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Sex & Nudity

  • -Cheng Chao-An returns to the brothel and picks up a Thai prostitute by the name of Boonrawd for an afternoon of passion. She praises Cheng as a muscular tiger and jokingly tells him "Come on! You don't have to tell your girlfriend!" before heading to their room.
  • -Miss Wuman lifts her tank top in order some dart scars right below her left breast.

Violence & Gore

  • The items described below lay out a significant portion of the plot.
  • -The film contains a great deal of bare handed combat, with various attacks to the body and head, many of which causes bloody wounds.
  • -A man is stabbed in the stomach with a knife, and blood is shown spraying briefly as the knife is removed.
  • -A man is struck in the head with a hatchet, briefly showing the gory crack in the head along with blood spray.
  • -Two dead men are shown being taken to large circular saws. We begin to see one of them getting cut in half as blood begins to pour down below. The shot cuts away when the saw is roughly halfway through the man's waist, but the sound of the saw is still prominent.
  • -Hsiu Chien (James Tien) is slashed behind the back with a knife, leaving a large bloody gash.
  • -Hsiu Chien gets slashed in the forehead by Hsiao Chiun (Tony Liu) and blood pours profusely from the wound like water running from a tap.
  • -A man is mortally wounded in the back with a hatchet.
  • -A factory worker is hit across the face with a stick, leaving a bruise.
  • -A factory worker is kicked in the face, and completely knocked out, landing hard on the ground.
  • -Cheng Chao-An is nearly attacked by a group of dogs, with one dog beginning to bite his arm;, although he does not suffer a wound from it, it's still an intense scene.
  • -One of Hsiao Mi's concubines gets shot by him in the chest with a small dart.
  • -When Cheng Chao-An investigates the Ice Factory, he comes across blocks of ice in which body parts from his slain cousins and a woman (presumably a brothel worker or one of Hsiao Mi's concubines) are concealed.
  • -A thug is presumably killed with a traumatic blow to the head with a flashlight, showing a bit of blood from the result.
  • -A man is stabbed in the side of his stomach with an icepick, showing blood leaking from the wound.
  • -A thug is stabbed off-camera in the chest with an icepick; when icepick is pulled out, blood is shown squirting upwards.
  • -A thug is slashed across the chest with an icepick, and while the contact isn't visible, there is blood on the blade.
  • -A thug is killed by a thrown icepick to the chest, with blood visible around the wound.
  • -A thug is killed off-camera with a handsaw.
  • -A thug is kicked throw a wooden door.
  • -A thug is grabbed by the groin and thrown head first into another thug.
  • -Three thug are simultaneously killed by thrown knives to the chest.
  • -Cheng is cut deep in his arm, and tastes his own blood to unsettle his enemy.
  • -Cheng finds, to his horror, the dead bodies of his remaining family members in his home with knives sticking out of them, and a great deal of blood on the floor. One of the bodies being that of a young boy.
  • -Cheng simultaneously kicks two thugs in the groin.
  • -Cheng stabs the thug with the red shirt in the stomach with a knife, and a close up of the stabbing is shown.
  • -A thug is slashed across the stomach by Cheng, with a great deal of blood leaking out. He is then knocked unconscious into a pool behind him, most likely causing him to drown.
  • -Another thug is kicked three times in the face by Cheng, also sending him into a pool unconscious, also most likely causing him to drown.
  • -Hsiao Mi is backfisted across the face by Cheng and then struck with four side kicks to the face by him, causing him to spit a small amount of blood out.
  • -Hsiao Mi is kicked in the ridge of one of his eyes by Cheng, causing a break in the skin and blood shown.
  • -Cheng is slashed in the stomach and back by Hsiao Mi, causing two bloody wounds and tearing away the remains of his white shirt.
  • -Cheng is cut just under the eye with a knife by Hsiao Mi, leaving a bloody scar.
  • -A man is cut above the knee with a knife, showing another bloody scar.
  • -Cheng is shown in a crucifix position with both of his hands filled with blood and his body covered in bruises and cuts as the Thai police officers aim their guns at him.


  • -In the English dubbed prints of the film, the word "bastard" is used several times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • -The main plot of the film deals with an ice factory being used as a front for drugs, most likely cocaine. Several references made to a prostitution ring being run by this same front are also made.
  • -A scene in a gambling den shows players smoking.
  • -A man is shown smoking a water piper in a few scenes.
  • -Cheng finds an unmarked bag of drugs in a block of ice and tastes it to identify it.
  • -A man is shown smoking in an office.
  • -A man drinks copious amounts of cognac until he is completely drunk, and is shown in a later scene passed out.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • -A man strikes a boy across the face after refusing to pay him for rice patties. The boy is shown crying and runs away.
  • -A man grabs a woman in a harassing way as she tries to break free.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • -Miss Wuman (Marilyn Bautista) disrobes in front of Cheng Chao-An (Bruce Lee) whilst he is passed out from alcohol, showing her bare breasts. She then turns off the lights and removes the rest of her dress; although fully nude, much of her body is concealed in the darkness and no compromising parts are shown beyond her breasts as she lays in bed with Cheng and tries to kiss him. The following morning, he realizes what has transpired. Ashamed, he hurries out of the room, but she awakens before he leaves, and we see her bare breasts again.

Violence & Gore

  • -Hsiu Chien is mortally wounded by Hsiao Chiun when the latter strucks a knife in the former's stomach, with a great deal of blood shown on the body.
  • -Hsiao Chiun is killed with a strong punch to the solar plexus by Cheng, causing him to spit up a great deal of blood. He is shown laying dead in a pool of his own blood.
  • -Hsiao Mi is stabbed in the chest with a projectile knife that was kicked back by Cheng, and is then stabbed by Cheng's bare fingers. A following close up shows a great deal of blood pouring down his pant legs from the wounds. (Some versions also show a brief shot of Hsiao Mi's insides hemorrhaging, as if to indicate that his death was caused by Cheng strucking his pressure points)
  • -After Hsiao Mi falls to the ground, Cheng climbs on top of him and continues to strike Mi in the face several times, even when the villain is clearly already dead. A brief close up of his dead face is shown, severely brusied and bloodied.

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