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  • #1 La Boulangère de Monceau (The Bakery Girl of Monceau) - 1963

    #2 La Carrière de Suzanne (Suzanne's Career) - 1963

    #3 Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night at Maud's) - 1969

    #4 La Collectionneuse (The Collector) - 1967

    #5 Le Genou de Claire (Claire's Knee) - 1970

    #6 L'Amour l'après-midi (Love in the Afternoon/Chloe in the Afternoon) - 1972

    Although Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night at Maud's) was planned as the third moral tale, it was released after the fourth tale La Collectionneuse (The Collector) due to delay in production. Edit (Coming Soon)


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