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Season 6

12 Sep. 1977
Maude's Guilt Trip
Maude dreads the arrival of her Aunt Tinkie who is flying in to visit. The last thing Tinkie said was she got a $50,000 flight insurance policy naming Maude as beneficiary. News reports that the plane crashed. Maude plans a trip to Rome.
19 Sep. 1977
Phillip and Sam
While Carol is off on a weekend with her boyfriend, Phillip says he wants to spend the night with Sam. Turns out, Sam is the short name for Samantha.
26 Sep. 1977
The Flying Saucer
Maude insists she saw a flying saucer.
3 Oct. 1977
Victoria's Boyfriend
Victoria's Jamaican father is in America and visits Victoria. When he finds out his daughter is dating an American, he is upset.
17 Oct. 1977
Walter's Temptation
Maude goes on a talk show to promote womanhood. Afterwards, she convinces Walter to give his assistant a raise. His assistant is appreciative and tries to show her pleasure to Walter.
31 Oct. 1977
Phillip's Birthday Party
Maude throws a birthday party for Phillip, but Walter places a lot of rules for the attendees. The party is easy until a bunch of older teens crash the party.
7 Nov. 1977
The Doctor's Strike
Arthur organizes a doctor's strike and everyone promises not to practice medicine. Walter gets sick and needs a doctor.
14 Nov. 1977
The Ecologist
Maude is working with an ecologist on cleaning the Hudson River. Walter is jealous since the guy is young and attractive. Maude has sexual fantasies about the ecologist.
3 Dec. 1977
The Gay Bar
Arthur does not like having a gay bar in town.
12 Dec. 1977
Businessperson of the Year
Maude was a major player in getting a mall in the town which means she is eligible for Businesperson of the year. But Walter is also eligible. Both Maude & Walter openly compete for the award.
19 Dec. 1977
Maude's Christmas Surprise
Victoria is unhappy because she is away from her family for the first time during a holiday, and Maude thinks it will be a sad one because everyone has other plans. Maude then finds a baby left on her doorstep and everyone's outlook changes.
2 Jan. 1978
Maude's New Client
Maude is excited that she might have a real estate client who is interested in purchasing an expensive home. She is not excited when she finds out her client is connected to the mob.
16 Jan. 1978
The Obscene Phone Call
Maude has her telephone number changed because she has been receiving obscene phone calls. When the caller starts calling with the new numbers, she starts to suspect she might know the person.
28 Jan. 1978
Musical '78
Baby Sally is a former child tap dancer who became disabled in her adult years. Maude holds a musical fund raiser to raise money for her care.
4 Feb. 1978
My Husband, the Hero
When Maude, Walter, and Vivian are out for dinner, the restaurant catches on fire. Walter moves Maude out of the way so he can save another restaurant customer. Maude is none too pleased when Walter is declared a hero.
11 Feb. 1978
Maude's Foster Child
Maude's Ethiopian foster child for 20 years visits Maude and Walter for the first time. As she get to gets to know the grown man, she finds out he is the child of a former dictator.
18 Feb. 1978
Vivian's Decision
Vivian considers leaving Arthur after attending a college reunion and finding out that many of her former classmates and current college students are working and making a difference in the world. She tells Arthur she wants things to change.
25 Feb. 1978
Carol's Dilemma
Carol's ex husband has started seeing Phillip more, and is sending flowers to Carol. Carol starts wondering if he is interested in her again. However, Vernon is getting remarried to someone else and wants custody of Phillip.
4 Mar. 1978
Arthur's Grandson
Arthur's grandson is visiting, and Arthur hopes to heal the problems with his son by befriending the grandson.
11 Mar. 1978
Mr. Butterfield's Return
Victoria is on a camping trip for the weekend with her boyfriend at the time her father show up to visit her. He is not happy to learn that his daughter is sleeping with someone, and he says he is going to take her back to the West Indies.
25 Mar. 1978
Phillip's Mature Romance
Maude is happy to tell Carol that Phillip is in love with a new girlfriend. Then Maude finds out the new girlfriend is four years older than Phillip.
8 Apr. 1978
Maude's Big Move: Part 1
Maude's friend Irene returns from China; Maude has a party to welcome her back. But the party is not joyous. Walter is closing his business, planning to retire. The Harmon's and Carol & Phillip are planning to move. Worse, Irene collapses.
15 Apr. 1978
Maude's Big Move: Part 2
Maude's friend Irene, a US Congresswoman, has died, Maude feels bereft. She's also sad, knowing Arthur, Vivian, Carol & Phillip are moving. Maude decides to run for the open position caused by Irene's death, and ends up appointed instead.
22 Apr. 1978
Maude's Big Move: Part 3
Maude & Walter move to Washington, DC, where Maude starts her new career as Congresswoman. Maude has disagreements with her new staff, and at home, finds a pushy maid.

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