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Season 5

30 Sep. 1976
The Thrill Killers: Part 1
Four killers kidnap the jury of a man they admire. They threaten to kill the jurors if their demands are not met.
7 Oct. 1976
The Thrill Killers: Part 2
It's a race against time to find the hostages before the kidnappers kill them. Stone thinks they might be held up in an old freighter somewhere in the bay.
21 Oct. 1976
Dead or Alive
A man offers a $1,000,000 reward for the capture - dead or alive - of the man who raped and murdered his daughter on a public tennis court, throwing the city into greed-fueled chaos.
28 Oct. 1976
The Drop
A wealthy teen is abducted and his girlfriend is murdered. The killers demand a ransom but they also demand that Lt. Stone deliver the ransom payment.
4 Nov. 1976
No Minor Vices
A young girl transforms from modeling to prostitution and finding this an easy living. Her angry father swears to "clean the impurities" by killing those who hire her.
11 Nov. 1976
In Case of Madness
A rising rock band has an abusive agent who is found murdered. An eye witness is murdered later and the lead singer who has seizures is the prime suspect.
18 Nov. 1976
Till Death Do Us Part
A couple is caught by the mob for laundering money. When the husband is abducted and believed killed, Stone and Robins must protect the wife because she is the prime witness.
2 Dec. 1976
Child of Anger
A teenage girl is frustrated by her mother's condescending ways. When a man she sees strike her mother is killed by the mob the girl is a witness. She claims responsibility to damage her family reputation hoping her mother feels degraded.
9 Dec. 1976
Hot Dog
Larry Wilson is a motorcycle cop who doesn't always use procedure. Instead he zeros on the point and rushes to it sometimes lacking caution. Stone is frustrated by the rambunctious officer, who happens also to be dating his daughter.
23 Dec. 1976
Castle of Fear
After receiving crank calls, a paranoid man fences in his home and keeps his wife and daughter sheltered. When he panics and shoots a cop who was guarding the house he covers by identifying an ex con. The paranoia now becomes real.
6 Jan. 1977
One Last Trick
A former prostitute works undercover for Stone and Robbins by going back to work for the pimp who is responsible for the death of her friend and a police detective.
13 Jan. 1977
Monkey Is Back
An ex-con is out for vengeance against the high school gang whose initiation ritual led to his 20-year sentence.
20 Jan. 1977
The Cannibals
A crime kingpin's son steals from his father by killing a cash courier. On the run, he turns state's evidence and comes under federal protection. Stone and Robbins want him for murder, while his father's hit man just wants him murdered.
3 Feb. 1977
Who Killed Helen French?
An abused wife vanishes after a vicious attack by her drunken husband and all clues point to murder with the husband as the prime suspect, but he can't remember if he did it or not.
10 Feb. 1977
A Good Cop... But
A drug kingpin guns down a cop. To ensure a conviction, a narcotics officer who witnessed the murder will have to reveal in court a closely guarded personal secret that could cost him friendships and his standing in the department.
17 Feb. 1977
Hang Tough
Eddie Boggs and Stan Michaels are on the scene at an apartment, Eddie is months from retiring. A tip has lead to a dead 15 year old girl OD on heroin. Found nearby was Spider. Boggs has lost it and subsequently beats Spider down. To cover up the situation, Boggs plants a knife on him. A man with a cowboy attire, walks out of the same apartment complex.
24 Feb. 1977
Innocent No More
A juvenile gang has caused a history of trouble for a San Francisco neighborhood. A recent robbery by the gang lead to the death of a victim. Billy Wilson claims his innocence on the whole affair. Evidence mounts and Billy's previous history of violence surfaces, as the judicial systems decides on his fate.
3 Mar. 1977
Once a Con
The last episode to air before ABC turned over much of its Thursday night lineup to spring-tryout series ("Streets of San Francisco" was replaced by "Westside Medical," which lasted 13 weeks; "The Tony Randall Show" was replaced by "Three's Company") is a mystery set on a college campus. While waiting for a bus, a college coed who doubles as a model is slashed with a knife, and one wound goes straight to the heart. A convict at San Quentin, who's a student at the same college learning a trade for when he is released, is scheduled to board the same bus. Instead, he ...
28 Apr. 1977
Carolyn, the unfaithful wife of a city prosecutor, witnesses a murder after meeting her paramour in a hotel. She cannot identify him, but the killer, an escapee from a mental institution, befriends and begins stalking her.
5 May 1977
Dead Lift
Ah-nold, long before his movie stardom, made his TV-acting debut as a champion bodybuilder (which he was at the time) visiting San Francisco for a competition. Something (it's not made clear what) has made him incredibly buff and muscled, but has also left him extremely hypersensitive to criticism and with no control over his anger. When he shows off his poses for a young woman, he becomes enraged and unwittingly chokes her to death. He's taken in by a couple and entered into the bodybuilding contest, but broods when he finishes only second. Stone and company suspect ...
12 May 1977
Stone and Robbins cross paths with two men pushed to their breaking points: an ex-con nursing a grudge against the former assistant district attorney who put him in prison and a struggling small businessman with a hot temper.
19 May 1977
Let's Pretend We're Strangers
Robbins falls for a public defender representing a psycho, who is trying to eliminate witnesses to a murder.
2 Jun. 1977
Time Out
Four cons escape and their longtime prison guard dedicates himself to bringing them back personally, frustrating Stone and Robbins who are perpetually one step behind the man who knows his prisoners' every probable move.
9 Jun. 1977
The Canine Collar
A cruise ship is docked in San Francisco. A known embezzler is aboard the ship and had hid the jewels on a dog collar.

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