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Season 2

23 Sep. 1973
A Member of the Family: Part 1
Jenny returns from school and immediately angers the new neighor Armstrong by spoiling his fox hunt. A scruffy waif called Ned arrives at the Gordon's house and claims to be Amy's nephew. He refuses to follow the simplest of rules and tensions escalate with Armstrong.
30 Sep. 1973
A Member of the Family: Part 2
Ned's behavior creates tension in the Gordon household and when items start disappearing, he is suspected. An older man Simey followed Ned from London and is threatening him to cooperate. It's up to Black Beauty and the children to help Ned.
7 Oct. 1973
The Outcast
Ned is caught in a lie by Dr. Gordon and decides to run away, encountering a drifter mistreating a circus pony. After Ned intervenes, the pony adopts him, leading to the man Rundle accusing him of theft. The misunderstandings escalate but are cleared up after Ned becomes a hero rescuing Squire Armstrong's daughter.
14 Oct. 1973
Good Neighbours
Briggs and his family are being evicted from one of the squire's cottages after his wife becomes ill. Dr. Gordon and his family become involved after Black Beauty is used in an escape while Jenny insists the Squire see the conditions his tenants live in.
21 Oct. 1973
Mission of Mercy
Ned ignores Dr. Gordon's warning about keeping Jonah the pony away from yew leaves, which could poison him. When Jonah does indeed become sick, Dr. Gordon cannot leave John Danby's ailing wife, so it is up to Jenny, Ned, and Black Beauty to save the pony's life.
28 Oct. 1973
Battle of Wills
After breaking his leg, Dr Gordon has to enlist the assistance of a new young doctor to carry on his duties. However, things do not go well as the new doctor treats Beauty cruelly and refuses to assist an elderly patient.
4 Nov. 1973
The Medicine Man
Mr. Joskins is selling quack remedies and Dr. Gordon intervenes after they make several of his patients ill. To get revenge Joskins tampers with Beauty's girth strap which injures Kevin while he is riding. Albert intially blames saddle maker Surtees but ultimately discovers the true villain.
11 Nov. 1973
Out of the Night
While coming home late evening, Jenny and Ned catch glimpses of a mysterious figure in the shadows. Squire Armstrong again warns the Gordon household to stay away from his property but the children persist in investigating. A legend of an ancient treasure plays a part in the puzzle.
18 Nov. 1973
During a storm Squire Armstrong believes he was attacked by Black Beauty and promises if it happens again, Beauty will be destroyed. Jenny, Kevin, and Ned try to keep the horse contained but Beauty has a equine friend she must get to.
25 Nov. 1973
The Challenge
Charles Armstrong, the squire's nephew, arrives for a visit and soon quarrels with Albert and Ned. The boys are warned away from the sheep, who are about to lamb but one of them chooses not to during a race. Among the consequences is a struggle where Albert and Charles end up at the bottom of mine shaft.
2 Dec. 1973
Pocket Money
There's been a drought causing a shortage of oats for Black Beauty. Ned works at the squire's stable to earn money for Aunt Amy's present, where he learns Potter is stealing oats and selling them secretly. Ned is not believed and Jenny is shut in a grain bin when they try to expose him. Beauty must come to the rescue.
9 Dec. 1973
The Quarry
Dr. Gordon and Black Beauty head to the quarry after a blast goes wrong and men are injured. Lawson is fired by the squire for negligence and in revenge he steals cash and horses, including Beauty. Beauty escapes, alerting Jenny and Kevin, who endanger themselves trying to stop Lawson.
16 Dec. 1973
The Secret of Fear
Mr. Duncan, an old acquaintance of Dr. Gordon, asks for a letter of recommendation and is refused. Duncan vows revenge and hypnotizes Jenny to fear Black Beauty. Everyone is mystified until Albert starts to learn the truth.
23 Dec. 1973
Lost: Part 1
Simey returns, seeking retribution on the Gordons for his time in prison. With his cohort Brit, they trick Ned, taking him and Black Beauty captive. Simey tries to sell Beauty to first Waggs, than at a market giving Ned a chance to escape.
23 Dec. 1973
Lost: Part 2
Ned returns to the Gordons, having escaped from his abduction, but the constable doubts his story. Simey sells Beauty to Waggs but he escapes, attempting to return home. Beauty arrives at the Jones farm and is adopted by the young Rosie, who renames the horse Mike. Kevin, Ned and Jenny keep hoping for Black Beauty's return.
30 Dec. 1973
Lost Godess
Squire Armstrong inherited a religious Indian idol from his grandfather and is outraged when it's stolen. Rana, a visitor to the community, is befriended by Jenny and Ned. He appears to have ties to the missing statue and Squire decides to act on his suspicions.
6 Jan. 1974
Where's Jonah?
Ned spends his time playing circus with Jonah instead of doing chores, angering Dr. Gordon. Ned decides to run away when Alf and Wilt, two circus journeymen, ride through but they con him out of Jonah. Ned and the doctor need Black Beauty's help to get the pony back.
20 Jan. 1974
The Horse Breaker
Albert takes Black Beauty for a run against Dr. Gordon's wishes and he forbids Kevin and Albert from riding the horse without permission. The boys have a falling out and Albert heads to the Grainger farm where he presents himself as an experienced trainer. He is tested when he gets on a dangerous stallion.
27 Jan. 1974
A Long Hard Run
T. Otis Waygood and Dolly arrive in the village and Dolly, over Jenny's objections, borrows Beauty for a fast gallop. The squire is intrigued and sets up a match race between Jenny and Dolly. Ned recognizes the shady Waygood from his days in London and wonders what he's up to.
3 Feb. 1974
Goodbye Beauty
Paperwork is discovered revealing Black Beauty doesn't belong to the Gordons. The lawyer Crevache refuses to listen to reason so Jenny takes off with Beauty to keep him from being taken. In the end Black Beauty will decide who he should be with.
10 Feb. 1974
The Escape
There are new inhabitants in the Eglinton manor with Kevin and Albert coming upon a young Cecily running away from her uncle. Joshua Eglinton claims to Dr. Gordon his niece has a nervous disposition and needs to be kept alone, but Kevin disobeys his father to rescue her. Albert dresses as Cecily allowing Kevin and Black Beauty time to save the young lady from her relative's nefarious intentions.
17 Feb. 1974
A Ribbon for Beauty
Ned is spending time with George downing trees while Jenny is excited about a party invite from Frances Bazely. Dr. Gordon asks Ned to escort Jenny but right before George is hurt by a fallen tree. Ned needs help from Beauty and Jenny to help his injured friend.
3 Mar. 1974
The Last Charge
Kevin and Albert enjoy listening to the tales of Corporal Donovan, who claims to have been in the Light Brigade but Albert has his doubts. When men claiming to be the squire's employees evict Donovan, the boys come to his aid and with Beauty's help uncover stolen goods.
3 Mar. 1974
Race Against Time
Dr. Gordon and a syndicate of farmers plan to buy Parsons field as a refuge for old horses, but Kevin and Albert stumble across a dastardly plan to foil their good intentions.
10 Mar. 1974
Game of Chance
Dr. Gordon and Amy head to the city, leaving the youngsters on their own and arguing about who will ride Black Beauty. Albert sneaks off with Beauty to a carnival and loses the horse to shyster Teapot over a shell game debt. Kevin, Jenny, Ned, and Beauty must aid Albert in dealing with his blunder.
27 Mar. 1974
The Last Roundup
Mr. Coomb's dog is injured in one of the squire's traps and the older man doesn't know how he will watch his sheep. Dr. Gordon volunteers Kevin and Albert, who do their best but the sheep start mysteriously disappearing. Albert uncovers a rustling operation but needs Beauty's help to prove it.

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