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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • During the boat scene, one of the images the kids see is a chicken getting their head cut off.


  • The word "hell" is said on one occasion.
  • A man calls a girl a nitwit.
  • Grandpa Joe says that Veruca Salt needs a kick in the pants.
  • Some name-calling (Fishface, terrible man and rotten, mean father)
  • A girl who is obviously very spoiled yells at her father on several occasions.
  • One of the children constantly silences people. She tells both her parents to "cool it" and tells another girl "Stop squawking, you twit!" and "Can it, you nit!" on two separate occasions.
  • A man tells Willy Wonka that he'll "break him for this"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Grandpa Joe talks about using tobacco (we never see him use it before he gives it up due to poverty), and Willy Wonka is seen smoking a cigar at the beginning of the scene in his office at the end of the movie (the end of the cigar is just barely visable, though, so this may go unnoticed). Later on in that same scene, you can catch a glimpse of the cigar in the half ashtray on Wonka's desk, but as it's only visable for a few seconds at most, it may also go unnoticed.
  • One of the confections being made in the inventing room is called "Butterscotch/Buttergin". Wonka says "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • If released today, the movie would definitely lose its G rating due to the boat scene.
  • The infamous boat ride scene may scare small children. It involves the boat speeding through a dark tunnel, lit up by multicolored lights, and several disturbing images appearing spontaneously in the background, including several spiders and insects, a millipede crawling along the face of a seemingly asleep or possibly dead man, a staring eye, a chicken being decapitated, and Mr. Slugworth, who may seem intimidating to young viewers. This is a very frightening scene for a children's movie.
  • Some young children may be frightened by the Oompa Loompas.
  • When Slugworth approaches the Golden Ticket winners, he is accompanied by creepy music; he also blocks Charlie's path in a tunnel.
  • In one scene, a woman whose husband has been kidnapped is shown to be very upset and yells every word she says.
  • A child is sucked up a pipe that leads to a boiler. It is later revealed that he will be okay.
  • After consuming soda pop that makes them float, Charlie and his grandfather begin rising toward a large ceiling fan. They realize they are under the threat of being "chopped to bits" and repeatedly cry out for help, but their cries go unheeded. However, they soon discover that burping will cause them to descend and are able to save themselves.
  • A child is turned into a giant blueberry. It is later revealed that she will be okay.
  • A child falls through a chute that leads to the furnace. Her father jumps in after her. It is later revealed that they will be okay.
  • Wonka scolds Grandpa Joe and Charlie for "breaking the rules". Some children might be disturbed by this, as it is a large change from his usual personality, and he raises his voice quite loudly.

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