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  • Waltons' Mountain was just behind the back lot of the Warner Brothers' Studio in Burbank California. Here's what Eric Scott had to say about the locations:

    'We filmed the series mostly at the Warner Brothers Lot. Our interior scenes (Walton house, Ike's Store, Baldwin Sisters house) were on Stage 26. On the back lot was the exterior sets (Walton house, Ike's Store, Drucilla's pond, Country roads). The church was on the "Western Set" and the schoolhouse and Charlottesville were in the "Mid-Western Set". On the Warners Ranch, was the Baldwins exterior house. We would also film on location at a little area called Franklin Canyon between the San Fernando Valley and Beverly Hills. Every year we would also go to Frazier Park and do exterior scenes (Wingwalker, Grandpa's Funeral, fighting for the other Waltons-Boone et al). We would try to get the exteriors done and then move to the interiors - See more at:"


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