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1 Jan. 1976
The Search
Olivia and Elizabeth take a car trip; Jim-Bob is forced to also go. They have car trouble. Elizabeth wanders off. Olivia and Jim-Bob find her but by now, all are lost. Jim-Bob uses his skills to keep everyone safe till they are found.
8 Jan. 1976
The Secret
Jim-Bob wonders if he is adopted because he does not look like other family members. No one wants to talk about his birth. Eventually the truth comes out as to what happened when he was born.
15 Jan. 1976
The Fox
Ben starts to hunt animals for their skins to sell for profit. Meanwhile, the Rough Riders are holding a reunion. Grandpa, for all his talk about charging up the hill with Teddy Roosevelt, does not want to attend.
22 Jan. 1976
The Burnout
John-Boy smokes a pipe and Grandpa leaves a heater plugged in and turned on. A fire breaks out, burns most of the house. John-Boy loses his completed novel to save Erin. John-Boy, Grandpa, and Erin all feel miserable.
29 Jan. 1976
The Big Brother
John-Boy sees a young innocent looking girl who appears to be traveling alone. He takes her home. She seems to fit in, but Grandpa sees through her.
5 Feb. 1976
The Test
Olivia gets a job in the city as a dressmaker. She enjoys it but soon realizes she misses the family too much. Maude Gormley isn't adjusting well to life in a retirement home and returns to the mountain.
12 Feb. 1976
The Quilting
Mary Ellen resists joining in on a quilting when she reaches the marrying age. This hurts Grandma's feelings.
19 Feb. 1976
The House
An old abandoned home is condemned. Grandpa wants the wood and Grandma wants to save the house - it was where he and she first kissed. She is upset, but feels better when Grandpa saves the stained glass window.
26 Feb. 1976
The Fledgling
John-Boy wants to buy a printing press to start his own newspaper. Works hard to earn money for the down payment.
4 Mar. 1976
The Collision
Selena Linville returns. She talks to John-Boy about the rebellion in Spain.
23 Sep. 1976
The First Edition
John-Boy publishes his first newspaper. It includes a story about Ben's troubles. Olivia is mad. But John-Boy has to publish the story to follow his convictions.
30 Sep. 1976
The Vigil
Grandma is sick and Mary Ellen misdiagnosis the ailment. Grandma has to go to the hospital and Mary Ellen realizes she has a lot to learn.
7 Oct. 1976
The Comeback
Jason's scholarship at the music academy is canceled. He gets a job at the Dew Drop Inn. Red Turner, who lost his son in an earlier episode, is talked into performing at the Dew Drop.
14 Oct. 1976
The Baptism
A famous evangelist visits Walton's Mountain to preach and baptize converts. He is too much of a fire and brimstone preacher for John's taste.
21 Oct. 1976
The Firestorm
John Boy publishes excerpts from Hitler's writing in his newspaper and the town is upset. The town wants to hold a burn book party, but John-Boy makes them realize how wrong they are.
28 Oct. 1976
The Nightwalker
An unknown person is walking around Walton's Mountain at nights and causing worry. Ike opens Godsey's Hall and Jason decides to hold a community dance. The town meets the unknown stranger and welcomes him in.
4 Nov. 1976
The Wedding: Part 1
Mary Ellen is engaged to Dr David Spencer and they plan the wedding. Dr Curtis Willard arrives to be the town doctor. Mary Ellen begins to have second thoughts about her engagement.
4 Nov. 1976
The Wedding: Part 2
Mary Ellen is engaged to Dr David Spencer and they plan the wedding. Dr Curtis Willard arrives to be the town doctor. Mary Ellen begins to have second thoughts about her engagement.
11 Nov. 1976
The Cloudburst
A mining company comes to town and wants to buy land. They make it sound helpful to the community and John-Boy and the Godseys sell their land. John-Boy finds out the truth and tells the neighbors not to sell their land.
18 Nov. 1976
The Great Motorcycle Race
Jim-Bob fixes up Ike's old motorcycle and enters a motorcycle race. The Godseys look into adopting a baby.
2 Dec. 1976
The Pony Cart
Martha Corrine, Grandpa's sister in law, comes to the mountain to visit. She helps Ben build a pony cart.
9 Dec. 1976
The Best Christmas
Olivia wants this Christmas to be the best ever. Everything seems to happen to prevent this.
16 Dec. 1976
The Last Mustang
A wild mustang is captured on Walton land and Grandpa wants it to remain be and remain free. Meanwhile, it is sheriff election time and John-Boy writes about the candidates. Ep is up for re-election.
23 Dec. 1976
The Rebellion
Another woman begins to play the church organ instead of Grandma which upsets Grandma. Olivia is restless and decides to get a perm with terrible results.

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