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The 1982 RCA Videodisc release in the U.S. omits the film's closing title screen that indicates that James Bond will return in "Live and Let Die", instead fading out at the end of the closing credit scroll.
The 'R' censorship classification system was finally introduced throughout Australia, by the Australian Federal Minister for Customs and Excise, Don Chipp. The R was one of four new categories of film classifications to come into effect: G (General Exhibition), NRC (Not Recommended for Children), M (Mature) and R (Restricted to audiences aged over 18). The so-called 'R day' being 15th November 1971 with Australian adults finally able to watch cinema movies with the classification "R for Restricted Exhibition". Of course all the legislative rules about not showing female nudity were applied when DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER was classified 'M' for Mature Audiences, on 1st December 1971 by the Australian Film Censorship Board, with its Australian cinema release date on 23rd December 1971. In the sequence before the opening titles, James Bond suddenly removes a brown bikini top from a sun bathing woman, showing her partly tanned chest and untanned left breast, and her left nipple is immediately seen. Of course James Bond needs to use her bikini to strangle her, to obtain the vital information of the precise location of Blofeld - - - The Australia Film Censorship Board ordered the elimination of "all shots of female nudity, being the woman's left breast, and her left nipple" i.e. Australia Film Censorship Board insisted that the brief female nudity is never seen by Australians. UNITED ARTISTS (A'ASIA) PTY LTD, when requested made the one distributor cut to all film prints of DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, reducing the official running time of 120:6 minutes by less than one second.
Besides various outtakes, the documentary on the DVD contains an alternate version of the death scene of the Dentist. Instead of putting the scorpion into the doctors shirt, Mr. Wint puts the scorpion in his mouth. There are four deleted scenes on the DVD:
Burt Saxby discusses with Sammy Davis, Jr. why he has not signed his contract yet.
After the gambling, Bond has dinner with Plenty.
The original version of the scene where Bond drives on two wheels through the alley. This version was not used due to the watching crowds and the police cars at the end of this scene.
TV version aired on ABC on March 2nd, 2002 was digitally altered. Dark bra straps were placed on actress Lana Wood's originally naked back, and her formerly tan panties were digitally colored to match
Some TV versions omitted the homosexual references made by Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, including the scene where they are holding hands, and Mr Kidd's line aboard the airplane 'I must say Ms. Case looks quite attractive.....for a lady'.
Prior to the film's release in Britain in 1971, the BBFC made some cuts to it. The fight between Franks and Bond was reduced, as was Bond's use of the fire extinguisher to kill Franks. Towards the end of the film, shots were reduced of Bond acting menacingly with a brandy bottle and the sight of the burning Mr. Kidd jumping over the ship's rail was omitted. These cuts were reinstated for future VHS and DVD releases.
An extra scene was filmed where Plenty returns to Bond's hotel room after she was thrown into the pool. Here, she spies on Tiffany Case and Bond making love through a crack in the bedroom door. Plenty then looks through Tiffany's purse nearby and finds the address to Tiffany's rented house. This explains how Plenty gets to Tiffany's house later in the movie. Another scene has Plenty arriving the next day at Tiffany's house and letting herself in and sees nobody's around (all the characters are at the Circus Circus Casino). Plenty goes into Tiffany's bedroom, sees some of her wigs lying around and tries a few on for fun, until the frame pulls back to Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd arriving and seeing Plenty trying on the wigs, they assume that she's Tiffany whom they are ordered to kill.

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