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Season 1

9 Sep. 1972
When Edward starts telling wild stories from his alligator wrestling days, Bill becomes skeptical.
26 Sep. 1972
The Runt
Fat Albert and the kids meet, Pee Wee, who's very small and feels left out of everything. The kids soon learn that it is not one's size that matters, but one's character.
23 Sep. 1972
The Stranger
Friendship turns to friction when Dumb Donald's cousin, Betty, moves to town.
30 Sep. 1972
Rudy brags to the gang that with his new electric guitar, he'll be able to achieve fame and fortune, delving into fantasy in the process. However, the rest of the group don't have instruments of their own and take on various jobs in efforts to earn the money. They're far short in their funding as the instruments at the store are quite expensive. Rudy's dreams of fame are also out of sight as his electric guitar blew up during the gig he was scheduled to perform. As a result, the gang find that they can make their own instruments from various items they find at the ...
7 Oct. 1972
Fish Out of Water
While bunking at Camp Greenlane for the summer, Fat Albert and the guys have trouble with some neighboring cabins.
14 Oct. 1972
Fat Albert finds out that his family is moving just before the big "Buck Buck" match.
21 Oct. 1972
Playing Hookey
After successfully skipping a day of school, Fat Albert and the kids run into a pair of hobos that teach them an important lesson about hitting the books.
28 Oct. 1972
The Hospital
When Russell and Bill discover they have tonsillitis, they begin preparing for the worst.
4 Nov. 1972
Beggin' Benny
Things get muddy when Fat Albert's needy cousin, Benny, comes to town.
11 Nov. 1972
The Hero: Cool or Fool?
Fat Albert and the gang fall for the cool, carefree ways of "Scrap" Iron Yates, the motorcycle-riding, pool-playing, streetwise hipster who's always having a good time. But when a police officer visits the Junkyard to ask about how Scrap Iron got his wheels, will the kids take the fall?
18 Nov. 1972
The Prankster
A boy named Otis gains approval from the Cosby Kids gang with his pranks. But things begin to go too far when a rival gang becomes frustrated with the boy's tricks, leaving Fat Albert to come to everyone's rescue.
25 Nov. 1972
Four Eyes
The clumsiest kid in Fat Albert's class also is the dumbest ... or are these screw-ups a tipoff he may need glasses?
2 Dec. 1972
The Tomboy
When a new girl, Penny, starts beating the guys at all their games, Fat Albert decides to showcase his own skills in the school baking contest.
9 Dec. 1972
When the "Fat Albert Repertory Company" stages a performance of Moby Dick, things quickly become a whale of a disaster.
Dec. 1984
The Joker
Dumb Donald's prank-playing cousin, Jason, doesn't seem to realize his jokes are getting out of hand until someone gets hurt.

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