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Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman are naked in bed however we do not see them
  • A woman goes skinny-dipping and her breasts and buttocks are shown. There are very quick shots of her vagina
  • A woman wears very low cut clothing where we can see her underwear many times
  • A couple has sex and we see the sides of the girl's breasts
  • Many people kiss passionately throughout the film
  • 7/10

Violence & Gore

  • A bug is pinned alive.
  • A collection of dead bodies are shown huddled together. Blood is splattered on their faces and the bathtub they are huddled in
  • A man is killed off screen. A scream is heard.
  • A child holds up a shotgun and shoots his parents, not realizing that he has killed them. No blood is shown
  • An old woman is strangled and hung.
  • A man is stabbed repeatedly with blood showing
  • A bloody, dead body is seen floating in water. In a later scene, his body is shown in close ups.
  • A girl runs through woods and is chased by an assailant. After, her throat is slashed open with a billhook and she has the back of her neck slit open. (mostly in quick cuts but it is quite graphic)
  • A man is hit in the face with a billhook(it looks like a mix of a machete and sickle). Blood is seen seeping out
  • A man is stabbed in the groin through glass with scissors.
  • A man is strangled with a telephone cord
  • A woman's head is cut off with a hatchet.
  • A man has boiling water thrown on him
  • A man strangles a woman
  • A man is stabbed with a spear and impaled to a wall. While dying, he cuts his killers hand with a machete
  • 9/10


  • Some profanity(sh*t, bitch, and bastard is the worst it gets)
  • 4/10

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are seen smoking throughout the film
  • A woman is shown drinking in many scenes
  • 5/10

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole film is very violent with plenty of stylized murder sequences filled with blood
  • The film revolves around greed and people trying to secure rights to a murdered heiress's inheritance and people stop at nothing to get what they want
  • The film's score heightens the intensity of the film
  • Pretty violent but it is pretty tame considering films of today
  • 8/10
  • TCE: 33/50
  • Suggested MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong graphic horror violence, disturbing images, some language, sexuality/nudity and for alcohol/drug use-some involving teens

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