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Season 2

11 Sep. 1973
Walter's Problem: Part 1
The day after a party, Walter wakes up with a drunken headache. Since it seems Walter drinks a lot at parties and most evenings, he and Maude decide to stop drinking altogether. Walter finds it difficult to stop.
18 Sep. 1973
Walter's Problem: Part 2
Walter gives Maude a black eye when he is drunk. More than ever, Maude wants him to stop drinking. Arthur gets a recovered alcoholic to talk to Walter. Maude gets rid of all the liquor in the house.
25 Sep. 1973
Walter's Holiday
Walter wakes up in a great mood and declares it I Love You Day. He plans to take the day off from work so he can spend a romantic day with Maude. However, Vivian comes to visit and is depressed now that she is divorced.
2 Oct. 1973
Maude's Facelift: Part 1
Vivian returns from a five-week trip to forget her problems after a divorce. She calls to say she is coming by and has a surprise. It is a surprise - she had a face lift and looks years younger. Now Maude is upset because she looks older.
9 Oct. 1973
Maude's Facelift: Part 2
Since Vivian returned from a trip with a face lift, now Maude wants one. She goes to Boston to have it done.
16 Oct. 1973
Florida's Affair
The furnace repair man that Maude hires has more interest in Florida than in fixing the furnace. He sweeps Florida in his arms for an impromptu dance in the kitchen when Henry walks in.
23 Oct. 1973
Maude Takes a Job
Walter does not like it when Maude takes a job in real estate.
30 Oct. 1973
The Double Standard
Maude says that couples should be able to live together without being married. But then Carol returns home after a camping trip and expects her boyfriend to stay over.
6 Nov. 1973
Vivian's Problem
Vivian is tired of all the blind dates that Maude sets up for her. She says she is giving up on men.
13 Nov. 1973
Maude's Musical
Maude is in charge of organizing a benefit show to raise money for the library. Since it is a tribute to burlesque, she wants all the bumps and grinds to jazz up the show.
27 Nov. 1973
The Will
Maude and Walter get into an argument over writing their wills and the items each list.
4 Dec. 1973
Carol's Problem
Carol is engaged Chris and everyone is looking forward to the wedding. Since Maude is in real estate, she decides to put a down payment on a house for them as a gift. The house is across the street from Maude and Walter.
11 Dec. 1973
Music Hath Charms
Maude gives Walter an electric organ as an anniversary gift. Unfortunately, he plays it all the time and has no musical talent.
18 Dec. 1973
The Office Party
It's Christmas and Walter decides to throw his employees a party at the house. Walter is so happy at how tight knit he and his people are, not unlike another business that's shut down because of a union strike. But during the party Maude learns that his people have decided to join a union and Maude thinks it's great. When Walter learns of this, he feels betrayed. He decides to fire them.
1 Jan. 1974
The Love Birds
Maude & Walter invite Vivian and Arthur over for dinner, but Maude is not looking forward to the lovebirds cooing over each other. They arrive, but arguing. Arthur constantly talks about his dead wife.
8 Jan. 1974
Maude's Guest
Maude is excited about boarding a young girl from the Ghetto over the summer. She hopes to show the teenager all the wonderful things that are available. However, the teenager is sullen because she does not want to be there.
15 Jan. 1974
The Wallet
Maude finds a wallet and it turns out to be their neighbor who always has extramarital affairs. Maude returns it to the man's wife. Walter thinks it is wrong to give it to the wife instead of the man because a wallet is personal property.
22 Jan. 1974
Maude's Revolt
Maude is depressed on her birthday, and is surprised by the party Walter throws for her. All Maude wants is for Walter to stay with her instead of going to talk with the men. Walter forgets his promise and Maude leaves her own party.
29 Jan. 1974
The Commuter Station
Arthur and Vivian are getting married, and Maude convinces them to have their wedding in Vermont. They all make the train trip, but a blizzard interrupts the trip and causes tempers to flair.
5 Feb. 1974
Florida's Goodbye
Maude notices Florida has been acting strange lately. She finds out Florida has been trying to find a way to tell Maude she is quitting. Since Florida's husband got a promotion, Florida decided she was going to be a stay-at-home housewife.
12 Feb. 1974
The Tax Audit
Walter is being audited by the tax department. When the auditor appears, Walter is worried and nervous, but Maude realizes the man looks familiar. She finally realizes he is the man that had raped her over thirty years before.
19 Feb. 1974
The Investment
Arthur gives Walter a stock tip which turns out to be a bad tip, causing Walter to lose a lot of money. When he finds out that Arthur did not invest any of his own money, Walter and Arthur argue as well as Maude and Vivian.
26 Feb. 1974
Phillip's Problem
Carol and Chris plan a trip without Phillip. Carol is hesitant because Phillip has been causing problems at home recently. They go on vacation and Phillip gets worse. Maude realizes something has to be done.
5 Mar. 1974
The Runaway
Francie's boyfriend talks her into visiting Maude and asking for a lot of money. She puts on a good act about being tired, upset, and having problems. Francie and Hinkley plan to run away.

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