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15 Sep. 1972
Tonsils for Two
When one of his young patients is reluctant to get a tonsillectomy Dr. Sean is reminded of his own much needed operation. Confronted with the facts Sean prepares to undergo the knife.
22 Sep. 1972
Little Boy Flu
Dr. Sean Jamison gets a phone call from Claire Wells who has an unusual request. She wants him to diagnosis her son Scott with an illness that will keep the boy from going on a sailing trip with his father.
29 Sep. 1972
The Noise of Music
When Dr. Sean learns that one of his infant patients has parents who are in a rock trio he becomes concerned. He attributes the child's hearing problems to the parent's lifestyle.
6 Oct. 1972
The Lovers
Sean and daughter Ann both have romances that cause consternation. Sean's former girlfriend arrrives in town and Ann's innocent kiss with Ronnie has him believing it's serious.
13 Oct. 1972
The Stork Is Alive in Hawaii
Ann's talk at school about conception doesn't go over well with the parents. Ann is called before the PTA to explain herself but still protests she has done nothing wrong.
27 Oct. 1972
The Birthday Boy
Dr. Sean is looking forward to his birthday and the celebration his daughter Anne, plus Ronnie and Puni have planned. The arrival of his most irritating patient changes things as he gets stuck in an abandoned mine.
3 Nov. 1972
And Then I Wrote
Dr Sean is concerned when a young patient is unhappy when his parents are naturalized as citizens. But it turns out to be for a reason no one thought of.
10 Nov. 1972
The Vet Set
Dr. Sean recieves an emergency call from the zoo and rushing over he assumes a child is sick. But on arrival Sean finds his patient is a chimpanzee and reluctantly agrees to treat it.
24 Nov. 1972
The Love Bite Will Bug You
Nurse Puni and her friends decide to protest a company's environmental policy it gets Puni arrested. Sean's intervention also put him behind bars but wben he meet the lady in charge of the corporation love blossoms.
1 Dec. 1972
Kicking the Habit
Dr. Sean decides it is time to quit smoking and enlists the help of his daughter Anne plus staff. The experience isn't easy, turning the pediatrician at moments cranky but also creating comical moments.
8 Dec. 1972
Take It Off, Take It Off
Dr. Sean has to deal with one of his 4 year old patients who has a habit of stripping in front of everyone. The pediatrician has to come up with a to break the child of the habit.
15 Dec. 1972
Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Nap
Dr. Sean has a young patient that is dealing with a bed wetting problem. In trying to help the boy Sean seeks a famous person he knows who had the same occurrence to share his history with the lad.
22 Dec. 1972
The Christmas Pageant
Nurse Puni takes charge of the local Christmas pageant, promising everything will be bigger, better, and different. This makes Sean unhappy as he enjoys playing Santa however cranky he may be.
5 Jan. 1973
The Matchmaker
Dr. Sean attempts to play matchmaker but things don't go as planned. Sean finds it difficult to extricate himself from the romantic intentions of a young woman.
12 Jan. 1973
Honest Sean Drives Again
Dr. Sean errs by letting his driver's license lapse and he has to go through the entire process. Sean is under the illusion that it will be easy but he encounters an uncompromising driving instructor.
19 Jan. 1973
Malpractice Makes Perfect
Sean is delegated to be best man at his closest friend Jerry's wedding. But the pediatrician runs into trouble after he treats a young singing sensation for a sore throat.
26 Jan. 1973
Sean, the Movie Star
Dr. Sean agrees to be in a film being done by one of his young patients. He doesn't anticipate how chaotic the experince will be for both his office and his personal life.
2 Feb. 1973
Stewart's Allergy
Anne is tired of her father's "helpfulness" in her cases and comes up with a solution. They divide the patients alphabetically but Sean can't seem to remember his abcs and continues to interfere in Anne's medical decisions.
16 Feb. 1973
Break a Leg
Alfred gets Stewart a skateboard which he leaves in the hallway after using it. Dr. Sean has an unfortunate encounter with it which leaves him injured and even more cantankerous than usual.
23 Feb. 1973
Sean's Midas Touch
Dr Sean tries to raise money for the Children's Hospital but his efforts have dismal results. Then his daughter Anne get a veterinarian Dr. Lang involved and the results are impressive.
9 Mar. 1973
The Man Who Came to Luau
Dr. Sean is conned by a retired postal work Nathaniel, who's retired, into becoming a personal tour guide. Besides not having the time Sean is unprepared for the misadventures he gets involved in.
23 Mar. 1973
The Generation Gap
A tough as nails army officer, Marshall Clark, shows up for a medical diagnosis despite Dr. Sean being a children's physician. After an examination Sean finds nothing wrong despite the man's insistence of an illness.
30 Mar. 1973
Sean Meets Double X-7
Ten year old Kenny Phelps imagines himself an international spy and his antics wreak havoc. Kenny disappears from Dr. Sean's, office leading the pediatrician and staff on an exhaustive search for the boy.

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