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  • The UK-Version of Vanishing Point features the missing Charlotte Rampling hitchhiker-scene, that has been cut for all other releases of the movie. Hence the UK-Version runs nearly 7 minutes longer and is only featured on the US-DVD, which is a flipper disc with the US-Version on the other side.

    Interesting to hear the longer version being called the 'UK' version. I saw this film in the UK on first release and I've caught it on UK terrestrial TV a number of times over the last 39 years. Every time I've watched the film the hitch-hiker scene was missing. In fact the first time I saw this scene was last night when it was shown on the Sky Satellite channel.

    In addition to (or because of) the addition of the Hitchhiker scene, the UK version is a little more clear on how the police are actually tracking Kowalski's whereabouts. It's subtle, but a nice touch considering it was the 1970's and low-jack, gps and other technology we take for granted today didn't exist yet. Edit (Coming Soon)


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