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11 Jan. 1974
Here Comes the What?
The first baby Dr. Sean delivered is now an adult and she shows up to ask a favor. She asks the pediatrician to officiate at a commitment ceremony that has no legal bearing. Sean is undecided how to precede.
18 Jan. 1974
Sean, the Dad
Dr. Sean agrees to watch Stewart but is unaware of what he is in for. Sean has difficulty helping with new math homework, finds himself attending an Indian scouts meeting, and finds an appreciation for kiddie cartoons.
25 Jan. 1974
Make Room for Sean
Sean's apartment is being painted and daughter Anne generously allows him to move in temporarily. But her carefree lifestyle causes him concern and in spite of himself Sean begins to interfere.
1 Feb. 1974
Play It Again, Sean
When Sean quits his piano lessons he unwittingly leads an revolt among the children of the community. He must convince the kids the value of getting a musical education.
15 Feb. 1974
The Ultra Marine
Dr. Sean is delighted when his old marine buddy Linc arrives to live the island life. He is slightly pertubed when his friend makes a living painting female nudes. He becomes more annoyed when he shows an interest in his daughter Dr. Anne.
22 Feb. 1974
Sean-Do, the Magician
Six orphaned children think Dr.Sean would make the perfect father. Sean tries to extricate himself from the situation and yet make the kids life better by finding them a place to live.
1 Mar. 1974
The Titanic Sails Again
Sean is given interest in a catamaran instead of a cash payment. But the boat is unseaworthy and begins to takes all of the pediatrician's time repairing it besides being a money pit.
8 Mar. 1974
No Man Is an Atoll
Dr. Jamison needs to decompress away from all the distractions of the modern world. Sean arranges some time on a remote island but a Captain Tuttle ensures his vacation is anything but relaxing.
15 Mar. 1974
A Star Is Sean
A documentary filmmaker wants to make a film about about the Jamison practice. But his presence disrupts the office routine and makes Dr. Sean even more irascible.
29 Mar. 1974
Anne's college pal appears and is currently working as a call girl. Dr. Chaffee meets her and a relationship develops. The Jamisons must decide whether to tell their colleague of the woman's profession.

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