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  • Play Misty for Me was based on a screenplay by Jo Heims and Dean Riesner.

  • KRML Carmel (California) disk jockey Dave Garver (Clint Eastwood) has a one-night fling with Evelyn Draper (Jessica Walter), an admiring fan who has been calling him repeatedly and asking him to play the song 'Misty' for her. Dave thinks nothing of the fling, as he is really trying to revive a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tobie Williams (Donna Mills). However, their one-nighter appears to mean much more to Evelyn, who becomes obsessed with Dave, showing up at his house, stalking him, assaulting his maid Birdie (Clarice Taylor), and vandalizing his belongings. The assaults continue to escalate until it becomes apparent that Evelyn intends to kill both Dave and Tobie.

  • The game was called "Cry Bastion" and was simply a nonsense game that he and the bartender cooked up as a ploy to gain the interest of women that appeal to Dave.

  • It's a 1957 Jaquar XK-150.

  • Coffee grog is a drink made with coffee, cream, sugar, butter, and flavored with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. It may or may not be spiked with brandy or whiskey.

  • Sergeant McCallum (John Larch) puts a tap on David's phone line in hopes of tracing Evelyn's whereabouts the next time she call to request he play "Misty." Worried for Tobie, David is somewhat relieved when McCallum says he'll drive out to her house and check on her. When McCallum leaves, David calls Tobie, who says she's fine. She's just about to do her nails, and her new roommate Annabel is in the kitchen making coffee grogs. As David hangs up, Annabel comes into the living room carrying two coffee mugs, and the viewer can immediately see that Annabel is really Evelyn. Evelyn comments on a portrait of David, leading Tobie to ask if she's a friend of David? Suddenly, she notices the scars on Evelyn's wrist and realizes who she is, just as Evelyn picks up a knife and advances toward Tobie. Meanwhile, David remembers a line of poetry that Evelyn quoted him—"this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by you" realizes that it comes from Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee", and figures out that Tobie's roommate Annabel must be Evelyn. He immediately phones Tobie. Evelyn answers and says, "We're waiting for you, David." David puts on a five-hour tape and hurries to Tobie's house where he finds Sergeant McCallum dead, having been stabbed in the chest by a pair of scissors, and Tobie lying on a bed, bound and gagged. Suddenly, Evelyn leaps out of the shadows and begins stabbing David. A fight breaks out, and David manages to wallop Evelyn a good one that sends her careening out on the porch where she falls over the railing to her death on the rocks below. In the final scene, David releases Tobie's binds while "Misty" can be heard playing on the radio with a special dedication to Evelyn, whose body lies on the beach. The camera then pans up the Carmel coast.

  • Play Misty For Me is credited with being the movie that paved the way for subsequent stalker movies featuring a psychotic female. As such, it is most often compared to Fatal Attraction (1987) (1987) in which a man's brief fling results in his lover's attempts to scare and kill him and his family. Another movie with a plot similar to Play Misty For Me is Malicious (1995) (1995) in which a medical student stalks a baseball player when he returns to his previous girlfriend after a brief fling.


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