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Remade as 

Vanishing Point (1997) (TV Movie)

Edited into 

Referenced in 

Frenzy (1972)
Blaney walks past the poster as he goes to meet Babs in the taxi.
My Husband, the Producer (1974)
A poster is visible.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Mitchell (1993) (TV Episode)
Servo: Vanishing Point is being filmed on the other side of the canyon.
The Limey (1999)
Barry Newman wears amber-tinted glasses as he did in "Vanishing Point".
Audioslave: Show Me How to Live (2003) (Video)
Features footage from the film, and mimics the plot and car sequences.
Top Gear: £100 Car Challenge (2004) (TV Episode)
Plot, scenes and Kowalski character mentioned by Jeremy and Richard
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) (Video Game)
CJ his driving car has Big Smoke says "Do want it, ride?".
Grindhouse (2007)
discussed by characters
Death Proof (2007)
The second group of girls con Jasper out of his white 1970 Dodge Challenger, expressly because it is the same model used to famous effect in 'Vanishing Point'; the film is discussed and mentioned several times; Stuntman Mike is seen wearing the same wristwatch as Kowalski.
The Hot Rods of Death Proof (2007) (Video)
Good Dick (2008)
poster is shown
Beyond the Grave (2010)
The car's radio announces before the songs borrow inspiration from Vanishing Point.
Directing Hell (2011)
Giorgos Panousopoulos makes a reference.
Driver: San Francisco (2011) (Video Game)
Mission "Vanishing Chance" with objective "3PM, San Francisco..."
Top Gear: At the Movies (2011) (Video)
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: A Monkey and a Lava Lamp (2012) (TV Episode)
Jerry drives the same car from the film and mentions the title
Warehouse 13: The Big Snag (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Adjust Your Tracking (2013)
Video case is shown.
Christmas Cruelty! (2013)
The retard wagon scene.
Need for Speed (2014)
Radio/broadcast persona that talks about the characters as the drive.
Modern Noir: The Sights & Sounds of 'Bound' (2014) (Video)
mentioned once
The Cinema Snob: Zombi 3 (2016) (TV Episode)
Snob prefers the DJ in this movie to the one in Zombi 3.
Jay Leno's Garage: Getting Away (2018) (TV Episode)
poster and still shown; a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T featured in Assess & Caress segment
Jay Leno's Garage: Rebels (2018) (TV Episode)
Jay says that Barry Newman drove a Dodge in the film
The Cinema Snob: The Zodiac Killer (2019) (TV Episode)
The Snob mentions it and a poster is shown.
Vintage Video Podcast: Patreon Exclusive: Cold Turkey (1971) (2021) (TV Episode)
Patrick lists the movie among the choices for the following month's review.
Homage to Kowalski played by Barry Newman

Featured in 

The Celluloid Closet (1995)
Gay hitchhikers who threaten to shoot Barry Newman
Wanderlust (2006) (TV Movie)
Clips from Vanishing Point are featured.
Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases (2010) (TV Movie)
Discussed and clips shown in part 1.
Vito (2011)
Clips featured.
Rich Hall's Continental Drifters (2011) (TV Movie)
Clips shown, Rich Hall discusses this film.
Missing Reel: Car Chase Pictures (2014) (TV Episode)
Trailer is shown and the film is described as the true godfather of modern car chase movies.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movies for Car Enthusiasts (2016) (TV Episode)
Vanishing Point is #4.
Vintage Video Podcast: Patreon Exclusive: Vanishing Point (1971) (2021) (TV Episode)
The hosts review the movie; Patrick plays clips.

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