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Well-intentioned but almost unwatchable comedy
John Seal25 May 2003
Welcome to the Club is a military comedy influenced, no doubt, by the film M*A*S*H* and the novel Catch-22. Sadly, it is unable to come close to equaling the bite of either of those projects. Brian Foley plays a young Army officer in charge of divisional morale in postwar Japan. He's an idealist determined to put an end to the segregation and racial prejudice of the American troops in his care. He arranges a USO tour for an African-American singing group, and the sparks begin to fly. Clement Biddle Wood's screenplay has a few good moments--there's an amusing scene where Foley's character expresses outrage at a Jewish officer's treatment of a German-American non-com, only to have the non-com spew an anti-Semitic comeback--but by and large it is poorly developed and unfocused. Foley himself is physically right for the role but woefully inadequate in the acting department, and the rest of the cast don't put forth much of an effort. Mr. Foley also wrote and performed the dreadful folk rock song that plays over both the opening and closing credits.
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