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Sex & Nudity

  • Trigger Warning : A group of men forcibly strip a woman completely nude and rape her. Explicit & extensive full frontal female nudity is displayed. This scene is both sexually violet & graphic and can be very traumatizing, especially to victims & survivors.
  • There is a lot of nude female artwork that is graphic.
  • Trigger Warning : In a lengthy opening scene, full frontal female nudity is gratuitously displayed during an explicit attempted gang rape. The graphic sexual violence & exploited female nudity can be very traumatizing, specifically for victims & survivors.
  • A 2 minute time lapsed scene shows 2 fully nude females and 1 male having an explicit sexual threesome. Nude female sex dolls are on display everywhere at the start of the film. A man also imagines being surrounded by fully nude women. Gratuitous full female nudity with male genitalia visible briefly.
  • After the main character recovers in the hospital after being severely injured. A doctor and nurse are heard having sex off screen. They are shown opening the curtain and nurse's breasts are shown.
  • A topless woman is brought on a stage for a lengthy duration to purposely display gratuitous female breast nudity with exploitive closeups of her bare breasts and nipples.
  • Alex's room is full of pictures of nude women. Lots of breasts and pubic region visible.
  • Many scenes of graphic nudity both male and female, genitals shown multiple times.
  • A man bludgeons a a woman to death with a sculpture shaped in the form of a penis. Also, the woman's house is full of nude paintings.
  • A man is forced to watch a video of a woman being gang raped.
  • The sex, rape & nudity throughout this movie is graphic & sexually violent. It is always presented in an explicitly disturbing way that is traumatic & exploitive, specifically towards females.
  • The main character imagines that he lives in the middle century age sleeping with maids and about to have sex with them, full frontal female nudity is shown
  • Takes place in a future society where erotic art is commonplace.

Violence & Gore

  • An old drunk man gets beaten up by a gang.
  • A man gets hit in the groin with a cane then kicked into a river. Another man is tripped then also falls into the river. As he reaches for his hand to seemingly be helped up, he is slightly cut with a dagger although little blood is shown
  • There's a fight between two gangs. They're thrown through windows, hit with bottles, etc.
  • A man gets kicked in the face then in the stomach a few times. His wife is also hit with a cane then gets slapped.
  • A man gets hit in the leg with a cane.
  • A man gets a milk bottle broken over his head.
  • A man grabs another's groin then gets punched in the face. As a result, his bandaged nose starts bleeding.
  • There are extremely disturbing scenes of violence including torture and rape. There's never any blood or gore, but it's still very graphic, sadistic, and is one of the most disturbingly violent movies ever made.
  • A man kills a woman by bashing her head with a sculpture; the actual hit is offscreen, although her corpse is shown afterward.
  • A few beatings (with fists, canes, etc.) but with no bloody results.


  • 13 uses of "bastard", 5 uses of "hell", 2 uses each of "shit", "damn" and "fuck".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A gang of four teenage boys drink "Milk Plus," which is said to be milk laced with drugs such as LSD, mescaline, or amphetamines. Drugs are not shown onscreen.
  • Characters drink wine or smoke in a couple of scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is very graphic and psychologically disturbing and really gets under your skin.
  • The film as a whole is very dark and psychologically upsetting. It is not an easy film to watch.
  • Rated R for strong brutal violent content including rape, disturbing antisocial behavior, graphic nudity, drug use, and some language.
  • This film is extremely intense and disturbing at times.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This whole film is very disturbing and would be very offensive to some people, especially women.
  • 17+

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