters his hotel room. He stands up when she enters the bathroom. As he does so, his backside is completely exposed. There is a second, brief view of his buttocks as he closes the door to get dressed.
  • After making love (off-camera), Lemmon and Miss Mills are interrupted by an unexpected visitor. The two scramble to hide evidence of what they've done, since Lemmon's character is a married man. Miss Mills is wearing a very short robe. As she stretches to hide objects in a closet, her buttocks are briefly shown.

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