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Season 2

12 Sep. 1973
The Swordsman
Morged, seething at being forced to ally with Arthur, demands Kai be handed over on a fake murder charge. Arthur refuses, demanding the right of single combat instead. Morged deputises Karn, the best swordsman in the land, to fight for him.
19 Sep. 1973
After many of his are stolen, Arthur visits Yorath the Jute to buy more horses. Yorath demands that Arthur escort his feisty, reluctant daughter Rowena to her betrothed, Hecla, as payment for them.
26 Sep. 1973
The Prisoner
Kai discovers that the injured Saxon Mark of Cornwall is hunting is a childhood friend from before the death of his parents and the destruction of his village, and may be able to tell him who he really is.
3 Oct. 1973
Some Saxon Women
The Greek trader demands 5 Saxon women as payment for the huge cask of good wine he delivers to Yorath. Rowena naturally objects. Can Arthur save the day without destroying his hard-won alliance with the Jutes?
10 Oct. 1973
Go Warily
Brandreth the Celt wishes to ally with Arthur to improve his own security. His twin brother Gavron feels quite differently. How does Llud's dream/premonition affect the issue?
17 Oct. 1973
The Marriage Feast
Rowena, Yorath's feisty daughter, is determined to marry Mark of Cornwall, who only wants her for her land. Yorath strikes a deal with Arthur: he will stop Saxons sneaking into his territory if Arthur stops the marriage.
24 Oct. 1973
In Common Cause
Saxon livestock is dying of pestilence: Amlodd the monk has the solution, but it requires the Celts and Saxons to work together. Cerdig is unhappy about the drastic action needed, and demands a hostage to ensure that Arthur keeps his word.
31 Oct. 1973
Six Measures of Silver
Kurk, an old friend of Llud's, is out to sell 3 prime cattle. Rowena wants to buy. However, on the way back to Yorath, Rowena and Llud are set on by the man who Kurk stole the cattle from originally. Then matters get complicated.
7 Nov. 1973
Daughter of the King
Eithna, daughter of Bavick, chief of his people and 'a Celt who kills Celts', is thrown by her horse on Arthur's lands and captured. Arthur seeks to use her as a ransom for Bavick to ally to him. Eithna has different ideas.
14 Nov. 1973
The Games
At the annual Celtic Games, Mark of Cornwall tries to use the event to renege on his alliance with Arthur, but things do not go as he has planned.
21 Nov. 1973
The Treaty
A large army of Scots is threatening Celtic lands. Arthur tries to bring Cerdig the Saxon into his alliance with Yorath the Jute, so their combined warriors can fight off the invaders.
28 Nov. 1973
The Girl from Rome
The haughty, high-born Roman, Benedicta, is shipwrecked and found wandering Arthur's lands. Rescued by Kai and Llud, she is reluctantly welcomed into Arthur's camp. Against their will, she and Arthur find themselves growing close.

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