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Season 11

25 Oct. 1982
Hey, Look Me Over
The nurses return from evacuation to find that the doctors have left the camp a mess. Potter announces an inspection in two days, so Margaret and the nurses try to get everything reorganized. Nurse Kelly is mad at Hawkeye for ignoring her.
1 Nov. 1982
Trick or Treatment
The 4077th's Halloween celebrations are interrupted by the arrival of wounded, including one supposedly dead soldier who is actually comatose and clinging to life.
8 Nov. 1982
Foreign Affairs
Charles falls in love with a French Red Cross woman but realizes that their lifestyles are not compatible. Hawkeye and BJ are helping with an army PR stunt in their own way.
15 Nov. 1982
The Joker Is Wild
It's another M*A*S*H prankathon. This time, Hawkeye appears to be the marked man after menial practical jokes happen to everyone in camp, but him. Will they get him too? Or is Hawkeye already the victim of an even larger practical joke?
22 Nov. 1982
Who Knew?
When a nurse that Hawkeye is dating dies, he offers to deliver her eulogy and discovers that he didn't know her. Klinger tries to interest Charles in a business venture.
29 Nov. 1982
The whole 4077 are looking forward to a visit from Marilyn Monroe after a rumor starts; while B.J.'s fishing trip doesn't go as planned.
6 Dec. 1982
Settling Debts
Hawkeye receives a letter from Colonel Potters wife where she informs that she has paid the last mortgage on their home and asks Hawkeye and friends to throw a small surprise party for Potter to celebrate.
13 Dec. 1982
The Moon Is Not Blue
Bored at the terrible film selection, Hawkeye and BJ try to get a copy of the notorious film, "The Moon is Blue." Wounded General Rothaker declares prohibition in camp.
20 Dec. 1982
Run for the Money
Father Mulcahy must save the camp's honor in a high-stakes footrace against the 8063rd. Hawkeye, BJ, and Hot Lips each bet on it. Meanwhile, Charles tries to help Private Walter Palmer, a patient who suffers frequent verbal abuse from his fellow soldiers due to a speech impediment.
3 Jan. 1983
U.N., the Night and the Music
Three U.N. delegates come to the 4077th and make a lasting impression on members of the camp, while B.J. treats a patient whose leg injury may require an amputation.
10 Jan. 1983
Strange Bedfellows
Col. Potter discovers that his son-in-law has had an affair. Meanwhile, Charles' snoring is keeping his tent-mates from getting a good night's sleep.
24 Jan. 1983
Say No More
General Addison Collins visits his wounded son Curtis, a lieutenant. Charles tries to help Margaret, who develops laryngitis as she is about to meet her hero, Dr. Steven Chesler.
7 Feb. 1983
Friends and Enemies
Colonel Potter must decide whether to blow the whistle on an old army chum, Woody Cooke, whose military mistakes are costing human lives. BJ suffers from both an ingrown toenail and from Charles' insistence on playing his Mahler records.
14 Feb. 1983
Give and Take
Wounded Private Kurland learns a painful lesson from the enemy soldier he's critically wounded, while the thankless job of charity collection officer passes from one staff member to another.
21 Feb. 1983
As Time Goes By
Margaret seeks contributions for a time capsule.
28 Feb. 1983
Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
In the closing days of the Korean War, the staff of the 4077 M*A*S*H Unit find themselves facing irrevocable changes in their lives.

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