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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman wears a tight bikini that accentuates her body. Several shots focus on her rear in bikini bottoms. The top of her buttcrack is briefly seen. A man puts a tape down into her panties and she thinks her butt is being touched.
  • One woman is named Plenty O'Toole, which will go over some younger kids heads, but it is a known theme for most of the Bond movies.
  • No male nudity and no male near-nudity for the enjoyment of female viewers.
  • In the opening sequence, Bond removes a woman's bikini top. No nudity
  • The opening title sequence features silhouettes of women who are apparently nude, evidenced by a lack of any irregularities in the smooth body contours that would be caused by clothing. In the last part of the title sequence, a woman's body is shown in dramatic side light in which shadow obscures all but one side of her body. She is apparently wearing nothing. Unfortunately, part of her breast is visible to viewers in a manner inappropriate for a PG rating.
  • A man walks into a woman's apartment. We see her walking into the next room apparently wearing only underwear We see a brief glimpse of her bared bosom as she turns the corner, walking away from the camera. This woman puts on a brassiere off-camera, and re-enters the room to speak to the man. Later, she adds a sheer peignoir which hides little.
  • Several scenes take place in Las Vegas casinos, during which we see brief bits of incidental entertainments featuring scantily-clad female performers.
  • In several scenes, female actresses wear bikinis and cleavage-revealing dresses.
  • A man removes a woman's dress. We see her from the rear, wearing nothing but sheer underwear. We see her bared back and buttocks to start. In later parts of the scene, we see glimpses of her bared partial bosom. At the end of the scene, the woman is swimming in this same near-nude state, but the churned water surface prevents any great details of the woman's body from being visible.
  • A man and a woman are in bed together, both partially covered by the top sheet. The woman's shoulders are bared and the man's chest is bared. No clothing is in evidence. Dialogue suggests that they have just had sex.
  • In a later similar postcoital scene with this same couple, no sheet is visible, and we see more of both actors. The scene opens with the bared shoulders of both actors, and then then man rolls on top of the woman, showing no nudity. A bit of the woman's bared breasts are visible. The scene is quite intimate, though not overtly sexual. No actual nudity is viewed.

Violence & Gore

  • Two men engage in a brutal fight in an elevator.
  • Bond beats up several men in the beginning.
  • Bond fights two men in a boat on the end; one is set on fire and falls into the water, and another man is thrown into the water and blown up (not seen).
  • There's a large battle near the end, and several men are shot and killed.
  • A helicopter with several people inside explodes.
  • There's a long car chase through a city, and a few cars crash into each other and lip over, but no one is killed.
  • Two drowned women are shown in different scenes. A woman is strangled with her own bikini top.
  • Someone has a scorpion dropped down his shirt, he is stung and dies immediately.
  • A man is set on fire. Another man is shot and the head with a grappling hook gun.
  • A man is hit in the arms and chest with knives, showing some blood. Another man is suffocated in mud, while yet another is slammed bloodily in the head with a hard object and then shoved into a vat of boiling mud.
  • A man reaches his hand into Bond's coat, and is hit by some type of metal trap, covering his hand in blood. Not for the fainthearted.
  • Characters are killed by explosions and there is lots of brutal hand-to-hand combat. Men are burned, leading to their deaths.
  • Two strong and very flexible female gymnasts engage in a fight with Bond. One of them straddles his neck with with her thighs in an attempt to kill him. He is kicked free by the other girl and into a pool where they try to drown him but he gains the upper hand.
  • A woman is thrown out of a hotel window from a great height.


  • 10-11 uses of 'hell', 6-7 uses of 'damn', and 2 uses of 'bitch'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Bond, Blofeld and Tiffany all drink and smoke.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Zambora transforming into a 450-pound gorilla
  • Bond is almost burned to death in a crematorium.
  • Bond has an extended fight with another man in an elevator.
  • A man is set on fire.
  • A dead woman's body is lifted out of water onto a boat.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is wearing a sheer dress in a swimming pool having been drowned. The cloth, being wet, inappropriately shows the woman's breast for PG rating. The camera tracks down her body, showing her flank, hip, thighs, and panties through the wet sheer dress.

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