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  • Lord Peter's brother, the Duke of Denver is accused of murdering their sister Mary's fianc√©. It's up to Lord Peter and his faithful man Bunter to untangle all the clues and the contradicting testimony of a cloud of witnesses to save Denver.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • The Duke of Denver is hosting a shooting party. Afterwards, they return to the house for billiards, and the butler brings around the mail, including a postcard from Peter saying he is on his way to Paris. The Duke and Dennis Cathcart, Mary's fiance, also get letters.

    Before retiring, Cathcart announces his intention to get a date set for their marriage.

    The Duke is shocked by his letter, from a Mr. Freeborn. The Duke confronts Cathcart, who has been accused of cheating at cards in the letter. Cathcart has also been deeply troubled by his letter. He announces the engagement is off, then stamps out into the night.

    Mary packs her suitcase to sneak out in the middle of the night. She finds the Duke bending over Cathcart's body in the garden. "You've killed him!" she cries.

    Lord Peter is happily preparing for his day in Paris, when he realizes Bunter has repacked all the luggage. Bunter shows him a newspaper detailing the murder, and they return to England posthaste.

    At the inquest, the Duke gives evidence. He claims he was going for a walk at three in the morning when he found the body. The body was not there when he left but was there when he returned. He heard no shot. He has lost the letter.

    The doctor testifies that the man died around 1:30 AM. Lady Mary testifies that she heard raised voices and footsteps, and later a shot. She went downstairs to the conservatory and saw the Duke. She thinks she heard the shot at 3:00 AM. When the magistrate confronts her about the discrepancy, she gets hysterical.

    The gamekeeper testifies that he heard a gunshot at 11:50 AM. He went around the land with his gun but found no one.

    A woman testifies hearing the argument and also hearing a shot around midnight.

    A policeman testifies that the body was dragged to the garden, and that a revolver has been found near the scene. The Duke identifies it as his.

    As Inspector Parker interviews the Duchess and Mr. Murbles, Peter walks in. Murbles tells him that the Duke has refused to give any reason for being in the garden. Another man tells Peter that Cathcart had been in a good mood before bed, planning on setting a wedding date.

    Helen takes some medicine.

    Peter and Parker search Cathcart's room and the garden. They consider the possibility of blackmail, and trace footprints from the site of the shooting to the boundary wall. A fragment of cloth and blood are on top of the wall, and motorcycle tracks outside. Helen watches them through binoculars as, returning, they find another clue on the ground.

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