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Season 1

29 Sep. 1972
Miss Me Once, Miss Me Twice and Miss Me Once Again
The Adventurer plays the most dangerous role of his stand-in for a potential murder victim.
Poor Little Rich Girl
An heiress learns the hard way how to live with her millions - thinks thanks to a little help from The Adventurer.
Thrust and Counter Thrust
A consulate party in Nice some unexpected guests - and gives Bradley's romantic interlude with Countess Marie's a touch of intrigue and danger.
The Bradley Way
The Adventurer plays on a husband's jealousy to help save a retired General from the dangerous attention of foreign agents.
Return to Sender
A holiday has hazards for The Adventurer - and for the girl he is with.
The Adventurer glides into grim danger when asked to help a trapped scientist in Central Europe.
Love Always, Magda
When he receives a cable from his friend Don Fleming, saying that he has met Magda, the girl whom Bradley loved, but who walked out on him suddenly, the Adventurer flies to Beirut to learn the truth about her departure.
Nearly the End of the Picture
Two beautiful girls and a beautiful painting involve The Adventurer in a puzzle that is not at all easy to put together.
The Adventurer does some hard bargaining and the stake is more than money. It's a man's life.
Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?
The Adventurer goes in search of a missing friend and plunges into a web of danger and intruders.
Skeleton in the Cupboard
Why should a respected University Professor turn thief, fake his own death and place his whole future in jeopardy? The Adventurer finds himself very personally involved.
The Adventurer sets himself up as a deliberate target when masquerading as an illegal arms buyer in a danger-laden plan to trap arms smugglers.
The Adventurer is programmed for murder when brain-washed to carry out a film killing for real.
Full Fathom Five
The Adventurer's friendship with a Belgian abbot charts the way to drama-packed efforts to retrieve hidden glass windows.
6 Jan. 1974
I'll Get There Sometime
An incident in Australia leads to drama in Germany when The Adventurer goes to the aid of a man being attacked in a hotel room. And Mr.Parminter has to become a knight errant to help a damsel in distress!
To the Lowest Bidder
Competition for the contract to build a new European highway takes an ominous tone when a girl's life is placed in danger. The contract - or death. This is the grim situation for The Adventurer to tackle.
Going, Going...
The Adventurer is suspected of playing a double game when a foreign scientist, given asylum in Britain, disappears. Mr. Parminter believes The Adventurer knows where he is, and turns the heat on.
The Not-So Merry Widow
When a beautiful woman claims to be his girlfriend, Bradley has every reason to be confused - he's never seen her before. What is she up to? The Adventurer digs deeper - and lands himself in a cartload of trouble.
Mr. Calloway Is a Very Cautious Man
A dead man who appears to be very much alive occupies the attentions of The Adventurer, who deliberately allows himself to be arrested and face a jail sentence in his efforts to learn the truth.
30 Dec. 1973
Double Exposure
Two and two make more than four when The Adventurer doubles up on the intruders who put an imposter in the place of an abducted multi-millionaire magnate.
23 Feb. 1973
The Case of the Poisoned Pawn
The Adventurer checkmates a suave young gambler whose source of money is a puzzle which has to be unraveled.
The Solid Gold Hearse
All that glitters may not be gold. At the same time, a coffin may contain anything but a human body. In this case, it's a very golden boy indeed!
Make It a Million
Gene discovers that he is being impersonated when an ingenious, big-scale confidence trick is being planned. But there are difficulties when he impersonates the impersonator.
Icons Are Forever
What is the secret of a closely-guarded Russian icon is an old Italian castle? Gene Bradley has personal reasons for breaking the secrecy barrier - and for helping a lovely young Contessa to elope.
Somebody Doesn't Like Me
A contract is out for The Adventurer - a big reward for whoever kills him. Someone, clearly, doesn't like him, but who is the unseen figure in the background?
The Good Book
The Adventurer sows the seeds of distrust into the fertile soil of espionage in the glitter and glamour of the Riviera jet-set.

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