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Sex & Nudity

  • Discussions about police reports of Rasputin's escapades with everyone from prostitutes to general's wives and claims that he even "violates the Tsar's own daughters and wife". A woman is shown with her chest partially uncovered during an mock opera audition in Rasputin's office. The princes that kill him dress up in drag and do mock dancing just before assassinating him. One of Nicholas's daughters shows her breasts to one of the Bolshevik guards towards the film's end and tells her sisters that "just once I 'wanted someone'".

Violence & Gore

  • The Bloody Sunday Massacre (1905) of unarmed peasants, one of which was a child's mother, Stolypin's assassination and mass hangings of the assassins, a textile mill is burned and a pursuing police officer is too while chasing assassination suspects through it. Austria's archduke and his wife are assassinated in 1914 Sarajevo, starting World War I. Battle scenes include a military officer's suicide by pistol (no blood is shown) when he realizes that he sent his ill-equipped men to their deaths at the hands of better armed enemy troops, two demoralized soldiers skin a live rabbit, then shoot their commanding officer in mutiny. Nicholas' mother while visiting him tells how his father (deceased) would've "burned Vienna down, stomped on the Germans and shot all the strikers" to "bring Russia peace", Rasputin's 1916 shooting and fatal beating with chains, starving peasants breaking into a bakery and granary (1917's February Revolution). Numerous off-screen battle shootings but nothing shown of them, both WWI's and Russia's Civil War towards the film's end. Alexi tries to kill himself by sledding down a staircase while imprisoned with his family at Tobolsk and later struggles with a Red guard who tries to steal his gold necklace. A sailor hits the guard and is dragged away to be shot (the gunshot is heard off screen but the shooting is unseen). The film ends with the bloody shooting of the entire family without any of their corpses shown.


  • Mild uses of "bastard", "damn" and "Hell"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol at the Queen Mother's (the tsar's mother) birthday party, smoking by the tsar, his generals, the revolutionaries and the German Consul (who blows smoke in Lenin's face while reading Lenin's dossier back to him). Rasputin drinks heavily in his office and drinks and smokes opium with the princes who assassinate him at their 1916 Christmas party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Alexi's near fatal hemophilia bleeding attacks and his suicide attempt while imprisoned after Nicholas' abdication. Alexi has a nightmare about "hearing a gun" and "seeing a lot of blood" (reference to Archduke Ferdinand's 1914 assassination that started World War I), Rasputin's assassination in December, 1916 and the royal family's bloody murders in July, 1918.

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