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Season 1

17 Mar. 1972
The New House
A young couple move into a home that is haunted by a girl who had been hanged there many years ago and vowed never to be evicted from the site.
15 Sep. 1972
The Dead We Leave Behind
When Ranger Elliott Brent's pretty young wife Joanna complains of boredom, he buys her a television set. Unfortunately, she starts spending all of her time watching television, to the neglect of her household chores. One day, during an argument, Elliott accidentally kills Joanna. He buries her body in a shed behind his cabin. After that, he starts seeing images of Joanna being unfaithful on the television. One stormy night, a man shows up at the cabin seeking shelter, and Elliott recognizes him as the man Joanna was having an affair with. Elliott kills him, too. But ...
22 Sep. 1972
The Concrete Captain
While on vacation, Ed Lucas presents his wife Kate with a souvenir of "The Concrete Captain," a small chunk of concrete with a miniature harpoon sticking out of it. Kate seems to be drawn to the item, continually picking it up and looking at it. Later, she is also drawn to a seaside inn, where she and her husband hear the tale of The Concrete Captain and his wife, Katherine. But when Kate becomes ill, and starts acting strangely, Ed wonders if the Concrete Captain hasn't returned to try to claim Kate as his own.
29 Sep. 1972
At the Cradle Foot
Paul, a recently divorced man, has a dream that his daughter Emily gets murdered as an adult. Believing it to be a premonition, he goes to the town where this will happen to see if he can prevent it. While there, he falls for Julie the owner of the boardinghouse where he is staying. It turns out that Julie is engaged to Ed, who turns out to be the man who murders Emily in Paul's vision. Chaos ensues as Paul and Ed end up fighting over Julie, and Ed ends up dead. Paul gets off by claiming the death was an accident, but Julie has one more nasty surprise waiting for Paul...
6 Oct. 1972
Bad Connection
A young widow is trying to move on after her husband is shot down in Vietnam and presumed dead. She begins to receive mysterious phone calls from a man who sounds like her late husband.
13 Oct. 1972
The Summer House
Martha and Andrew Alcott own a vacation home where they spend their summers. Martha hates the house, and as the summer goes on, it appears she has good reason, as there seems to be a malevolent force in the place that is strongest around the well in the basement. Events and scenes become ever more familiar, as it becomes clear what the malevolent force is, and what it intends to do with the lives of Martha and Andrew.
27 Oct. 1972
Bobby is a very bright, but very sickly boy with a particular fondness for chess. As he starts fifth grade, he is delighted to find that his teacher is the very popular Miss Gilden, with whom he forms a close friendship. Unfortunately, early in the school year, Bobby becomes too sick to go to school. After a short period of time, an alter-ego who looks exactly like Bobby appears and tells him not to worry, he will go to school for Bobby and come home and tell him what he has learned. Unfortunately, the alter ego terrorizes Miss Gilden, ultimately disgracing her and ...
3 Nov. 1972
Half a Death
Christina is a young woman with a twin sister, Lisa, whom she has never met. She hopes to meet Lisa on a visit home, but is distressed to find out that Lisa has recently died. Christina begins to hear Lisa calling her at night, and then starts to have visions of Lisa in an open grave. She tells her mother about this and discovers some unpleasant family secrets about Lisa. Does Lisa want revenge, or does she simply miss the sister she never had?
10 Nov. 1972
House of Evil
When Grandpa arrives for a visit, he has two special gifts for his granddaughter, Judy, a deaf mute. One is a very special doll house that is an exact replica of the one Judy lives in with her family. The other is the ability to "hear" his thoughts without speaking. But Grandpa's intentions aren't as benign as they seem. Will Judy be able to save her family before Grandpa destroys it?
24 Nov. 1972
Cry of the Cat
A handsome rodeo star falls in love with a seductive young woman. With growing horror, he starts to realize that she is somehow connected to a series of deadly cougar attacks on the rodeo's crew.
1 Dec. 1972
Elegy for a Vampire
Coeds are being murdered on a small university campus, all drained of their blood with two small marks on their necks. The late Professor Pendergast, who had been investigating the idea that vampirism is caused by a blood disease, has been sighted at two of the attacks.
8 Dec. 1972
Touch of Madness
Janet inherits her mother's house when her mother dies in a mental institution. When she first arrives at the house, she meets her cousins Hattie and Jonathon, who welcome her warmly. She decides to stay at the house and fix it up so that it won't be condemned. However, neither the house nor Hattie and Jonathon are what they seem to be, and Janet begins to fear for her own sanity as a terrifying past merges with an equally terrifying present.
15 Dec. 1972
Creatures of the Canyon
A widow is stalked by a vicious dog that once belonged to her late husband, but which now lives with a sinister neighbor. Even after the dog turns up poisoned, she believes it is still stalking her.
22 Dec. 1972
Time of Terror
Terror ensues when Ellen Alexander wakes up alone in a hotel room, with no sign of her husband, Harry. Inquiries at the front desk yield the answer that he has checked out without her, and eventually lead her to Brett, who helps her find the answers she is seeking.
5 Jan. 1973
Death's Head
Carol, a woman who hates insects, is unhappily married to Steve, a successful businessman who collects them. She secretly loves Steve's partner, Larry, and would like to make their affair a permanent arrangement. One day while shopping, she encounters a gypsy who sells her something that will help her achieve her goal without leaving any traces. However, when Janet carries out her plan, she begins to be terrorized by a Death's Head moth, and discovers that things are seldom as simple as they seem, and that every action has its consequences.
12 Jan. 1973
Dark Vengeance
While working at a construction site, Frank unearths a curious box, which has no latch for opening. He takes it home, and finally opens it, only to discover a broken mirror and a toy horse. However, once the box is open, his wife, Cindy begins to have nightmares about the horse. Delving into her own past, Cindy discovers that the toy horse is cursed. Can she and Frank break the curse before they become its next victims?
19 Jan. 1973
Earth, Air, Fire and Water
A collective of six artisans find a trunk containing six colorful glass containers. Each chooses one, and soon, one by one, their art becomes more disturbing until the artist vanishes.
26 Jan. 1973
Doorway to Death
When a family moves into a new apartment in San Francisco, young Robert starts exploring, and discovers the empty apartment upstairs. He opens a door and sees a cabin in the woods with a man chopping wood, who beckons to him. Robert brings his younger sister, Jane to meet "the man upstairs," who expresses an interest in meeting their older sister, Peggy. When Peggy goes upstairs and opens the same door Robert had opened, she only finds a closet. However, strange noises emanating from the empty apartment, and wet footprints in her own bedroom cause Peggy to visit the ...
2 Feb. 1973
Legion of Demons
Beth is a shy young woman who has come to the city to share an apartment with her friend, Janet. Janet gets Beth a job at the company she works for, and tries to encourage Beth to come out and socialize with their coworkers. Beth declines. But when Janet turns up missing, and Beth fills in at Janet's job, she meets Janet's friends, and all is not as it seems. Beth must find out what happened to Janet, and see if she can prevent the same thing from happening to her.
16 Feb. 1973
Graveyard Shift
Fred Colby is a former actor, who now works as a security guard at the studio where he used to film movies. He and his wife, Linda, are expecting their first child together. The studio is closing in a few weeks, and is plagued by a neighborhood gang, who sneak in after hours. While chasing the gang, Fred discovers that something else is roaming the deserted studio, something that threatens not only him, but his wife, and his unborn child, and he must find a way to prevent harm from coming to all of them.
23 Feb. 1973
Spare Parts
A doctor has donated his eyes, vocal chords and hands for transplant with three individuals. The ghost of the doctor then begins to act out through these patients while they are in the hospital to seek vengeance on his widow who he believes murdered him.
23 Mar. 1973
The Ghost of Potter's Field
While at Potter's Field cemetery doing research for a story, reporter Bob Herrick sees a ghost that resembles him. He shakes the matter off, assuming that he's seeing things because he's overtired. But when he encounters the same ghost in his office, and at his apartment, he begins to worry. While his friends John Walsh and Mark Riceman scoff, his girlfriend Nisa King realizes that this is a doppelganger who is trying to take over Bob's life by isolating him from his friends. As the doppelganger grows stronger, presenting great danger to Bob and his friends, Bob tries...
30 Mar. 1973
The Phantom of Herald Square
Art student Holly Brown is sketching in Central Park one day when James Barlow introduces himself to her. He offers to take her to lunch, and, intrigued, she accepts. Holly is charmed by James and begins seeing him, but as soon as she does, she finds herself terrorized by an old man. As her relationship with James grows, she is surprised to discover the connection between James and the old man. But even bigger surprises are awaiting her when she discovers the truth about James.

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