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Lots of sex and nudity, but not very interesting
lazarillo13 April 2009
In the most memorable scene of this movie, German sex star Ingrid Steeger plays a mini-skirt clad, lollipop-sucking "princess" who likes to sit on "peas", especially really big ones. She sits on one guy's "pea" during a crowded--and very bumpy--bus ride, and, understandably smitten, the guy follows her off the bus and into the woods for some (more) sex. All the various stories in this German "schulmadchen report"/"sex report"-type movie are pretty much this stupid, but the girls in them tend to decline somewhat in attractiveness from Ms. Steeger.

The ridiculous frame story involves a group of scandal sheet reporters discussing the problem of "young seducers" throwing themselves at older men. (I don't think this has ever really been that much of a societal "problem"--more likely the dirty old rotters watching this back in the day WISHED it were a problem). The result is, of course, is very similar to the more famous Ernest Haufbauer-Walter Boos "schulmadchen-report" series, but those had a little less sex and quite a bit better stories. The girls in the Hofbauer-Boos films were not especially believable as "schulmadchen", but the mature and voluptuous women in this movie are not even remotely believable as the characters they're supposedly playing--the "young seducers" here don't look appreciably younger than the "older men" they're seducing.

Still you get to see these ridiculously horny, clothing-averse vixens seducing a male artist, a chemistry teacher, a lesbian piano teacher, a soccer star, a Shakespearean actor, and a naive English university. One girl is working as a prostitute at a gas station (oookay). Another girl hitches a ride to school with a passing motorist and gives HIM a ride on the way. Another girl does a sexy strip out of a red halter and hot pants ensemble and has sex with four guys. With it's it numerous, sex-soaked but really pretty pedestrian stories this isn't as entertaining as most of the Hofbauer-Boos films. It's also not as good as producer-director Irwin Dietrich's own "Swinging Stewardesses" where a lot of these same actresses, much more believably, played horny airline stewardesses, and at least you got some good travelogue footage in between the sex scenes. Irwin Dietrich later produced some of Jess Franco's sickest 70's WIP films. This is not nearly as sleazy as any of those, but it's not as interesting either.
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breasts are of all shapes and sizes
christopher-underwood10 January 2008
Just a bit of soft core fun and frolics but not only does this already look rather quaint with the 70s hair and clothing but the, now seeming, very non PC nature of the exercise amazes. The film starts with a magazine boss explaining to his fellow journalists that their recent series on rape, although very popular has now run out of steam. They then all come up with ideas around the assumption that young girls are seducing poor guys all over the place. We get the guy's introduction and then go into the sexy sequence. Initially the guys get to say quite a lot but by the end they barely get a word in before we are closing in on some new nubile lass stripping off. It can't be that the Swiss are particularly strange looking that everybody looks 'interesting' but that apart maybe for the girl's eye make-up, there was no overall 'look' to conform to. The gal's breasts are of all shapes and sizes, their teeth similarly varied and the guys look as if they have come from a failed audition for some drinks ad for Playboy magazine. Overdressed and all facial hair and pot bellies. Extraordinary. The whole thing is well shot, the sequences not overlong and pretty varied with lots of outdoor shoots. Enjoyable
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Swapping sex stories
Woodyanders30 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A bunch of tabloid reporters discuss the racy modern phenomenon of bold and libidinous free-spirited young trollops who happily throw themselves into the lascivious paths of dirty old men.

Writer/director Erwin Dietrich certainly delivers the highly satisfying lowdown trashy goods: We've got oodles of tasty bare female skin and sizzling softcore sex along with a brisk pace and a blithely bawdy tone. Moreover, half of the fun of watching this flick comes from all the different places people engage in fornication: Folks do the deed on a bus (a particularly naughty gal sits on a lucky dude's "pea" during a bumpy ride down the street), in the woods or a classroom, and one lady services randy male customers in the backroom of a gas station. The bevy of beautiful women featured herein rates as another yummy plus, with slender Rena Bergen and luscious blonde Ingrid Steeger making especially favorable impressions as they gladly doff their duds and bare their nice bodies in the name of leering exploitation. A cheerfully raunchy romp.
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