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Season 7

7 Jan. 1978
The Steel Inferno
An office building erupts into a high rise fire.
4 Apr. 1978
The Most Deadly Passage
Gage and DeSoto come to Seattle, Washington to observe the operating practices of the Medic One unit.
25 Mar. 1978
Survival on Charter #220
Gage and DeSoto find themselves needing help in the field in the suburbs when a midair collision causes a plane crash in their vicinity.
3 Jul. 1979
The Convention
San Francisco firefighters and paramedics rescue a man trapped on the rigging of a schooner. A paramedic convention brings Gage and DeSoto back to San Francisco, where they assist a choking victim in a restaurant, then deliver a baby while two female paramedics treat a sniper's shooting victims. While attending a picnic, SF firefighters and paramedics are called back to work for a mutual aid response in Marin County; Gage and DeSoto tag along and rescue the victims of a lab explosion.
31 Dec. 1978
Greatest Rescues of Emergency!
Now with each newly promoted to Captain with separate commands, Gage and DeSoto reminisce about their adventures of their now concluded partnership.
26 Jun. 1979
What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing...?
Gage and DeSoto travel to San Francisco, where they observe some topnotch women paramedics in action during major rescue missions. An injured worker is stranded on the Golden Gate bridge. Ambulance squads treat a heart attack victim at a dance bar and an epileptic at a coffee shop. A bad driver causes a traffic accident involving an ambulance carrying the heart patient, resulting in his death and five other injuries. Johnny dates a nurse interested in a long-term relationship. Careless workers and deadly chemicals combine to spark an explosive fire at a pier on the ...

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