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A good old British soap.
Chris Gaskin28 February 2002
Emmerdale is a good old British soap.

Although the stars in this are changing all the while, I still enjoy watching it.

Some of the best stars in this are Betty and Edna. They bring comedy relief, which it needs at times as there have been several tragedies over the years, including a plane crash and minibus crash, where several characters were killed off.

Unfortunately, Stan Richards who played Seth died earlier this year (2005) and Emmerdale won't be the same without him.

Some of the story lines in Emmerdale at present are rather silly, especially the affair between Viv and Paddy. Looks like yet another marriage breaking up (Emily and Paddy). For some reason, scriptwriters seem against people being happily married. There won't be any married couples left in Emmerdale the way things are going. You would not get this many marriage and relationship break ups in such a small community in real life.

Despite all this, Emmerdale is an excellent soap and I still watch it.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5.
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Going against the grain!
RaspberryLucozade16 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The second longest running British soap opera of all time ( in second place to 'Coronation Street' ). Created by Kevin Laffan, 'Emmerdale Farm' started on Yorkshire Television in 1972 yet by the mid '90's the titled was shortened to 'Emmerdale' when Phil Redmond ( responsible for both 'Grange Hill' and 'Brookside' ) took over the creative duties. I used to watch this programme religiously when I was younger. That, my friends, was fifteen years ago, back when people could act and when story lines weren't just about fighting, adultery and arguing.

Many years back, a special episode entitled 'Emmergale' was screened in which a freak storm hit the village, causing mass destruction, as well as a few fatalities. If it had finished there, all would have been well, but ITV had to wring as much out of it as they could. Like 'Eastenders', it seems to be marred with the curse of flogging a dead horse. In fact, nowadays it seems more effort has gone into how the opening credits look rather than the quality of the scripts.

Another setback about today's episodes is that the characters are too unlikeable to endear themselves, a fact not helped by the bad acting from the actors portraying them, especially from Jeff Hordley as Cain Dingle. Back when I watched it there were a fine ensemble of decent performers such as the late Stan Richards as Seth Armstrong, Paula Tilbrook as Betty Eagleton, sexy Deena Payne as fiery Viv Hope, Lorraine Chase as evil Steph Stokes, gorgeous Carolyn Pickles as her nemesis Shelley Williams, Christopher Chittell as feud-making business man Eric Pollard and Louise Beattie as Laura Johnstone.

'Emmerdale', like 'Coronation Street', is too ridiculous now to be credible. Hopefully, someday someone will shut the barn door on it for good.
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Best Soap Ever
Big Movie Fan6 November 2002
Emmerdale Farm (Emmerdale since 1989) is the best soap on TV and has been for a number of years; I am still puzzled as to why it doesn't get the credit it deserves.

I usually watch this soap at my girlfriend's house and it is a great way to unwind after a hard day's work. It's set in Yorkshire (probably the most beautiful county in England)and follows the trials and tribulations of a small village. The villagers can usually be found in local pub The Woolpack or the village shop. However, unlike other soaps, there's several scenes set outside with the beautiful Yorkshire scenery.

Unlike other soaps, Emmerdale is a character driven soap. Every now and again it has a big drama such as the 1993 plane crash or the 2002 lorry crash but it doesn't need to have such big events often because it focuses more on the characters. Since it started in 1972 the writers have done a wonderful job.

Another ingredient to Emmerdale's success is the balance between humour and tragedy. Some soaps such as Eastenders and Brookside are far too gloomy with no comedic scenes at all but Emmerdale balances the tragedy out with comedy scenes involving the likes of the Dingle Family or the dodgy Eric Pollard. Comedy has always been one of Emmerdale's strong points.

The characters themselves are great. Obviously, I would love to go into detail but there wouldn't be enough space when you consider 30 years worth of shows. The 70's focused mainly on the Sugden Family who were always interesting. The 80's saw the likes of Rachel Hughes and the debut of the immoral Eric Pollard. The 90's was a great time for the likes of millionaire Frank Tate, his heartless son Chris, his evil wife Kim Tate and lesbian vet Zoe Tate. Here in the 21st century, Emmerdale continues to be good with characters like the romeo Rodney Blackstock, the crazy Dingle Family and gangster Ray Mullan.

I have actually lived in a village for a period and this is quite true to life. Okay, soaps could never really be considered reality but when I lived in a village I found that the small community really did stick together through thick and thin and the same happens in this programme. The only thing that isn't realistic is the amount of time the characters spend in the pub-one of these days Emmerdale is going to suffer from a mass outbreak of alcohol poisoning.

All in all, Emmerdale has been consistently good and recently celebrated it's 30th birthday with some great episodes. Here's to the next 30 years.
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Fantastic acting and varietive storylines in each episode
mathewowen24 February 2001
Emmerdale, shown by the UK viewing figures, is extremely popular, and rightly so. It perfectly creates the right atmosphere existing in country villages to this day (I should know). The highlight of it all is Samantha Giles, who plays the colourful and quite humorous Bernice Thomas, the landlady of the village's boozer, the Woolpack. Where you want humour, a scene springs up with the antics of the Dingle family. Where you want some drama, there are scenes on the Emmerdale Farm and in the nearby Home Farm: It gives a wide special spectrum, entertaining all in the process.

Don't miss it!
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The best and most watchable soap in television history
mathewowen4 December 1999
Made in the largest studios of Britain, Emmerdale is a soap combining the daily lives of colourful characters of all varieties. Now called Emmerdale, the soap has shed its image of a boring drama set on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. From the vindictive and orally vicious Viv in the shop to the friendly and funny Bernice in the Woolpack, Emmerdale's bar, you'll become addicted and transfixed on the superb acting and memorable storylines.
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Brilliant Soap. The only one there is
Blobbybrew21 September 2008
Emmerdale is by far the best soap on TV. The story lines are not far fetched and ridiculous but not weak and boring. All the characters have their own uniqueness and the whole show oozes charm and cosiness. The recent storyline of Katey and Grays baby had me captivated all the time it was running.

I think this show is often pushed aside when bigger soaps operas like Eastenders and Coronation Street are thrown into the picture. But really Eastenders has dried up and is pity full to watch, And Coronation Street never really captured my attention.

Emmerdale is a cheerful, sweet, easy going soap opera and should be around for a long time to come. God willing.
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The Emmerdale Plane Crash Story Line Was In 1993, Not 1989.
Andy B31 July 2008
Professor Stahlman's comment on here is inaccurate. True, Emmerdale Farm became Emmerdale in November 1989, but Phil Redmond's time on the soap was in the early 1990s, and the plane crash storyline took place in December 1993 and January 1994.

For the first few years after 1989, the renamed show was pretty much as it had always been, but with an increased youth content and a gradual reducing of story lines revolving around Emmerdale Farm itself.

1993 was the pivotal year in bringing about the show as we know it today - with Emmerdale farm house collapsing due to subsidence and the plane crash.

Personally, I think modern day Emmerdale is nothing like Emmerdale Farm or the early years of Emmerdale (pre-plane crash).

I would love ITV to repeat old episodes, particularly those showing the introduction of Al Dixon as Walter in 1980, Richard Thorp as Alan Turner in 1982, Tony Pitts as Archie Brooks in 1983 and Diana Davies as Mrs Bates (1984).

ITV should show lots and lots of old Emmerdale Farm episodes in my opinion.
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A Load Of Manure
ShadeGrenade11 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
History is continually being rewritten. The accepted myth is that from 1972-93, Kevin Laffan's 'Emmerdale Farm' consisted entirely of Annie Sugden making tea while Matt and Joe ate doorstep sandwiches and discussed how to fix a broken tractor. Even I.T.V.-1 has perpetuated this myth in its 'Emmerdale Family Album' programmes. Had it been like that, it would have been cancelled - and rightly so.

'mathewowen' describes 'Emmerdale Farm' as 'having shed its image as a boring drama'. I think he has confused 'boring' with 'believable'. From 1972-93, 'Emmerdale Farm' was a well-written, well-produced and well-acted serial, with interesting characters ( 'Amos Brierly' and 'Mr.Wilkes' spring to mind ) and it did not insult the intelligence of viewers. But something dreadful happened. 'Brookside' maestro Phil Redmond was brought in to fix something that wasn't broken.

In one of the most tasteless soap story lines of all time, a plane crashed on Beckendale, mirroring the real-life Lockerbie disaster of a few years earlier. More than just a few minor characters died. So did the show's spirit, its soul, its individuality. These days, 'Emmerdale' rivals 'Eastenders' in terms of sheer stupidity, with shouting in lieu of acting, and formulaic plots about adultery, adultery, and, oh yes, adultery. Don't get me started on the Dingles! There're like something out of 'Viz'! The ridiculous title sequence sets the tone for the show, featuring an over-orchestrated arrangement of Tony Hatch's theme, and pictures of people not in the actual programme, as 'Harry Hill's T.V. Burp' pointed out. I've recently submitted a script to the 'Emmerdale' production office. It begins with a nuclear explosion in 'The Woolpack' and the radiation unleashed causes the beer in the pumps to mutate into a sentient life form. Think they'll use it?

Rather than continually sneer at this show's beginnings, I.T.V.-1 should study the episodes held in the archives to see what it was they were once so good at!
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ross robinson4 November 2003
Emmerdale is a great soap i think. It all started in 1972, the gave it a name at first as they called it Emmerdale Farm, then suddenly they changed it to Emmerdale. I give Emmerdale 10 out of 10 because i just think that it is such a great soap.
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If you go to England, you should watch British Soaps!
Syl16 January 2006
I like Emmerdale. Since I live in America, it is hard for me to get shows like East Enders, COronation Street, Emmerdale and other British soaps. Emmerdale has been around as long I have been alive. I have watched it a couple times. But I am an avid American soap watcher, the main difference between British and American soaps is that British soaps look more realistic with people that look like they are your neighbors. The show could use better writing but I can't say much more since I only watched a few episodes. When you go to England, you should watch Emmerdale, East Enders, and Coronation Street which are the main soaps known to me. Emmerdale is set in Northern England around Leeds. The cast especially the Tates and Patsy Kensit playing a vixen is worth watching. The soaps are only 25 minutes. Unlike American soaps, where are actors and actresses looked like they were plucked from modeling catalogs. British actors and actresses look the role. In fact, Sir Ian McKellen appeared in Coronation Street for 10 episodes last year by his choice. Emmerdale is worth watching along with Corrie and East Enders. My big problem with the shows is the lack of attention to the veteran actors and actresses who have been on for years. Except for Patsy Kensit, I wasn't sure about the others in the show but it's worth watching anyway.
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Good soap
h-473208 April 2015
I recorded Emmerdale yesterday so I could watch today's one and all he other ones. I really loved it and I don't see why it has such a low amount of rating! It's at an ideal time so Mum could watch her soap EastEnders because otherwise she would need to wait until I finish watching this soap. She would wonder when she would get to watch her soap and I would say that Emmerdale is my favourite show. It's on 5 days a week but if you compare it to EastEnders that's one soap episode extra and this episode is Wednesday's soap break for EastEnders! I originally was too young but with a neighbour asking me and I said I didn't mind her watching Emmerdale! I like Emmerdale! I'm now old enough to watch a soap.
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Will the real Patrick Mower please stand up?
Mac-14815 February 2009
I used to watch Emmerdale Farm between shifts at the Charlie Chester Casino in Archer Street and loved it. That would be November 1976 and it starred a Scottish lad who used to be in Dr Who. My point is, anyone who watches it now, with Patrick Mower, has to read "Central Casting" by Jimmy McTee (http://stores.lulu.com/aroundthepeak), in which there is a Patrick Mower look-alike competition in Sri Lanka and he is given a chance to explain why he didn't become James Bond... Apparently he nearly made it, but lost out to Roger Moore for reasons not entirely satisfactory. But then in his CV he has Callan, which makes him a star straight away. Target I am not so sure about...
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You just can't change a show
walfordqueen6 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Emmerdale started its life as a daytime farming soap and that's how the programme should have ended. It may not have survived in that format but that doesn't mean it had to change. Soaps like EastEnders and Coronation Street have stayed true to themselves and that's what's important to a show. Emmerdale is actually well written, directed and acted but it doesn't change the fact that this isn't the show that has been running for 30 odd years like ITV claim it has. It's blatant lies on their part, EastEnders is the second longest running soap in the UK that currently airs today. I nearly gave up on this show when they decided to relocate the village overnight and none of the residents noticed that they'd moved however I stuck with it and am glad that I did. It is enjoyable even if it does stretch credibility at the best of times. Take for example the recent funeral episode of Seth and the surrounding episodes, whilst these were a fitting tribute to an iconic character they also spoilt them with ill conceived contrived plot devices like the "general" (pike) being caught at exactly the right time after the Dingles and apparently Seth spent so long trying to hook it. They also made no attempt to make said pike look half-real and it looked like exactly what it was - a rubber fish. That aside though these were some of the most touching episodes of a soap I have seen in a long time. So Emmerdale since your inception in 1989 you have entertained and here's to the next 16 years for you.
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Modern and urbane... not a new thing in Emmerdale!!!
bhiggins7827 July 2015
People may complain about Emmerdale having become 'urbane' in recent years and moving away from it's so-called rural charm...

But these clips showing a racist attack in Leeds from December 1992, will show you just how modern and urbane the show had already become as the 90s kicked in...

...and to think that people thought that before the plane crash of 1993, all the show consisted of was Annie making tea and baking bread, and Jack & Joe milking a cow and sheepdipping... definitely not so...! :)

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Emmerdale is a great show!
K.E.E.11 November 1999
Emmerdale is a great show. I watch every episode and it never gets boring. There's always something new happening there. And yet it doesn't get unreal. They have every kind you can relate to. My favourites must be the Dingles. They are so funny. Otherwise I don't have any particular favourite. Anyway, the show really is worth watching every day, and I want people to know that!
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