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  • 1. The popular cut version is based on a master by Fortune Star. It shows a camera pan along the bad guy's blood smeared body, but lacks the rest of the shot shortly afterwards when the two rivals circle each other and the camera performs a 360° turn. Also missing is, as well as some rather short and insignificant moments (probably mastering mistakes), a complete shot, in which James Tien and others come walking towards the factory.

    The most well-known releases containing this version are:

    • HKL from the UK (Platinum Edition und Special Edition DVD)
    • 20th Century Fox from the USA (new) DVD
    • IVL/Fortune Star from Hongkong (DVD)
    • Kam & Ronson from Hongkong (Blu-ray
    • Spectrum from Korea (DVD
    • Geneon / Fortune Star from Japan (DVD)
    • Metropolitan from France(DVD)

    This release was additionally censored:

    BMG Video/UFA (DVD)

    2. The old US version offers the complete 360° turn, but lacks the shot before that or at least it's beginning. The shot of the men running towards the factory is also featured, addtionally, there are some mastering mistakes here, too.

    This version is available with the confusing title Fists Of Fury in the following releases in the US:

    • 20th Century Fox (old US DVD)
    • CBS FOX (VHS)
    • CBS Fox (Laserdisc)

    3. There are also some other cut versions, in which the peculiarities of the first two are either combined somehow or which even offer new material. Three of them are the most important, those will also be covered by other comparisons.

    a) German UFA VHS version(FSK 18)

    This version contains all of the footage seen on the two main versions plus many short moments that are not included in the other versions. A small comparison of this version with the other two talked about here will be included at the end. Unfortunately though, this version was cut at certain points to get a FSK rating.

    b) The old French cut version, taken from a VHS by René Chateau (VHS)

    Here, apparently the same master as for the German UFA tape was used. However, the complete part in the factory, when James Tien and the others ask for their colleagues, another plot scene afterwards and a part of the final fight are missing in this version. Despite the rather heavy overall cutting, this is the so far only version which shows the ending scene without a single piece missing.

    c) The UK VHS version, taken from the VHS by Polygram Video / 4 Front Video

    In the first half, this version follows the popular version, but then switches to the old US version in the finale. Due to many censored scenes it can't really be recommended in comparison with the other versions. Edit (Coming Soon)


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