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The movie "The Priest Killer", provided the beginning for an excellent detective/mystery TV series named "Sarge".
starmax-9871815 May 2015
The TV series, "Sarge" was one of my favorite shows. With the main role starring George Kennedy as a cop turned priest, it came with a terrific supporting cast, a well put together storyline, intriguing mystery, danger, suspense, character, feeling, and even humor. This series had all the makings of what should have been a long running classic. Before it had really come into it's own, it was placed against 2 hugely successful time slots for Hawaii 5-O and Movie of the Week. It's loss from the screen had nothing to do with the quality or believability of the show as one TV critic stated. The show had a solid following and many disappointed fans when it ended. I would LOVE to see this series again, especially if it were available on a set of DVDs with each season on a single DVD (not multi-layered). I recently purchased another great detective mystery set that was packaged in such a way and it has been a perfect addition to our collection. The multi-layered set of the same was not well received and had LOTS of problems.
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